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The Whipping Stocks, Over Peover

Have often driven past this pub, an imposing building on the A50, and wondered why there are usually so few cars in the car park.
I went in the other night, and now I know why.
Several dull rooms with a few customers, all of whom turned their heads to look at the new arrival. The licensee [I assume] then continued his tirade against the local council whilst the barman managed to complete my transaction without uttering a single word.
I went into one of the rooms where my only company in the Stygian gloom was a collection of about 15 empty, dirty glasses piled on a table.
A singularly depressing experience which even Smiths at 1.70 does not redeem.

15 Mar 2012 22:10

The White Lion, Knutsford

Now trading as a "Meditteranean Restaurant" , the third post-White Lion incarnation.

15 Mar 2012 22:05

Bar Edge (Atreides), Merry Hill

Long closed.

25 Jan 2012 20:36

The New Inn, Walsall

Bobbed in last Saturday evening about 6.30. About 10 people in of a certain age, 8 beers in[seems ambitious?] including, in the lounge, 3 Black Country beers and 1 from Backyard.
Beer good, decor sympathetic if unoriginal, warm welcome.
Not sure about the background music.
I wish them all the best given the apparent ups and downs recently.Certainly it's the best of the pubs in the vicinity [and there are several...]

14 Nov 2011 21:04

The Crown Inn, Woodstock

Visited 2 days ago; closed and a handwritten A4 sheet in the window stating closed until further notice.

3 Nov 2011 17:03

The Star Inn, Woodstock

Stayed in Woodstock last Tuesday after change of hotel plans and went for a wander.
After visiting an Arkells pub with only 3 other customers and a severe lack of atmosphere, I bobbed in here to see a quiz night in full swing with about 60 customers, clearly enjoying themselves.
Service from 2 young blokes was fine and the Bombardier[not really a favourite of mine] was in good form, 3.30 per pint which was a bit of a shock after 2.85 for the Arkells; price clearly isn't everything.
Would certainly visit again if in the area.

3 Nov 2011 17:01

The Flower Pot Hotel, Sunbury on Thames

Booked a room at this pub and arrived to be told that their card reader was down , so that I would have to pay cash or cheque when checking in.
I don't bother taking a cheque book anywhere now and needed some cash, so asked where the nearest cashpoint was and was directed to the Post Office. ATM was out of order so walked back to pub and said I would have to cancel booking.
The barmaid just said "OK" and turned away to resume her conversation with a customer/admirer[she was very good looking].
No suggestion that the card reader might be fixed by morning or that I could leave my card details and they could charge it when eventually fixed.
They lost 75 plus drinks and I will not be going back.

3 Nov 2011 16:57

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