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The Claddagh Ring, Hendon

You know that pub you tell your buddies about that is the worst pub you've ever been to, that one pub that sucks so bad that when you tell the story, you cant possibly be telling the truth, that it's most likely embellishment city, a tale to be told to amuse you and your friends over a pint, to make you feel better about the pub you're in at the time?

Well, people, this is it. This is quite obviously the worst establishment you will ever have the misfortune to step inside. I literally pity anyone who reads this and still decides to go in there, either through choice or because their buddies have left them no alternative, you'll regret it.

Good luck. You're gonna need it.

4 Aug 2009 21:35

The Taps, Enfield

In again.

Karaoke night. Not busy but wasnt too bad. Hadnt seen the karaoke man before but then havent been in for a couple months so he may be the regular slot.

I would say though, since it's been a while, even i notice things, so to the resident dealer who turns up after the George is closed, every time, be a little more subtle, the rappers' look doesnt help.

28 Nov 2008 01:01

The George, Enfield

People who drink in this pub are all big talking idiots. BUT, the rerburb looks nice, so give them credit.

All they need now is a change of population for Enfield Town and some doormen who have got the nerve to turn away 14 year old girls.

4 Oct 2008 02:46

The Old Wheatsheaf, Enfield

Okay, so the latest reviews are one of three things. Outdated. Ex staff. Current staff/family/friends. So, instead of all that, im here to give a decent and honest account of the place.

It's good. Yeh i know. I was shocked too.But shit happens. It's quick service. It's friendly service. Okay so maybe some of the locals might like to play a banjo, but i can live with that, these things happen.

Oh, and one last thing. There's a blondey who works there that i love. So okay, essentially, you can probably, or possibly discount this review. But she is great.

4 Oct 2008 02:41

The Green Man and French Horn, Covent Garden

A very odd place.

But odd can be good.

This time, however, it wasnt.

9 Jul 2008 11:51

The Old Wheatsheaf, Enfield

Very rare that i find bar staff even more rude than in the Stag just down the road, but in this pub they excelled themselves.

I'd stay away if i were you.

2 Oct 2007 15:21

The George, Enfield

Get a bigger ice machine.

Give Mike a pay rise.

Do something about the ever increasing drug problem.

2 Oct 2007 15:20

Bar Form, Enfield Town

This place is completely insane.

2 Oct 2007 15:18

The Kings Head, Enfield

New landlord is shockingly worse than the last. I didnt like the last guy but to be fair to him he did keep it relatively busy.

This new guy is scary, rude and aggressive.

Not for me.

2 Oct 2007 15:17

The George, Enfield

Without doubt, this place has the best bar staff in Enfield Town.

It's just a shame about the customers.

Oh, one tip though guys, you're gonna need a bigger ice machine.

14 Jun 2007 15:08

The Queens, Cleethorpes

Great pub, great people, great staff, 35mil measures...

I'd keep going but i think i'd cry that i dont get to drink here more often.

Ah screw it, im moving to Cleethorpes.

5 Mar 2007 18:13

The Lounge, Newcastle

Always liked this place. Whenever we go drinking in Newcastle we definitely stop in here for a few everytime and with the club downstairs it's not a bad place to end up at either. Drinks are of usual price and they have a decent door policy it seems as there isnt usually too many nutters in there.

Nice work.

8 Feb 2007 15:33

The Stag, Enfield

i concur, i dont think anyone who doesnt work there would suggest it was anything like a westend bar...

It would probably gain from employing staff who didnt think they were too good to be standing behind the bar serving aswell.

Just a thought.

6 Feb 2007 15:24

The George, Enfield

It still kinda sucks, but what the hell, you're paying two pound for a double.

1 Feb 2007 15:28

The Stag, Enfield

Went in again to try and give it a chance and what do i find, it's even more of a wannabe 'bar' than before.

Bad service, bad beer and bad atmosphere. But at least they relieve you of the entire contents of your wallet before leaving. How considerate.

1 Feb 2007 15:25

Bar Form, Enfield Town

This place is kinda nice still, but the irregular opening times coupled with the reduced space due to the ever increasing size of sofa's means it's a little pointless attending when it's busy.

1 Feb 2007 15:22

The Time Bar, Leicester

Perfect location, good selection of drinks, had a quick lunch adn it was great, made a perfect White Russian and probably had the most beautiful woman the planet has ever seen in there.

If they had more staff so you didnt have to wait ten minutes to get served, even in the middle of the day when it was half empty, it would get a complete thumbs up.

Nice work people, but employ some more people.

21 Nov 2006 23:06

The Taps, Enfield

Thurs/fri/sat easily the busiest place in Enfield Town although i'd only suggest going on Thursdays since it's the only night without any trouble.

12 Nov 2006 16:16

Jolly Butchers, Enfield

Went in as part of a pub crawl this weekend.

Still no lapdancers and just lots of looks of "get out of my pub right now" from the regulars.

Fair enough.

24 Sep 2006 19:03

Bar Form, Enfield Town

I just got called a rascal, shocking behaviour.

Also, yeh, they finally serve Star so nice work.

23 Sep 2006 15:36

Old Orleans, Enfield

Keira's gone for good.

Knock the place down.

23 Sep 2006 15:33

Crown and Horseshoes, Enfield

Go here now.

You only have a short time left before it's the worst pub ever again.

25 Jul 2006 19:48

The Stag, Enfield

Wow this is such a wannabe pub.

25 Jul 2006 19:47

The Kings Head, Enfield

This place has had an upturn of late.

No it has nothing to do with the rather rubbish manager who's never there (Debbie and Emma pretty much run/ran the place), it has to do with the nice new barmaids.


25 Jul 2006 19:46

Bar Form, Enfield Town

Leffe and Hoegaarden have both gone and Amstel too if you dont count the two times a month it's actually available.

Having said that, considering The Taps is still terrible, where else is there to drink?

25 Jul 2006 19:44

The Old Dairy, Finsbury Park

haha ;o)

All the regulars left. I wonder why.

30 Jan 2006 23:55

The Old Bell, Enfield

Not sure again.

There's not really a tangible reason i can think of to dislike this pub, but i just really do.

The staff were just really unfriendly, but in the politest way they could and im still trying to reconcile this very, very strange fact.


20 Jan 2006 00:18

The T-Bird, Finsbury Park

Basically a wannabe pub.

Staff are disinterested, regulars unfriendly, lacking choice of beer and the narrowist bar aread in the history of pubs.

On the bright side, they have a stunning young lady working there, although of course she's too busy knowing she's beautiful.

Dont bother.

20 Jan 2006 00:08

The Taps, Enfield

Well ok my last review has been removed, not sure why, guess for being too honest.

Pub's change over time, management changes, staff in general changes.

Anyone that knows pubs knows the pub lives or dies by how it is run. This pub is now being run by someone different.

Someone who ran the Bush Hill Park and The Crown and Anchor. Most people know what sort of pubs these are and what they're famous for.

Terrible place to drink, terrible atmosphere and the price increases at 23:00 with no warning.

Make up your own mind.

19 Jan 2006 23:58

Jolly Butchers, Enfield

Well what the hell is going on inside this pub?

Quite frankly, im guessing only the regulars know.

Unless there is some sort of alarm for non regulars entering where the lapdancers hide, the free drink signs are removed and the attentive staff are replaced with monotone speaking darleks, there's no reason why anyone, in sound mind, would drink here under their own will.

I would call this place distinctly average but in fairness to the surrounding pubs, excruciatingly bad should be the only soundbite for this pub.

Do not enter.


1 Jan 2006 17:48

The Worlds End, Finsbury Park

Not sure.

For some strange reason i quite like this pub. The staff were great, friendly, helpful, cheerful and the interior was comfortable enough.

Tables regularly cleared, ashtrays changed, and bar stools with backs are always cool.

Having said that, the regulars looked liked they could go either way, in that they might chop your head off or buy you a pint, depending on how good their last line was.

Dudes, a tip, close the cubical door.

27 Dec 2005 19:18

The Lincoln Arms, Bush Hill Park

No, no, no.


Although it does have pool tables.

6 Dec 2005 18:57

BRB at The Gate, Alexandra Park

Used to love this place.

5 Dec 2005 17:47

Old Orleans, Enfield

Who the frell knows what to say about this place?

As a pub, quite frankly it sucks. The one redeeming feature is the stunning young lady behind the bar who looks like Keira Knightly, who's most likley left for Hollywood by now anyway.

The bottled beer is alwawys warm and though you might ask what a grown man is doing drinking beer from a bottle, you'll find that their draught is nearly as bad as the George, thus making the impossible choice of cold bad beer or fairly average and warm bottled.

Once you've decided what you're going to drink, told a whole load of chavs that no you're not looking at their chaved up girlfriend who probably tied her hair to a jumbo jet embarking for Australia to have it pulled back so tight and explained to the DJ there is music other than what's on his latest nonsense Ministry CD, you can relax and drink your warm bad beer.

All in All, Keira, come and work in Taps and save my pain.

5 Dec 2005 17:42

The Old Dairy, Finsbury Park


That's how i felt leaving this place. The building's cool, the interior feels nice, they have a decent selection of beer on tap (although for the size of the bar it could be much better) and yet it's still strangely lacking.

The staff seemed disinterested and inexperienced and the music was awful (Sat night) although i am assured it has been better.

Those that know seem to leave after the football has finished and unless your company is great, i'd listen to them.

4 Dec 2005 22:08

The Picture Palace, Ponders End

The only Wetherspoon's pub on the entire planet that is worth drinking in.

Not too sure what Scott is going on about with the sounds of silence... surely if you're in company you've got enough conversation not to care or notice, but each to their own. Also, if you are on your own, with a paper or a book, it seems like the place to go for me.

Very comfortable, time flies past and you dont leave having spent 100 quid.

Works for me.

8 Oct 2005 10:12

The Force and Firkin, Cheshunt

The "guvnor" makes this pub.

Use to be average, now it's great. Always lively, always friendly and the beer tastes nice. Not too much else you could want from a pub.

Come and drink in here.

8 Sep 2005 18:12

The Stag and Hounds, Edmonton

Very nice pub, havent got a bad word to say about it.

The food's nice, the beer's nice and the service is always friendly.

Beer garden too although depending on the time of day it can get a little noisy from the traffic.

Always had a strange desire to steal one of the logs though.


8 Sep 2005 18:10

Clear Bar, Newcastle

Cool music, nice interior, friendly bar staff although the blokes all think they should be in Hollyoaks for some reason.

Hmmm yeh.

8 Sep 2005 18:03

The Kings Head, Enfield

Not sure yet.

Been drinking there for 4 or 5 years, still not sure.


I miss Sam. Toby was a monkey, but Sam, mmmmmmmmm.

Joke man, calm down, sheeesh.

Happy Birthday.

8 Sep 2005 18:01

The Beef and Barrel, Ponders End

Nice place.

Not that great, not that bad, just kinda nice. Pool table full of students who think they can play, get annoyed when they obviously cant, but other than that, it's a decent place to drink i guess.

Well, if you happen onto the wrong side of A10.

8 Sep 2005 17:55

The George, Enfield

Staff are quite tight on I.D of those buying the drinks.

They couldnt care less that those drinks are being taken back to ta table of 15 year old girls.

3 Sep 2005 14:48

Bar Me, Enfield

Thank God.

18 Jul 2005 17:46

The Enfield Arms, Enfield Town

If Carlsberg did pubs.

18 Jul 2005 17:45

Moon Under Water, Enfield

Same as all Wetherspoon pubs i guess, just a little chavier.

Cheap drinks though. So if this is your only real requisite when finding somewhere to drink, you could do worse.

Well, only by going to the George.

18 Jul 2005 17:44

The Old Sergeant, Chase End

Nice pub, enjoyed the beer, enjoyed the new refurbished look, was just a shame that the regulars and management decided to display their bigotry towards the best regulars in Enfield Town.

18 Jul 2005 17:42

Crown and Horseshoes, Enfield

Only saving grace of this pub is the garden and obviously for 8 or 9 months of the year, it's not exactly the nicest place to be.

Inside, however, is comfortable during the week, not too busy and a friendly atmosphere, mainly let down then by the poor tasting beer.

At the weekends it's definitely a place to avoid unless a year ago you were stood outside Macdonald's on a Friday night instead.

18 Jul 2005 17:41

The George, Enfield


Full of chavs that want to fight for no apparent reason. Try and engage someone in a conversation and see them attempt to understand a word you just said.

10 Jul 2005 21:00

Bar Form, Enfield Town

Average attempt at being trendy.

Same four guys during the week, for it to get busy at the weekend. Continually run out of the drinks you would like to drink leaving the second rate over priced draught that only one of them seems to know how to pour properly.

Soundbite, you ask...

Chavs getting dressed up.

10 Jul 2005 20:56

The Taps, Enfield

If you're drinking in Enfield Town, you're supposedly over 25 and you want the best tasting beer, served by the best looking staff, i suggest you drink at The Taps.

Welcoming, comfortable and over the weekend extremely lively, this place is definitely the place for you. Irish bar run by a Scottish woman, but dont let that phase you, just revel in the best regulars since The Enfield Arms, the slightly worrying dancing of Gareth and the stunning looks of...well, i couldnt possibly single any one of them out now could I?

Come in, have a drink, have ten, just make sure you buy me one too.

Thursday nights are the best, just in case you wondered.

10 Jul 2005 20:49

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