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The Prince of Wales Feathers, Warren Street

Yep. Okay. Good ale selection, about 4 our 5, boy really loud music pumped throughout. Why? Beer better than the (locally situated) Northumberland Arms.

1 Nov 2016 19:47

The Northumberland Arms, Fitzrovia

Common our garden boozer. Hobgoblin our Jennings Cumberland on. Okay. Busy, but nice in its own way. 6/10 at best. Cumberland okay.

1 Nov 2016 19:26

Fluer de Lis, Bristol

Popped in for a swifty, to kill some time. The restaurant half and rear entrance was closed. Going into the bar and it was obvious no food was on offer. This is now a locals pub with dogs and darts and sport on TV. Not what one might have imagined....
No real ale available - had cider instead.

28 Jul 2016 09:56

The Dolphin Inn, Lower Weston

Now re-opened as the Locksbrook Inn. Another Gastropub; just what Bath needs. I intend to go there next week as part of a crawl. Will report back after that.

27 Jul 2016 13:22

The Masons Arms, Rudgeway

popped in for a swift pint/packet of crisps on my way home last week. It was decent enough - still the cheap food, which I didn't try, but I had a good pint of Butcombe. Pleasing.

13 Jul 2016 11:43

The Swan Inn, Thornbury

Popped in for a swifty last week (I chose here because I could be bothered to cross the road to the White Lion) and it was average, just like the laast time I popped in about 2 years ago. Beer (Doombar) average, but £3.80! Music way too loud for 3-4pm. Nothing really wrong, but nothing to excite.

24 Nov 2015 09:56

The Air Balloon Tavern, St George

Drove past it the other day - being converted into flats. Boo.

24 Nov 2015 09:53

Winter Stream Farm, Hambrook

Family-sized eatery/carvery. Not much space for the honest drinker (there are two high tables at the 'bar' end.
Food reasonably priced and a good place for kids.
Beer always tasty and well kept (it comes from the Hambrook GWB brewery half a mile down the road) - typically they have either Costwold Spring Stunner, Precott Track Record/Hill Climb, plus one GWB beer, plus their own GWB Winter Stream Farm ale, and probably something else uninteresting...perhaps courage.
So, overall, a 9 for the beer and 5 for the pub (aimed at eaters, not drinkers)

24 Nov 2015 09:40

The Anchor Inn, Thornbury

Popped in for a swift half earlier this week, not having been in here for about 7 years (I pass by daily), and was pleasantly surprised. They had a good selection of ales (including local ones - I had the Severn Vale Dursley Steam Bitter, which was on form, and Bass as I recall and another 4, plus a 'proper' cider) and staff were friendly.

They also were hosting an art exhibition, which I didn't look at (made my way outside for the sunshine in their nice, flowered beer garden out the front), and may therefore give me cause to go back.

1 Jul 2015 15:23

The Iron Bridge, Westbury On Trym

Closed - now a kiddies nursery

25 Jun 2015 14:03

The Beaufort Arms, Stoke Gifford

Hmmm. Changes every time I go in (usually for the worse recently). However, they always have about 9 ales on, and they are often imaginitive (not just the usual Tribute-Doombar-Bass). Trouble is, they haven't been in excellent condition on the times I've sampled them recently. Shame. Especially as it is far-and-away the best pub in Bradley Stoke/Stoke Gifford (that said, the beer in my local, the new(ish) Winterstream Farm is generally good). Food is unimaginitaive pub-grub and they do have special deals, but you don't go to the pub for food.

12 Jun 2015 13:15

The Bowl Inn, Lower Almondsbury

I pop in here from time to time, as it is a lovely location and generally friendly folk in there. The beer is always decent, but never tip-top seemingly. I went there about 3 weeks ago for a swift pint after a day's DIY, and it was a pleasant evening, beer was good-to-average (Everards Tiger as I recall) and they usually have a variety of Brains products on. Lovely sitting outside. [Oh - they have an odd arrangement with the car parking charge too, no problem, just additional hassle]

12 Jun 2015 13:10

The Quinton House, Clifton

My correction on the last entry. A check with the website reveals that it ain't open Mon-Thurs lunchtimes. Phew; I was worried it had closed. Nowhere for a decent pint around there then - unless you wander down the hill to the Eldon or Hope and Anchor (and then I'd have had to walk back up it).

27 Aug 2014 09:15

The Quinton House, Clifton

Popped in for a swifty to get over a mild hangover but it was closed. Not open for business on a Tuesday lunchtime. One is worried it has gone.

26 Aug 2014 14:22

The Cross Hands, Alveston

Yep - it's alright in here. Friendly enough, beer only okay though. Choice of ales (bass or Doombar), and a choice of (proper) cider. Doombar wasn't brilliant, perhaps witha tad of line cleaner in it. I shouldn't comment negatively on the decor as the place was open while some fairly significant decorating was going on; maybe that tainted my pint.

15 Aug 2014 14:10

The White Horse, Hambrook

Ah - I shoud've written this up sooner. Three days have passed and I can't remember what ales they were selling, other than The Hambrook Ales Maiden Voyage that I had and found to be delicious [it only has 1/4 mile to travel from the brewery].
A two (arguably three) room boozer - bar on the right as you go in, bar with foody connurtations on the left (with an annex, far left). Good choice of ale. Friendly staff, and on the night we popped in for a swifty (having already eaten) we saw the couple behind us being served the most delicious looking, inch-thick steaks, sizzling on a hot slab. Food envy for certain.
Great place.

15 Aug 2014 14:06

The Hambrook, Hambrook

No longer a pub (I think). Seemingly a Chinese restaurant dressed up in a pub's clothes. I walked in the 'bar'-looking entrance and nobody about, so I wandered next door to the White Horse, which I know is good.

15 Aug 2014 14:02

Green Dragon, Downend

Took the good lady out the other night (or she took me, actually) for a bite to eat. Lovely mezze and friendly staff (although less than attentive as they cleared off for an age). Drinks fine - they had Bath Ales Gem and Doombar on. Mrs happy too.

15 Aug 2014 13:58

The Royal Oak, Bibstone

Still closed the other week when I popped past on the way home.

15 Aug 2014 13:55

The Plume Of Feathers, Rickford

Popped in for Saturday lunch after our weekend walk. As ever, friendly welcome, a good selection of ales and ciders (Cheddar Potholer and St Austell Tribute were tasty) and the food generous and delicious. There were some noisy young kids came in, but they soon quietened down after some admonishment from the parents. Happy!

3 Mar 2013 13:36

The Anchor Inn, Oldbury on Severn

Great pub - pop in here several times a year, making the journey for it especially. Food decent (if pricey), lovely internals, wonderful beer garden if the weather is clement, but the best bit is the beer. Usually four ales on - Bass, Butcombe, Otter +1, as I recall - and always spot on. Friendly service - just what a pub should be.

1 Mar 2013 17:21

The White Hart Inn, Iron Acton

Swift pint and a meet up with the good lady on the way home from work today (Friday afternoon). Lovely looking large pub (which gave me suspicions of it being a chain pub)with a fairly busy bar area (for a 3pm crowd). Two or three ales on; went for something called 'The White Hart' whcih was malty and fairly tasty and there was possibly 2 other ales on. Both clear and cloudy Thatcher's on too, so she was happy bunny!
Will pop back for a bite to eat one day soon - looks promising.

1 Mar 2013 16:51

Badminton Arms, Coalpit Heath

Nice surroundings and fairly good welcome from the staff last friday evening when I took my good lady up there for supper.
Food was average pub fayre (wasn't made aware of the menu, only the specials, mind) - mushroom starter and then liver/steak dishes.
Beer was all Wadsworths (and I ain't a fan...), but had a pint of Swordfish - which was a mistake; nothing wrong with it, but I had forgotten I just don't like the stuff). As the Old Timer had finished I followed it with a pint of 6X which (for 6X) was good and clean. Nothing special, and no hurry back, although nothing wrong with the place.

1 Mar 2013 16:35

Victoria Inn, Eastington

Friday lunchtime swifty. Pub now called The Old Badger and is tied in with the Old Spot in Dursley. Six ales on; I had a delicious pint of MGA and a tasty sandwich. Nice looking place; will be a treat in the summer.

22 Feb 2013 14:22

New Inn, Mayshill, Frampton Cotterell

A sneaky Friday afternoon treat. A visit to the New Inn. Nice, traditional pub. Three ales on (Kingstone, Adnams and???) plus Old Rosie on for the ciderheads. Fantastic pint if Kingstone Gold. Only gripe is £3:40 a pint; although thats not unusual these days. A few diners in too - food looks and sounds good.

22 Feb 2013 14:18

Severnshed, Bristol

Went for food, knowing it was a beer desert (therefore I can only mark out of 5) - no beer on, only lager (Gem and Speckly in bottles, but one doesn't come out to drink bottled beer for the price of 3 bottles, does one - not on a sunday at least). Food spot on, lager clean and wine tasty. 5/5; alas that means 5/10....

17 Feb 2013 16:14

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Swift pint of Port Stout while we collected our Briz Beer Fest Tickets. Nice drop of beer, nice price in a grand old building. McSpoons though - so good but not great. 7/10

17 Feb 2013 16:10

The Bull, Hinton

Stopped by for lunch yesterday. Lovely pub with big stone floors, a proper fire and little hidden unexpected cubby holes. Wonderful menu, upon which I overindulged. Beer was only Wadsworths; however the Somersault was in very good order (6X and something else Waddys available). Nice spot. 8/10

17 Feb 2013 10:16

The George and Dragon, Winterbourne

Popped in for a swifty while I awaited my takeaway curry in the Raj opposite. Rough and ready, and I'm ashamed to say that I plumped for Guinness rather than sample one of their two ales (GWB left over Xmas special and something else which I can't recall). Played darts with the missus (on one of the two dartboards available) and interacted pleasantly with the locals.

1 Feb 2013 21:08

The Rising Sun, Frampton Cotterell

Spotty Dog! Joyous friday teatime session. Years since I've been here. Good pub, good beer - it's the GWB Brewery tap and had six ales on (3 GWB, plus Bass, Butcombe and one other). Maiden Voyage on great form and only 2.65 a pint. Woo hoo!

1 Feb 2013 21:00

The Live and Let Live, Frampton Cotterell

Popped in here a fortnight ago for a swift couple of pints. This pub used to be part of the Bath Ales empire, but no longer. Beer still good and varied. I had a couple of pints of Gem. Very busy and jovial Friday tea time. Just like the good old days!

1 Feb 2013 20:49

The Globe, Frampton Cotterell

Not been up here for about 8 years A dozen or so folk in at tea time. Four real ales on; butcombe, rare breed, tally ho and London Pride. Had a pint of Rare Breed which was rarely average! Had to pop up the Rising Sun to wash the taste out with GWB. Disappointed.

1 Feb 2013 20:41

The Parkway, Stoke Gifford

Soul free existence. Massive pub, teatime Friday, and me and my lady friend make four people in here. Pedigree and Hobgoblin on handpull. Bright and unpleasant. Staff fine though. Won't hurry back

28 Dec 2012 16:52

The Prince Of Wales, Westbury on Trym

Dropped in for a pint or three on Thursday (14.06.12) to catch up with some old mates. Three or four ales on, Butcombe + ???. I settled for London Pride and as it was excellent, I stayed on it all evening. Busy little boozer for a Thursday night. Seemed friendly enough despite warnings about rugby/toff types. 7+/10

16 Jun 2012 16:15

The G W Hotel Bar and Grill, Swindon

Popped in for a swifty while waiting for a train from the station opposite. Fairly pleasant, spacious venue with wooden flooring - no riff raff loitering at all. There were 3 beers on, one of which I can't remember, but the others were Arkells products - Moonlight and 3B. The 3B was in good, if not great, form and a surprising 2.80 a pint - pleasing.
Not worth going out of your way for, but fair enough for a quick pint while waiting for the trrains...

16 Jun 2012 16:11

King George VI, Filton

Closed - windows blanked out with white film; Sat 16th June 2012.

16 Jun 2012 16:05

The Pied Horse, Bristol

Hmm. Very youthful. Probably one of those places I shouldn't go. I had guinness as the place looked like one to avoid the ale (choice of only one), but my friend had a pint of proper beer and it was good. A Saturday night and there were kids downing Cheddar Valley yards of ale (in an interesting machine-gun shaped vessel). Looked bright and a bit derelict, but beer was fine and we got out alive....6/10.

1 Apr 2012 16:44

The Jolly Sailor, Hanham

I am generally not a McSpoons fan, but this was fine. Busy on a bustling Friday night. Beer was 1.85 a pint (choice of several), and no real complaints. 6/10

1 Apr 2012 16:37

The Trooper, Bristol

Choice of beer - I plumped for Gem - and it was very tired. There was some sort of music going on later (Sat night) and a fairly young clientele. Underwhelming. 3/10.

1 Apr 2012 16:33

The Lord Raglan, St George

Out on a Sat night wander around hanham/St George pubs and this was an interesting find. Nice pint of Gem and keenly priced. There was a crooner in the corner knocking out underwhelming ballads, and interesting/interested locals. Enjoyable 8/10.

1 Apr 2012 16:29

The Air Balloon Tavern, St George

Wow! I've never experienced anything quite like this. Saturday night, and there are 4 people in there (all the other pubs on our pub walkabout have been full). Beautiful pub building, massive bar room - but no one there. My intellect therefore said go for guinness - which was fine. Odd experience. 2/10.

1 Apr 2012 16:22

The Fire Engine, Redfield

Lively venue, decent pint of Bombardier, friendly staff. Live music on (seems to be scheduled for Fri and Sat nights). Worthwhile visit. 6/10

1 Apr 2012 16:15

The Huntsman Inn, Wotton Under Edge

Perfectly good pub; decent pint, decent food. But you forget you're in the sticks. Weirdo with a White tash, white hair, dodgy shoes and his "son" getting odd...don't need this!
Otherwise good.

24 Nov 2011 20:11

The Percy Arms, Newcastle

Wow, this has changed a bit in the twenty years since I was last here. No dirty biker bar anymore. No Duckhams avaiable either!
Just a boozer now, a bit neon/bright for lunchtime. Reasoanbly attentive bar staff, friendly clientele (mainly there for the cheap booze - there seems to be a lot of cheap boozers in Newcastle). One hand pulled beer on at 1.70 a pint. Can't remember what it was, possibly Bombardier, and it was fine.

12 Nov 2011 08:54

Berkeley Arms, Spetchley

Large pub, large car park. Had food (OK, large portion) and tried 2 of the 3 beers available - Deuchars (average) and Doombar (average again). They also had Spitfire, but I was driving. Decent, but nothing fancy. 6/10.

11 Nov 2011 19:02

The Kings Arms, Llandudno

Decent enough boozer. Popped in for a swift half: football was on and most customers were invovled (It was Liverpool). Nice pint of Bass, but 3 was possibly a bit steep for north Wales. Interior was a bit tired, but brightened up by a cheery barmaid.

21 Sep 2011 20:10

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