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Comments by Squeaky

Type 3, Sutton Coldfield

OH MY GOD! The last person who wrote something here was being silly. This place is utter crap! Admittedly I haven't been for over a year and wouldn't go there again full of poncey people who can't be arsed to go into town. Drinks are majorly over priced. Place is ridiculously small and hot.

24 Jul 2007 13:47

The Kings Arms,

This place used to be a biker pub which most regular remember it is. It was doneup a few years ago and tried to be a wine bar, fortunately the locals didn't put up with that. Now it has got rid of the stick plants and poncey food and has a really good atmosphere. Good for a quiet beer or for when you want to go clubbing but haven't got the energy.

24 Jul 2007 13:45

Station, Sutton Coldfield

YAY!!!!! This place is the best! You never get under age drinkers and the clientele is definitely NOT chav. In fact I have often seen chavs try to stay in here but after one drink they make some crap excuse and leave. Regular live bands, comedy acts and you can play a number of board games! Sunday night is Scrabble night. Well its not its just that there are a couple of groups who 'fight' over the Scrabble. Drinks are not cheap but are competitive with the other pubsStaff are VERY friendly, they are definitely just normal people and tend to be ex-regulars. Has an excellent beer garden for the summers and my friends and family always choose this place for food. All home cooked!

24 Jul 2007 13:43

The Cup Inn, Sutton Coldfield

This place is scary and dangerous! Girls do not go in there without men guarding you. Regular fights but alcohol is cheap and this is one of the only places in Sutton where you can play pool.

24 Jul 2007 13:39

The Litten Tree, Sutton Coldfield

The best place in Sutton to watch sport! Really nice food and staff. The only downside is that this place becomes the chav cattle market at night so once your game has finished get out of there!!!!

24 Jul 2007 13:37

The Bottle of Sack, Sutton Coldfield

This place is dubbed the Bottle of Sick by the locals. It is full of chavs and although it is cheap there is no real atmosphere and when you walk in it feels as though the locals are looking you up and down.

24 Jul 2007 13:36

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