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Comments by Stella_Fella

The Royal Oak, Hampton

Came here with a friend for the first time last night to see Red play. I liked it. It's a locals pub which is nice.The lads and lasses let their hair down and it's all in a good nature. The Landlord(Chris) and Landlady(Wendy)gave us a very warm welcome as new faces to this pub.It's an added bonus that this is another new music venue.Will be back next week to see Willy Finlayson.

2 Aug 2008 11:08

The Kings Head, Shepperton i'm confused!! Prior to visiting this pub for the first time on Friday 20th to see Firewater,i looked at the comments left on BITE....which i always do before visiting a new pub.I was a little unsure after reading the comments below,but as the band was good i thought we'd take a chance. Well i'm glad we did! Ok, we paid 3.40 for a Guinness....which was a good one,but you expect that from a pub of this style and in this location. Ok,towards the end of the evening a kids came in but once served they vanished out the back. The bar staff were pleasant and the locals we spoke to were very welcoming. All in all we had a good night...and yes ,we'll be back for another visit.

22 Jun 2008 15:31

The Royal Oak, West Molesey

Been in here twice since Gordon left.It was a nice pub...but now the foul mouthed gobby chavs use it the standards have lowered! Gordon wouldn't have put up with scum like that.A real shame.

7 May 2008 00:57

The Poyntz Arms, East Molesey

Whats on in October/November/December at the Poyntz

October 27th;Halloween Fancy Dress Party

November 4th;Paul Stoble
November 9th;Fire & Water
November 17th; Brainchild
November 24th; *Disco*
November 30th;Fire & Water

December 2nd;Robbie Lee
December 8th;Raw Glory
Christmas Eve; Double Brandy
New Years Eve; *Disco*

21 Oct 2007 14:03

The Poyntz Arms, East Molesey

August Gigs
Friday 3rd - Passion
Saturday 4th - Heat Treatment
Friday 10th -Mary's Dog
Saturday 11th- Sharpees
Friday 17th - Pete Harrison
Saturday 18th - Drunken Puff
Friday 24th - TBA
Saturday 25th - Debbie Giles
Sunday 26th - Buzet Blues
Friday 31st - Raw Glory

30 Jul 2007 13:17

The Poyntz Arms, East Molesey

July Gigs

Friday 6th;Bad Influence
Saturday 7th; Disco
Sunday 8th; Robbie Lee(3.30pm)
Friday 13th; Fire & Water
Saturday 14th; Brainchild
Friday 20th; The Rust
Saturday 21st;Fluke
Friday 27th;Cry Wolf
Saturday 28th; Robin Bibi
Sunday 29th;Double Brandy(3.30pm)
*Support your favourite the pub where good music is ALWAYS free*

19 Jun 2007 01:06

The Poyntz Arms, East Molesey

May [email protected] Poyntz

Friday 4th:Pete Harrison
Saturday 5th:Sharpees
Friday 11th:Red
Saturday 12th:Blue Fuses
Friday 18th:Fire & Water
Saturday 19th:Gary Brewer
Friday 25th:Heat Treatment
Saturday be confirmed(no,thats not a band name!!)
Sunday 27th:Adam Temple (Afternoon)
"At the Poyntz,the best music is always free"

26 Apr 2007 18:43

The Poyntz Arms, East Molesey

April [email protected] Poyntz.

Saturday 7th:Disco....all welcome!
Sunday 8th:Double Brandy....Rock n Roll to Soul and everything in between.
Friday 13th:The Rust....Rock
Saturday 14th;Tom & Chris...first gig here so check them out.
Sunday 15th:Buzet Blues...Local Band
Friday 20th:Heat Treatment
Saturday 21st:Steve Whalley
Friday 27th:Stand up Alfred
Saturday 28th:Bad of the best around.
***No Charge on the Door for great live music***

5 Apr 2007 10:02

The Poyntz Arms, East Molesey

March Gigs.
Friday 2nd - Robin Bibi....the table dancer is back!
Saturday 3rd -Bad Influence...not to be missed.
Friday 9th - Heat Treatment...a welcome return.
Saturday 10th - Stand Up Alfred...Highly rated.
Friday 16th - Cry Wolf...Lets Rock!!
Saturday 17th - Gary Brewer..St Patricks Day Boogie!
Sunday 18th - Robbie Lee....a firm favourite.
Friday 23rd - Fire & Water...Unmissable!
Saturday 24th - The Passion...first gig at the Poyntz.
Friday 30th - Red...a great night guarenteed!
Saturday 31st - Blue Fuses...Electrifying Rock.

Great Music....and NO CHARGE ON THE DOOR.

20 Feb 2007 13:02

The Poyntz Arms, East Molesey

At the Poyntz in February.....
Thursday 1st...Gary Brewer
Friday 2nd...Cry Wolf
Thursday 8th...Fluke
Friday 9th...Heat Treatment
Friday 16th...Never The Bride *To Be Confirmed*
Saturday 17th...Gary Brewer
Sunday 18th...Adam
Friday 23rd...The Rust
Saturday 24th...Fluke
**Remember.....NO CHARGE ON THE DOOR!!!

1 Feb 2007 18:15

The Poyntz Arms, East Molesey

At the Poyntz in January:

Friday 5th - Quiz Night
Saturday 6th - Red(Band)

Friday 12th - Bad Influence(Band)
Saturday 13th - Disco Night

Friday 19th - Fire + Water (Band)
Saturday 20th TBA
Sunday 21st ....solo artist from 4pm - 6pm

Friday 26th TBA
Saturday 27th - Blue Fuses(Band)

4 Jan 2007 15:47

The Cardinal Wolsey, Hampton Court

Cry Wolf were excellent here on Dec23rd....packed the place out! Felt a bit pissed off that we were asked to put money in the jug when they know we pay on the door.........NO MORE JUG MONEY!!!

24 Dec 2006 18:27

The Toucan, Soho

Worth paying the extra for a i've ever tasted.

19 Dec 2006 00:13

The Poyntz Arms, East Molesey

Bad Influence appearing here tonight (8th Dec)..great band,great pub...enough said! Enjoy!!

8 Dec 2006 11:13

The Poyntz Arms, East Molesey

The Rust appearing here on Friday 24th November.

20 Nov 2006 16:14

The Poyntz Arms, East Molesey

Last night we saw Fire and Water here....what a great night. Next friday(17th) they have The Blue Fuses so another great night to be had in what will a great music pub.H.

11 Nov 2006 10:56

The Poyntz Arms, East Molesey

This friendly pub now has Live Bands....Fire and Water,The Blue Fuses,Bad Influence,Gary Brewer,Robin Bibi,Bad to the Bone,Cry Wolf...........and many more to follow! So for a great night,pop in to see Terry,Glad and Anita,have a few beers and above all....KEEP ON ROCKIN'. H.

10 Nov 2006 13:27

Tir Na Nog, Wandsworth

What a find this pub is.Had a fantastic St Patricks day here.The decor is superb,the food looked fantastic,the Guinness tasted great and the music.....out of this world! Will come back again and again.Would highly recommend this pub to anyone.Thanks to all,for a great day.

21 Mar 2006 00:42

The Kilkenny, South Wimbledon

Came here on St Patricks day morning.A really nice pub with a great landlord.It was so peaceful.Will come back on a lively evening........but i will definateley come back!

21 Mar 2006 00:33

The Albion, Hampton Court

Paid our second viset to the Albion on a Thursday music night.As before,the pub was packed to the rafters.A good atmosphere with friendly punters.Would happily go back for the live music on a thursday.....pick up a gig guide.

28 Oct 2005 10:52

Sands, Woking

We went back to the Bleak(call it what you will always be the Bleak) for the first time since Joe and Chris left.Bad Influence were playing and had a good crowd there,lots of old faces.Not alot of food being served and if the management read this then drop the food on a monday night and give us back our music'll make shit loads of money!The place lacks character and has lost the pub feeling.

7 Oct 2005 18:23

Flanagan's, Hammersmith

This pub is a must on ST Patricks Day....forget the rest and head straight here.

17 Sep 2005 00:33

The Salutation, Hammersmith

Nice pub.saw the England v Wales game there and stood by alot of gob-shites(50 year old men who think they are 15!).Beer garden is good though.

17 Sep 2005 00:29

The Boleyn Tavern, Upton Park

TRADITION.....It's a WEST HAM pub,salt of the earth.Will never be a plastic pub.Good service,good beer.'nuff said.

17 Sep 2005 00:24

The Minnow, Weybridge

Plastic pub full of plastic people.the men THINK they are the dogs danglers.....the women are just dogs......mutton dressed as spam,this is where the cheap women from Hersham gather before a knee trembler in the car park.But its 5 mins walk for me so i can put up with the false has beens.

17 Sep 2005 00:18

The Hand and Spear, Weybridge

In the early 90's the Hand and Spear was a great pub to go to.When the bar used to be in the middle of the pub and the bands used to play on the left of the pub as you walked in.Saw Stan Webb,Otis Grand,Larry Garner,The Hoax and The Hamsters and many other great bands.Today however it is a shadow of what it used to's dirty and in need of repair.As for the punters....students....say no more!Change of management is due,as is a bloody good clean up.If that doesn't happen then cherish your memories as they put up more flats in its place.

19 Jul 2005 12:16

Brave New World, Surbiton

Came here for the first time on thursday 30th june.Very pleasant staff,clean interior and a very goog band....BGT.Well worth a visit.

1 Jul 2005 14:58

The Cardinal Wolsey, Hampton Court

PHIL HARRIS...PLAYING HERE TONIGHT!...BY FAR THE BEST BAND AROUND.Come down and pick up a gig guide and see some great bands!

10 Jun 2005 11:49

The Duke Of Wellington, East Horsley

I was in here on saturday 21st may to see a band called Flip The Bird.....they were pretty good.The service was ok.ish.Was packed with lots of tasty women......nice.

22 May 2005 23:33

Bar Ha Ha, Kingston Upon Thames

Music too loud,drink prices too high and zero standard food.if this is on your crawl route,then crawl past! If you have low standards and like wasting your money then hey....this is for you.

21 May 2005 10:15

The White Swan, Shefford

Joe and Chris used to run The Bleak House in Horsell, and did a fantastic job.They are a great team serving good beers and fantastic food.Try won't be sorry.

19 May 2005 16:17

The Prince of Wales, Shere

Went to see a band play here...Stumpys Night Off....a bloody stupid name but they got the crowd moving.Beer was good....unlike the bar staff.....BAR STAFF MUST TRY HARDER!!!!

19 May 2005 12:32

The Cardinal Wolsey, Hampton Court

The couple who run the Cardinal have just celebrated two years of running the place,and a great job they are doing too.This is the place to go for live music.Not many pubs have a music licence and this pub is leading the way with some great live bands.As a punter who used to go to the bleak house for music on a monday night,its nice to see the old faces coming to the cardinal."the word is spreading",so well done on the first two years...and many more to follow.Cheers.

19 Apr 2005 13:12

The Royal Oak, West Molesey

A great little pub...the best in Molesey by far.Gordon is a traditional landlord who runs a clean and traditional pub,no nonsense.Barb'cooks good honest meals that make you feel at home.Sean the barman is hard-working and polite.A great team in a great and friendly pub.What you won't find is spotty little yobs shouting their mouths off or loud music.What you will find is a friendly pub where you can talk,watch sport,play pool and eat and drink well.
Cheers, Stella_Fella.

19 Apr 2005 12:59

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