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Comments by Stella_mad_Martyn

The Stubbing Wharf, Hebden Bridge

We stayed in Hebden for a week visiting friends and we went to this pub three evenings. Very friendly staff, very good food and decent Stella. My eight year old son loved the fish and chips and wolfed down large portions on two separate evenings. Put it this way - he doesn't like fish at home down south! Very busy but we managed to get a table without booking.

11 Aug 2009 14:32

The Bull, Bedford

Popped in here for lunch today. Very nice newly decorated pub with loads of outside seating plus a covered area for smokers when it's raining. Loads of room and tables inside, very friendly staff, nice Stella and the food was very tasty. Very good pub, will definitely be going back.

25 Jun 2009 15:49

The Brewery Tap, Luton

Was in here Saturday evening - pub was OK as was the Stella but we had to retreat to the garden when the bl00dy awful music started blaring out.

22 Jun 2009 16:52

The Bricklayers Arms, Luton

Was in here early Saturday evening. It was OK and the Stella was OK too.

22 Jun 2009 16:49

The Old Cock Inn, Harpenden

I've been using this place occasionally recently, mostly early evenings. Definitely had a recent refurb, friendly staff and OK Stella.

1 Jun 2009 14:46

The White Lion, Hebden Bridge

We stayed here on Saturday night (we usually stay here when in the area) as my friend held a birthday party at the nearby Hole In T' Wall pub. My haddock and chips was very nice (my little lad had the same but a kids portion) but my wife's lamb was apparently tough and overcooked. Our friends seemed reasonably happy with their food. The Stella was fine and the staff were very friendly. Breakfast the next morning was very nice but the service was painfully slow. Never mind, we'll hopefully stay here next time we're in the area.

23 Mar 2009 14:30

The Kings Arms, Bedford

Piejunkie - I'm talking about week-day lunchtimes. Thursdays seem to be the worst - with loud-mouthed thick-as-pigsh1t trainee hairdressers. However, the KA is by far the best pub in Bedford

16 Mar 2009 15:39

The Turnpike, Bedford

Popped in here yesterday evening. Was surprised to find a cat sitting on the bar. The landlord was surly and seemed more interested in whatever he was doing in the back room than serving the very few customers. No Stella so had to drink Red Stripe which tasted like the cat had p1ssed in the glass. Won't be hurrying back.

11 Mar 2009 14:38

The Bell, Cotton End

Popped in here yesterday evening. Nice looking pub from the outside, thatched roof etc. Inside needs some work doing and crap furniture needs replacing. One of those pubs where all the regulars have to turn around to look at the "stranger". No Stella so had to drink Kronenbourg. A typical old man's boozer but the regulars were friendly enough, one of them even solved one of my Guardian cryptic crossword clues for me!!

5 Mar 2009 09:28

The Swan, Bromham

Popped in here yesterday evening - friendly staff and friendly locals. Didn't try any food but the Stella was OK. Yeah - quite a decent pub.

20 Feb 2009 15:05

The Gibraltar Castle, Batford

Sadly I now have to agree with locationlocation.

Miserable barmaids who look at you as if you're sh1t and ignorant tw@t regulars who don't let you get near the bar.

9 Feb 2009 15:58

Peppercorn, Kinsbourne Green

Completely agree with MartynG about the food and beer.

Glad it's gone.

9 Feb 2009 15:50

The Plough and Harrow, Harpenden

Staff seem friendly enough - some of the customers are a bit scary.

Not bad I suppose.

9 Feb 2009 15:42

The Old Bell, Harpenden

More of a restaurant than a pub. A trip to the bar can be very time consuming as the single bar person has to deal with table orders and eventually may get round to serving you.

Although I said it's more of a restaurant the food is quite pricey and nothing special.

I won't be hurrying back although it is a nice old building.

9 Feb 2009 15:28

Amble Inn, Harpenden

Paid my first visit to these premises for about four and a half years (when it was called The Dolphin and I vowed never to return) Sunday lunch time.

A massive improvement, friendly staff and other customers who don't give the impression they want to kill you.

There is a lack of atmosphere but yeah I'd probably go back.

9 Feb 2009 14:48

The Rose and Crown, Sandridge

Visited this place for the past two weekends at lunch time and found the bar staff to be very friendly and enjoyed a nice pint of Stella on both occasions. Very nice building, loads of room and a nice Olde Worlde interior.

28 Oct 2008 11:11

The Royal Oak, Chapelfoot

Paid an early evening visit the other day. Friendly barman, nice clean pub although perhaps more of a restaurant but a nice pint of Stella.

10 Jun 2008 09:45

The Greyhound, Hitchin

Popped in here yesterday evening. Very friendly landlord and American barmaid (who was a real cracker). Nice clean pub but not exactly vibrant and the Stella was a bit ropey.

10 Jun 2008 09:42

Crown, Bedford

Popped in here Wednesday lunch time - only one other customer in there. The Stella was OK and eventually two other customers arrived. Won't be going back - very boring old mans' pub.

23 May 2008 10:06

The Silver Lion, Lilley


21 May 2008 10:27

The Lilley Arms, Lilley

Mercs and Jags, personalised number plates, unwelcoming, naff Stella. Need I say more?!

21 May 2008 08:40

The Nelson, Wheathampstead

Went here for the first time in donkey's years Monday lunch time. The place has changed quite a bit but it's still a traditional English boozer. The barman was friendly, the regulars seemed OK and I had a nice pint of Stella for only �2.65 which is pretty good for around there.

30 May 2007 15:30

The Harpenden Arms, Harpenden

Popped in here on Friday evening - packed as usual. Friendly barman and a nice - if expensive - pint of Stella.

21 May 2007 09:02

The Bull, Wheathampstead

Went here yesterday evening - no barmaids on show and the Amstel was �2.60. Forgot to say it's not called The Bull anymore - it's now Miller & Carter.

2 May 2007 08:59

The Swan, Wheathampstead

Stella's normally OK but there's something a bit depressing about this place.

26 Apr 2007 15:04

The Bull, Wheathampstead

Popped in here the other afternoon. Recently had a much needed refurbishment and is very smart now. No Stella but the Amstel was OK and only �2.40 - two very nice barmaids too.

26 Apr 2007 14:57

The Cross Keys, Gustard Wood

I agree with Hopsucker - great pub, excellent landlord. First started using this place 32 years ago and I still like it!

16 Apr 2007 14:55

The Malta, Batford

Went to this pub yesterday afternoon for the first time in quite a while as The Gibraltar Castle down the road is now non-smoking. There's a new decked area out the front now and the Stella was OK. Not bad.

16 Apr 2007 14:43

The Paddington, Bedford

The landlord is friendly, the Stella's normally good but I agree with the "grim" comment below.

8 Mar 2007 14:22

The Kings Arms, Bedford

A good pub with reasonable food, very friendly staff and the Stella's always good. Sometimes gets busy with groups of 300 irritating students all sharing a glass of coke but still the best pub I've been to in Bedford.

8 Mar 2007 14:15

The Inn on the Green, Harpenden

Agree with the last comment except that I'm quite happy with the Stella.

28 Sep 2005 09:40

The Harpenden Arms, Harpenden

The restaurant takes up too much space meaning the bar is often overcrowded. Stella's normally OK and the staff are friendly enough.

28 Sep 2005 09:37

The Gibraltar Castle, Batford

I use this pub quite a lot early evenings during the week. Friends tell me the food is excellent although I haven't tried it and the Stella is normally good WHEN IT'S ON.....dunno how they manage to run out of it so frequently.

23 Sep 2005 15:54

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

A nice clean pub with good food and the Stella is always good. They've got a nice garden with things for kids to play with.

23 Sep 2005 15:51

The Three Horseshoes, Whetstone

Went to this pub one lunch time - it was OK and they did Stella but the landlady didn't exactly make me feel welcome by putting the extractor fan on and moaning loudly about "people smoking in public places". It's a pub for God's sake woman - get a life. I won't be going back again.

23 Sep 2005 15:40

i-bar, Whetstone

Been to this pub quite a few lunch times although I haven't eaten there. The blonde barmaid (or she may be the landlady - she always seems to be there) is very nice and welcoming and the Stella is usually OK.

23 Sep 2005 15:35

The Griffin, Whetstone

Been in this pub a few lunch times. Agree the food's good, it's a nice pub and the staff are friendly BUT NO STELLA. I had to drink that Kronenbourg muck.

23 Sep 2005 15:29

The Dolphin, Harpenden

Went here about a year ago and certainly won't be going back. Unfriendly staff, p!ssed up foul-mouthed locals with their kids. Ugh!

16 Sep 2005 15:39

The Cross Keys, Harpenden

Definitely the best pub in the town centre and the kids have been kicked out. The Stella is usually OK.

16 Sep 2005 15:33

The Crooked Chimney, Welwyn Garden City

Wasn't very impressed by the food when I've eaten here in the past - a bit pricey for what you get. Nice old building though, loads of tables, the staff are friendly enough, it's clean and the Stella is normally OK.

16 Sep 2005 14:59

Long Arm and Short Arm, Welwyn Garden City

Nice clean pub (including the toilets), very friendly staff, the food is very good and the Stella is always top notch. Gets fairly busy Sunday lunchtimes (they do an excellent carvery) but can usually get a table.

16 Sep 2005 14:53

Doctors Tonic, Welwyn Garden City

Went to this pub the other evening. A p!ssed up bunch of foul-mouthed locals were the only other people in. The table was sticky but the Stella was OK. Don't think I'll be going again!

16 Sep 2005 14:46

The Cork, Welwyn Garden City

Staff don't make you feel welcome and the Stella is sometimes ropey. Closed for refurbishment at the moment.

16 Sep 2005 14:42

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