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The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

Definitely a cut above the average 'Spoon - everything on the Wetherspoon tick list is there but it's somehow more of a living organism. The beer is uniformly top class. Do I detect just a little hint of a rainbow/ pinkish tinge to the staff? Whatever, cheers lads & keep it up (the good work).

14 Jun 2007 12:09

The King Stag, Bushey

It's been a while, but I spent many happy hours in here. I can see it from the back of my friend's house.
I hear it's under some sort of threat?
Say hallo to Cindy.

18 Jan 2006 11:06

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell


18 Jan 2006 10:58

The City Pride, Clerkenwell

Informal put-your-feet-up kind of place. Take their beer seriously enough. I like. looking forward to going back in the summer when they open it out.
RogerB - you following me about?

17 Jan 2006 10:41

The Silver Cross, Whitehall

RogerB, you're so right. I remember when this was a skinny little pub, just comprising the area in front of you as you go in through the r-hand doors. It was dark, reputedly haunted and really very pleasant in an old, dingy way. This place is now a monstrosity. I know why they've done it, what with the big 'Spoons opposite an' all, but - no no no. No. If I'm in the area I'll use The Chandos on the other side of the square, or the newly 'furbed Old Shades where they've pulled off the trick of doing it up without wrecking it.

17 Jan 2006 10:25

The Constitution, Pimlico

Yeah, it's nice & the suits can't seem to find it as easily as they can other pubs hereabouts, which is nice. It doesn't seem as friendly as it was 4-5 years ago though. Staff turnover I suppose.

16 Jan 2006 11:54

The Viaduct Tavern, St Pauls

I like it. The bitter isn't overpriced for the area. The decor is grand. Some of the clientele belong IN Newgate Jail rather than opposite it...The staff are very good and on my last visit, deeply attractive.

16 Jan 2006 11:27

The Lord Burleigh, Victoria

Funny sort of place, but a bit of a tonic after all the nouveau pubs elsewhere around Victoria. The beer's not always up to snuff though.

15 Sep 2005 16:49

The Morpeth Arms, Pimlico

The prices went up after the last landlord & lady went, but they've kept the standard up. Sells everything Youngs make, and know how to keep it.

15 Sep 2005 16:47

Flanagans of Battersea, Battersea

Was once the Old Red House... opposite Battersea Dogs' Home. Gets busy - nice little patio area.

They've usually got one real ale on, which is generally in pretty good nick.

Strange staff. Friendly but... strange. Odd-looking.

15 Sep 2005 16:40

The Brewery Tap, Luton

I can't believe it hasn't been listed before. Lovely pint of real ale, nice garden, and my favourite barmaid (sshhh!). The best Luton Town Centre pub, IMHO. Opposite University, so slightly studenty at end of term, and, due to location, probably best avoided Friday, Saturday nights if you're an old git like me, like all the others. Not their fault though.

18 Aug 2005 12:42

The Gardener's Call, Luton

It's where I go for a quiet GK IPA after work or with my wife when the kids are away... friendly staff, pleasant atmosphere - quite tastefully updated a few years ago. Quiet patio area.

18 Aug 2005 12:38

The Melton Mowbray, Holborn

Not unpleasant but the staff often have English as a second language, and worse, they seem to have problems keeping their real ales up to scratch.

18 Aug 2005 12:26

The White Hart, City Of London

I went in here on an early Wednesday afternoon, just after the lunchtime rush. Very friendly staff, nice pint of Pride.

18 Aug 2005 12:01

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