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Comments by Spoony

The Duke of Edinburgh, Upton Park

Decent enough place for pre-match pint. Service was instant despite being packed, as they were obviously well staffed up and prepared for the matchday crowds.

Quite a pleasant atmosphere to go with the wife, despite the 97:3 ratio of men to women!

17 Apr 2011 10:46

The Clachan, Soho

Last time I was here, I was quite possibly underage. I used to go shopping in Oxford Street with my mate and buy up half of HMV and then try our luck in the pubs.

I returned here out of nostalgia more than anything else, but I had a pleasant surprise when I saw one of my favourite ales - St Austell Tribute and it was absolutely perfect.

I should have had a second, but given they had a fantastic range of about 8-10 ales on, I thought I would dabble with something else. I went for the Acorn Barnsley Gold. It was OK, but not quite as pleasant as the Tribute.

The pub seemed a lot smaller than I recall. I guess 20 years ago when my pub experiences were more cosy little village pubs it did seem huge, but compared to the pubs of today (JDW/ABO and other chains) I suppose it isn't that huge.

Would love to return here - may not leave it another 20 years though.

17 Apr 2011 10:41

Start the Bus, Bristol

Not bad for a Sunday breakfast/brunch/lunch.

22 Nov 2010 03:58

bsb The Waterside, Bristol

Reasonable bar for watching football and rugby.

Enjoyed my food, despite them bringing me the wrong filling in my Panini.

22 Nov 2010 03:53

All Bar One, Bristol

Lifeless on a Saturday night and appallingly flat lager.

Pretends to be more classy than a Wetherspoons but this is just awful by comparison.

Avoid at all costs.

22 Nov 2010 03:51

The Goat, Battersea

Total crock of shit.

15 Mar 2010 23:04

The Walkabout, Watford

Smells really filthy in here.

15 Nov 2009 19:18

The Giddy Bridge, Southampton

Pretty good. Service early in the morning was superb and the breakfast was served quickly and was pretty good quality.

Came back a bit later for a drink and loved the rooftop terrace, although glad we were not back for eating, seemed to be a lengthy delay and seemed to be the odd complaint from those sat nearby, that said the staff all seemed to deal with the issues well.

16 Mar 2009 19:14

The Soul Cellar 78, Southampton

Yeah, not bad. Good range of drinks to be fair.

Music alright, OK, not the most pumping of venues, but we had a decent night here.

16 Mar 2009 19:11

Joe Daflos, Southampton

You know something is amiss when you go in with a group of friends on a Saturday night and you have just doubled the clientele.

Shame really, nicely decked out, but totally in the wrong place.

16 Mar 2009 19:10

Crabtree, Hemel Hempstead

Reply to We are Leeds- In fairness though, they stop food at 9.00pm and you admit you tried ordering after that time. Yes, it's only 5 minutes, but where would they draw the line? What if you were 15 minutes late? 30 minutes? An hour?

Where would it end? You can't expect them to leave grills/ovens/fryers on any longer than needed just on the off chance someone might be running late. On top of that, what about the chefs/kitchen staff, are you expecting them to unneccessarily extend their shifts just in case someone happens to walk in late?

Would you complain if you rocked up at Tescos 5 minutes after closing and demand they unlock the doors? I doubt it.

12 Jan 2009 12:56

The Bell Inn, Westoning

LOL, can't believe Dave is still there.

13 Oct 2008 02:54

Moon Under Water, Wolverhampton

Great pub, the managers are absolutely brilliant and deserve a pay rise.

12 Oct 2008 23:09

All Bar One, Battersea

Food nice, but was quite frustrating because they seated us, gave us menus, took our drinks order, served our drinks and THEN decided to tell us they had no brunch items available when 5 of the party of 7 were wanting brunch. Had we known, we could have tried elsewhere, but time was pressing so we reordered. I was then told after a further 10 minutes they had no pork chipolatas (although oddly they did offer to go and buy some locally!). MInd you, I blame my friend, who then revealed he had been the day before and had received no black pudding on his breakfast and was not informed until he complained it was missing.

12 Oct 2008 23:07

The Goat, Battersea

Woeful service, I was stood waiting at one end of the bar while the one bar staff was serving 3 girls. Fair enough, they were waiting first. He walked past me three times while fetching their drinks, so knew I was next, yet some guy strolls up to the bar where these girls were being served and gets served before me. I went psycho on the bloke before storming out, buying a coffee from Costa and returning to my friends with that. He did come over to apologise, but his excuse was being left on the bar on his own, which was hardly the point, it wasn't busy, he just was obviously blind, inept or both. The wife also ordered what was described as simply Apple Crumble, yet it was Apple and Rhubarb and she hates Rhubarb.

12 Oct 2008 22:58

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