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The Victoria, Woodham

The "food-led" approach failed dismally. Over-priced, average quality bistro menu went down like a lead balloon. Pub closed as a result.

Re-opened last Weekend with "limited facilities" - whatever that means!

14 Dec 2007 10:49

The Royal Borough Arms, Norbiton

They may run the Tapestry in Mortlake, but they have got some work to do on this place.

Took the Mrs for something to eat a cpouple of weeks ago.

The decor is ok in a predictable ,scrubbed wood and cream paint sort of way and the bar looks well stocked. The staff are very polite (if a little OVER attentive - we were asked if "everything is alright" 5 times whilst waiting for the food to arrive).

The food was not good. It wasn't bad, but for the price should have been one hell of a lot better. The whole enterprise just has the image of a place that hasn't had enough money spent on it. Cheaply renovated, polite but inexperienced staff, poor execution in the kitchen, limited and odd winelist.

Save your dosh and go to the Canbury Arms instead - its only a ten/fifteen minute walk away.

6 Mar 2006 16:00

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

"Prude, I hear you say, wrong again, swear words do slip out from time-to time but I remember one or two real foul mouthed individuals in this pub."

As a regular drinker here, I have to say that is a wholly unjustified comment. You can come across foul mouthed individuals anywhere in the country - even in most churches! The Willoughby is not, however, inhabited by the habitually foulmouthed.

Are you sure it wasn't just that you were behaving badly and deserved a mouthful?

14 Dec 2005 17:17

The Canbury Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Tried the revamped Canbury last week for the first time.

The food was good, very good in fact, but the menu is VERY limited (3 starters, 3 mains & 3 desserts with one "special" on the board for each course). I hope that the menu will expand over time. The wine list is good and reasonably priced.

Unfortunately the ale was not so good. Both pints I had were drinkable but thats about as much praise as I would give them. They were a bit on the cloudy side and a day or two short of being ready to serve. Sending one of the staff on a cellar management course will sort that gripe.

Its a brave venture and one that deserves to succeed. Kingston is desperately short of decent eateries, and whilst it is sad to see another pub bite the dust, at least it hasn't been taken over by one of the big pub/bar chains and turned into another rubbish steak/burger house.

7 Sep 2005 15:35

The Crown and Sugarloaf, Bride's Lane

Now back to being a smoking establishment because the anti-smoking brigade, whilst very vocal, are tightwads and don't buy enough ale to keep a pub going!

Still, a diamond little boozer!

10 Dec 2004 12:22

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