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Comments by Slake

The Salmon Inn, Leicester

Nice beer. Disappointing to hear the current landlord publicly mocking another real ale pub in the city, particularly as the pub had only just opened.

10 Dec 2015 18:07

Sir Robert Peel, Leicester

Totally refurbished. You'd not know it was same pub that was here just over a year ago. Well worth a visit. New management, new beers, new customers. Still Everards but the only Everards beer you'll see here is Tiger. Four or five guest beers and ciders.

18 May 2014 18:02

The Font, Leicester

They did the right thing by no longer serving cask ale. Nice selection of keg beers now including Meantime. The food is really good value for money. Not everyone wants to hear loud music as early as 7pm though. Some of us like to have a conversation.

18 May 2014 17:58

Babelas Continental Bar, Leicester

Nice atmosphere, friendly staff and beers kept in excellent condition.

18 May 2014 17:54

The Charlotte, Leicester

Reopened again recently. Maybe worth a look for nostalgia but probably not for repeat visits. I can't comment on the quality of the cask beer as a couple of times I've visited they weren't ready to be served.

18 May 2014 17:52

The Almanack, Leicester

This pub has closed. Now replaced by a Turtle Bay restaurant.

18 May 2014 17:47

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

If I lived closer to Bristol I would visit this pub more often. I can't recommend it highly enough. I've recommended it to friends and they've all enjoyed their time here. Excellent bottle selection, well kept cask ales, Real Vinyl and pub cats.

17 Aug 2013 01:25

The Salmon Inn, Leicester

This pub along with the Swan and Rushes serves the best kept ale in the city centre. Some beers rare to the county have appeared in recent months; Hawkshead, Tempest, The Brew Co, Marble and so on. Friendly Landlord and staff. They also do cellar runs.

17 Dec 2011 16:04

Durham Ox, Leicester

Has since become various unsuccessful cafes and sandwich shops. It should be reopened as a pub. Unfortunately all the London style boozer interior fittings were ripped out.

17 Dec 2011 15:59

Cafe Bruxelles, Leicester

Disappointed to report that in the evening they now blast dance music throughout. In other words, I was about to go in and changed my mind and went elsewhere. It looked pretty empty in there too, so I can't be the only one put off by the music.

17 Dec 2011 15:55

The Criterion, Leicester

You can buy 568ml of vinegar for about 1.50 in a supermarket. A pint of vinegar here costs about 2.80. I'd rather drink ale where it is fresh. The pizzas and staff are still some of the best in the city.

17 Dec 2011 15:52

Swan and Rushes, Leicester

Still the best pub in the city for beer quality and great customer service.
You will also find the best selection of bottled beers here. Loads of German and Belgian classics and rarities.

One thing that has struck me of late, however, is the boring range of cask ales. The Oakham Ales are always great and if a Blue Monkey guest is on that's also good news.
There seems to be too much emphasis on Bateman's and Grainstore.

What happened to the likes of Newby Wyke, Dark Star and Brewster's? If we see any of these beers once a year we're lucky.

I've noticed that if a good guest ale appears on the bar everyone in the pub drinks it and it will sell out fast. This doesn't appear to happen very often though.
There's a load of exciting beers out there that should be on in this pub; Buxton brewery, Summer Wine, Marble to name a few.
A keg font like the one in the Criterion would be good, with
rotating guests from US and UK brewers.
Drinkers' tastes are changing. You only have to look at pubs like the Sheffield Tap, The Grove in Huddersfield, Cask & Kitchen in London. And The Pub in Leicester.

16 Jul 2011 13:35

The Font, Leicester

Now reopened as The Font. Only been a couple of times so far so can't do a full review. The keg fonts are a little uninspiring apart from Vedett and Timmermans Kriek. An outlet for the ridiculously monikered Stella Black. Four real ales including Blue Monkey 99 Red Baboons, Castle Rock Harvest Pale and Elsie Mo. The baboons was just beginning to turn sour which doesn't bode well for a pub that's only been open little over a week. The food menu looks great. They do real chips - not frozen crap. 6/10.

21 Nov 2010 14:50

Brewdog Aberdeen, Aberdeen

Now the world's first BrewDog! Very popular place selling excellent beers.

14 Nov 2010 22:25

The Pub, Leicester

By the way about the food - 4.50 for a sandwich with some crisps is a joke when other pubs like the Swan do fish & chips and pizza for 5.50.

9 Sep 2010 18:56

The Pub, Leicester

15 cask ales and another 17 keg fonts. Who needs a beer festival? Miles better than the Vin IV in my opinion.

9 Sep 2010 17:08

Swan and Rushes, Leicester

It's safe to visit now the most boring man in the universe appears to have been barred again. Let's hope it's for good this time. Pizzas will soon be on the menu too.

9 Sep 2010 17:05

The Font, Leicester

Rumoured to be reopening soon. Wandered past and the old seating is being ripped out. Application by Castle Rock to serve booze stuck in window.

9 Sep 2010 17:02

Pivo Cafe Bar, York

Great little boozer serving quality beers such as Thornbridge cask ale, Bernard Czech lager and Sierra Nevada Pale ale. The Meantime IPA was cracking too. Recommended.

27 Aug 2010 15:03

Lamb and Lion, York

A real shame this pub has closed.

27 Aug 2010 14:54

Crown Posada, Newcastle

I love this boozer. Long narrow room and beautiful stained glass windows. Not much seating but there are shelves everywhere for stand-up drinking. Try the excellent Jarrow bitter and other locally sourced brews.

27 Aug 2010 14:52

The Bodega, Newcastle

Great pub with loads of character - domed ceiling and drinking booths. Some great beers by Thornbridge and Marble when I visited. The only downside was the state of the toilets. I had to hold my breath as they obviously had not been cleaned for a day or two.

27 Aug 2010 14:46

The Bacchus, Newcastle

Excellent drinking venue. Clean, smart and the beer was in tip top condition. Not only is the cask selection good but the keg, particularly the Meantime, is also. Professional friendly service. Recommended.

27 Aug 2010 14:42

Scholars, Scarborough

Recently revisited. I liked this place on a previous visit a few years ago. Not so this time. 3 large screens showing Sky football at high volume. The place was quite busy when I first went in as it was the tail end of happy hour. It soon started to empty until about 6 customers were left. Still the Sky TV was at huge volume. The beer was excellent but this alone does not make a great pub. Naff sports bar atmosphere which should be resigned to the 90's dustbin where it belongs. 4/10.

16 Aug 2010 22:51

The Pub, Leicester

I've decided I love this place. It took several visits but I have to say it's just what Leicester needed. I know it has an excellent line-up of hand-pulled ales with regulars from Oakham, Beowulf but the keg selection is great too. Duvel Green, Anchor Steam, Freedom Lager and Organic, Florette to name a few of the 15 or so taps. Recently redecorated so it's not all beige.

10 Jun 2010 17:38

The Pub, Leicester

Slowly warming to this place. Kept a lot cleaner than the management's previous establishment (Out Of The Vaults/ Vin IV). Huge selection of imported keg beers and bottled beers and massive range of well-kept ales. The regulars are by Beowulf, Oakham Ales, and Leatherbritches. There is quite often Beowulf Dragon Smoke Stout or Finn's Hall Porter. Free Wi-Fi. As for the place itself, it's a bit souless. Recently won Leicester CAMRA pub of the year. Worth a visit.

9 May 2010 14:50

The Rake, London Bridge

A great little place with a huge selection of imported bottled beers, imported keg, and 3 cask ales. Quite basic, but who cares when the emphasis is on serving great beers. They also sell Henderson's Relish flavoured Yorkshire crisps.

9 May 2010 14:41

The Alexandra Hotel, Derby

Has become what is quite typical of Tynemill pubs; run-down, filthy, threadbare upholstery, but it it serves Castle Rock beers. Tynemill need to get their act together and smarten this place up.

9 May 2010 14:35

The Burton Bridge Inn, Burton-Upon-Trent

Can't fault this place. Traditional pub selling Burton Bridge beers of excellent quality. Great food menu, most meals were under 5. Friendly staff. 10/10.

9 May 2010 14:28

The Wetmore Whistle, Burton-Upon-Trent

Disappointed with this place. The pub website makes the place sound interesting - it's a gig venue, has a newsagents in it, has a cafe in it that opens before the pub. On my visit I found the place to be a bit of a dive. I won't bother again. Not worth the walk our of town. A pub for the locals methinks. The Wetmore Chippy next door was superb. 2/10.

9 May 2010 14:25

The Criterion, Leicester

Disappointed to report again that wrong ales badged on bar. Ordered a pint of a familiar strong amber-coloured ale and a pint of Tunnel Brewery Munich Style Lager was dispensed. Pot luck what comes out the taps here it seems.

14 Mar 2010 14:31

Swan and Rushes, Leicester

Beer quality top notch again. 9/10

14 Mar 2010 14:22

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

Been here quite a lot recently. Must say it gets better with each visit. Some excellent beers on; Kelham Island Pale Rider, Acorn Pacific Gem IPA, Thornbridge Halcyon, Stone Ruination IPA (on draught!) and lots of great imported bottles. The food in here is excellent too if you're willing to part with around 8 quid.

7 Mar 2010 22:25

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

Bad pint of White Feather in here recently. Tasted like the cask hadn't been rinsed properly before being refilled. Some of the staff in here could do with learning some manners and a smile wouldn't go amiss either. Apologies if they all suffer from facial paralysis. Interior of pub has been spoilt somewhat with mulitple posters stating you must be over 25 to drink in there (or look over 25); bizarre when you think the average age of clientele must be around 50. Starting to go off this place which is sad as I've been drinking there for years.

7 Mar 2010 22:11

Raynard, Leicester

Formerly The Parody. Avoid.

4 Mar 2010 20:07

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

Yet another great pub for Sheffield. 8 handpumps of exceptionally well-kept Thornbridge ales. Large selection of imported keg beers and bottled beers. Fortunately doesn't sell any muck like Stella, Carling, Fosters, Strongbow etc so it tends to keep the riff raff out.

4 Mar 2010 20:02

The Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield

Great pub. Great food. The Crown Brewery Hillsborough Pale Ale and Stannington Stout were exceptional brews. The Samuel Berry's OK but a little hazy. Easy to reach by tram. View from the beer garden spoilt somewhat by the pile of used tyres in the backyard of next door's motorcycle shop.

4 Mar 2010 19:49

Harlequin, Sheffield

Large selection of well kept ale but the pub itself needs a serious make-over. Every shelf was crammed with charity shop - style tat ornaments. Maybe I'm missing the point and it's meant to be some kind of joke. It was like being sat in an old peoples home, so I didn't stick around for long. 5/10

4 Mar 2010 19:36

The Quay, Leicester

This is to become a Tesco. Awful. Totally unnessary as there are other mini supermarkets within yards of this place.

6 Feb 2010 23:31

Sloanes, Leicester

Am slowly warming to The Pub (see posts below). The interior is NOT at all like a pub, so the name is very misleading. It's a dimly lit corridor of a place. It used to be a pub many years ago named The Demontfort. Then it was knocked about and half of it became a burger bar.
Anyway, there is a great selection of ales including Oakham, Beowulf, Leatherbritches and loads of guests.
Jazz on Friday lunchtimes.
Closed Sunday evenings.
The food looks OK, but not the usual pub fayre.; a little pretentious maybe.

31 Jan 2010 21:14

Swan and Rushes, Leicester

Sad to lower my rating from a 10 as the quality of the ale has not been up to scratch of late. Served too warm. What's going on?

31 Jan 2010 20:55

The Quay, Leicester

Closed and currently a hollow shell. I wonder what's going on in there and if and when it will reopen.

31 Jan 2010 20:49

Western, Leicester

I don't tend to visit this pub very much nowadays on account of the large slobbering dog that hassles anyone and everyone eating crisps. The dog does not belong to the pub, but is almost always in the there. There have also been screaming kids in there when I've visited.

13 Dec 2009 19:34

The Charlotte, Leicester

Reopened. For how long is anyone's guess. Rumored to be turned into flats sometime in the next twelve months.

13 Dec 2009 19:26

The Criterion, Leicester

Beer quality has improved of late. Thanks for sorting this out.

9 Dec 2009 21:18

The Ale Wagon, Leicester

Comments below are true. The beer is well kept but the atmosphere and service are dire.

19 Oct 2009 22:21

The Shakespeare's Head, Leicester

Interesting place. Frequented by bus drivers that have finished work. Well, I hope they've finished work and are not going back to their buses after drinking! Sometimes has scary rough-looking types in there due to the cheap prices I expect. The Barnsley Bitter can be a bit too cold, but once it's warmed up a bit it's rather splendid.

28 Sep 2009 20:55

Swan and Rushes, Leicester

Still the best pub in Leicester in my opinion. The beer is always top quality. The staff are always friendly and welcoming. My review of May 2008 still stands, but the Friday night fish and chips are even better! It's a shame the Saturday night Blues gigs appear to have ceased. I don't know the reason for this. 10 out of 10.

28 Sep 2009 20:51

The Criterion, Leicester

Standards have slipped recently. Beer quality has been poor. I would never have classed this as a tickers' pub previously, but recently there seems to be the old emphasis on quantity not quality, with beer served far too warm and tasting of cardboard. It can't help with the type of cellar/ equipment in this 1960s building.
Another problem is being served beer that one hasn't asked for. There could be various reasons for this; that the wrong pump clips are on the pumps, the wrong lines are connected to the pumps (this must have been the case when I ordered a golden ale by a well known brewery from Peterborough that came out of the tap brown!), and that the music is so loud the staff cannot hear what the customers ask for; this was indeed the problem when a pint of real cider came back as a ruby bitter!!! The manager of this pizzeria/ pub is a top bloke and I can guess he'd be disappointed if customers weren't satisfied, so let's hope this is a blip that will be rectified soon. The pizzas are still the best in town and great value. Great bottled beer selection too. Friendly staff etc etc.

28 Sep 2009 20:43

Sloanes, Leicester

Sad but true this has now closed. It had really turned around in the last year and become a great convivial pub again. The beer quality was excellent and the chillie pickled eggs were knock-out!!! They'd even proudly hung their Pub of the Month awards etc on the walls. I somehow doubt the new venture The Pub won't have the same cosy atmosphere. We will have to see. Best of luck anyway.

28 Sep 2009 20:24

Bell Inn, Middleton

Adnams pub. Ale served by gravity straight from the cask. Large garden at the rear. Middle section of the pub has a thatched roof. I understand the Old Glory molly dancers strut their stuff here during specific dates in winter.

26 Aug 2009 21:45

The Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

Impressed on my first visit. Only had time for one pint of Pure Ubu so will have to visit again. Wasn't too keen on the fruit machines being there.

4 Aug 2009 19:06

The Road, Leicester


12 Jan 2009 21:28

The George Hotel, Whittlesey

Closed again

12 Jan 2009 21:19

The Charlotte, Leicester

This is not a pub. It used to be a pub until about ten years ago when the interior was ripped out. Many years ago you could sup an excellent pint of Boddingtons before paying to go into the venue at the back to see the latest band John Peel was spinning. It's now a dark damp gig venue that sells revolting lager at rip-off prices. Often holds gigs for under 18s, who then stand around the corner outside and tank themselves up on alcopops and cider until they vomit and the police are called.
If you do find a band on at this venue you want to see then you'd be well advised to go the Criterion first for some decent ale.

12 Jan 2009 21:14

Sloanes, Leicester

Appears to have reverted back to previous name of Vin IV.

9 Jan 2009 11:04

The Quay, Leicester

Awful awful place. Was great when it first opened in 1999, but went into decline within 4 years.

12 Nov 2008 20:04

Valley, Scarborough

Good boozer. Very friendly staff and knowledgeable about beers and ciders. All the ale was in tip top condition. The visit was only marred by what can only be described as the local idiot - pointing at any image that moved on the widescreen TV in the corner and making racist, homophobic, and sexist comments. Needless to say, he was sat on his own. A recommended pub, but if you visit and see a man sat on his own talking to a TV make sure you sit at the other end of the bar!

12 Nov 2008 19:56

The Briar Rose, Birmingham

Not bad for a Wetherspoons

31 Aug 2008 15:40

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

I've come back to this pub time and again. Always had a good pint, and there's an impressive selection. Expect to see beers by Abbeydale, Whim, Thornbridge, Theakstons, Kelham Island.

25 Aug 2008 15:07

The Bath Hotel, Sheffield

Beautiful well preserved back street boozer not far from University or West Street tram stops. Enjoyed a lovely chewy pint of Saltaire Challenger Special. Recommended.

25 Aug 2008 15:02

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

Still a great pub, but... I'm having to reduce my rating from 10 after what I saw this Saturday. Pints were being topped up by the barman from a jug that was a quarter full. How long the beer had been in the jug is anyone's guess. Not good.

Try the alcoholic ginger beer.

4 Aug 2008 18:31

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

Wonderful pub with friendly staff. Very well kept ale. Around 10 hand pumps. There always seems to be a Derby Brewing Co ale on the bar as well as some more local brews. Great cheese and onion cobs - you put the onion in yourself as a condiment. Nice beer garden (yard) too.

2 Jul 2008 20:42

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

Very difficult to say which is the best pub in Sheffield. The Fat Cat, The Kelham Island Tavern, and The Wellington are all so close to one another you have to visit all three.

The food here is great. Simple home-cooked style pub food for around a fiver. Excellent pies. They've started selling cheese flavoured with Kelham Island bitter and Pale Rider.

2 Jul 2008 20:36

Sloanes, Leicester

Getting better. Massive improvements on beer quality the last few times I've been. Actually tastes as it should, not of cardboard. Smells like a barn, but you get accustomed to it after a few minutes. Recommended.

2 Jul 2008 20:29

Moon, Sheffield

Sad news. This pub has closed.

22 Jun 2008 14:24

The Yorkshire Terrier Inn, York

Great cosy little pub. Several ales from the York range; Decade, Centurian's Ghost, Guzzler, Terrier, Stonewall were all on when I visited. As were guests including Crouch Vale Essex Boys. They do sampler trays of 4 x 3rd pint nip glasses if you feel inclined to tick.... I downed a Decade and guzzled a Guzzler. The Guzzler really hit the spot.

There's a York Brewery shop in the front room that's open during the day.

13 Jun 2008 22:13

Yates's, York

As crap as you would expect from a branded booze factory. Surrounded by screaming girls downing shooters, with the odd group of middle aged that don't go out often so know no better....

A pole for dancing around was being used to prop up a drunk couple as they stuck their tongues down each other's throats. Maybe one of them could afford to buy their own alcopop.

The good news? Wells Bombardier at 1.50 a pint. Managed to numb the pain somewhat.

13 Jun 2008 22:06

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

Popped in here on my own for a swift one when visiting York on business trip. Felt comfortable despite being on my jack jones. 7 ales on as I recall including Leeds Best, a Castle Rock ale, York Terrier. I enjoyed a pint of Kelham Island Easy rider that was tip top. Intend to visit again at some point.

13 Jun 2008 21:59

The Blue Bell, York

Made to feel very welcome by landlord and woman behind bar. Enjoyed a well kept pint of Titanic Captain Smith's. Very cosy place. I cannot imagine what it's like when very busy as it is so small. Only managed a fleeting visit but definitely intend to return and stay longer. Several hand pumps including Timothy Taylor landlord.

Sign on entrance that says no stag/hen parties, so guaranteed to keep the riff raff out.

Traditional boozer.

13 Jun 2008 21:54

The Victoria Hotel, Beeston

I've been coming back to this pub for the past 5 or so years and it never disappoints. Huge selection of ales, imported beers, and whiskys. The food is excellent. Not standard pub fayre. It does get very busy, so finding a table indoors can be tricky at times.

5 Jun 2008 15:05

The Bread and Bitter, Mapperley

First impression of the pub is like walking into a sterile new built cafe/ visitors centre. One almost expected to see a gift shop there too. Our small group sat in the Ovens Room which is essentially the dining area. This felt more like a pub as there is some breweriana on display.

The pub got increasingly busy and the food looked impressive. I'll definitely order a meal the next time I visit.

There were 3 or 4 Castle Rock ales on, and several guests including Titanic, Thornbridge, and Abbeydale. All well kept. We were served quickly as there were 3 staff behind the bar.

5 Jun 2008 15:00

Delirium Cafe, Brussels

In the Guinness world records for the most beers available at one time. Great for choice, then, but I would not visit again as the staff are incredibly rude. There are better bars in Bruxelles where you will be treated with respect.

13 May 2008 22:41

Swan and Rushes, Leicester

About a 10 minute walk from the city centre and train station. Triangular-shaped two roomed pub just off Oxford Street. The kind of pub that caters for all kinds of tastes, and does so successfully. Very comfortable feel to the place. You wouldn't be out of place here with your mates pre-game at the Tigers, post work with colleagues, on a Saturday night watching live Blues, or working your way through the extensive bottled beer menu reading your newspaper.

The bottled beer menu covers Belgian Lambics, German smoked, to American super-hopped. Very impressive. Draught beer has regulars of Oakham JHB, Oakham Bishops, Batemans XB or XXB, and there are up to 4 or 5 guests from the likes of Abbeydale, Grainstore, Newby Wyke, Oldershaws... Very well kept at Sensible prices. Keg is Warsteiner lager, Blanche de Bruxelles, Barbar, Guinness, and Samuel Smiths cider. I almost forgot the real ciders from the cellar. I've been coming back here for the 7 or 8 years the current landlord has been running the place and never had a bad pint. The staff are polite.

Food. The Sunday roasts, and fish and chips on fridays are winners, but the Wednesday curries are rather disappointing (they appear to be warmed-up left overs).

Regular German beer and Cider & Cheese festivals.

7 May 2008 22:50

The Queen Victoria, Leicester

Ideally situated near the train station and the new "Curve" theatre when it opens in Sept (for pre and post theatre drinks!) Large traditional style pub. I hadn't been here for over ten years, so decided to revisit recently. The place was busy, so word appears to have got around about the new ownership. Lots of choice of ales plus Samuel Smiths lager and draught cider.

29 Apr 2008 23:09

The Gatehouse, Nottingham

Some people I know don't like the place as the atmosphere is more "hotel bar" than pub. I have no problems with it. It's clean, and I've found the staff to be friendly. The beer is excellent.

27 Apr 2008 15:22

The Newshouse, Nottingham

Only been here a couple of times, but was impressed.

27 Apr 2008 14:58

The Cock and Hoop, Nottingham

I used to visit this pub, but stopped as it smelled more like a cafe than a pub, what with diners sprinkling vinegar over their chips. Lovely exterior and interior (wood panelled walls). The staff also seemed poorly trained in serving ale (walking away to serve someone else the second they'd put my money in the til. I then had to wait another 5 mins to get my pint changed as it was obvious from the murky appearance it was the last one in the cask.) Expect to see Nottingham Ale, London Pride, and Deuchars IPA.

27 Apr 2008 14:51

The Bell Inn, Nottingham

Not a bad place, but there are better in Nottingham. You can feel a little out of place if you go at certain times of the day if you haven't got silver hair.

27 Apr 2008 14:36

Crown Posada, Newcastle

Great pub.

27 Apr 2008 14:34

The Bacchus, Newcastle

Good range of ales. Clean. Friendly. Recommended.

27 Apr 2008 14:32

The Bodega, Newcastle

This is my favourite pub in Newcastle. Excellent range of guest ale and served in great condition. I found the staff to be very polite and welcoming. I enjoyed Thornbridge, Oakham, and Mordue ales whilst there.

27 Apr 2008 14:28

The Kingston Arms, Cambridge

Whenever I'm in Cambridge I make a point of ending the visit here. It's quite close to the railway station (about an 8 minute walk). The Summer Lightning, Entire Stout, and Brewer's Gold were all excellent and served in branded glasses. Expect to see Oakham Ales and Newby Wyke also.

27 Apr 2008 14:17

Western, Leicester

Certainly one of Leicester's best pubs now. Refurbished and re-opened by Steamin' Billy's. Usually around 6 or 7 ales on. Some served by gravity. I've been in several times since it opened on 31/10/2007, and the beer and hospitality has always been 10 out of 10. Expect to see the usual Steamin' Billy ales like Sky Diver, Porter, Steamin' Billy Bitter, etc. Some excellent guest ales from the likes of Thornbridge, Kelham Island, Hop Back, and Mordue.

The food is good too. Stone baked pizzas, big sandwiches, and REAL chips - not fries!

13 Feb 2008 20:14

The O Bar, Leicester

When this place opened it brought all the townies into Braunstone Gate. Awful place that folk queue to get into. Why, I'll never understand. There are far better venues on Braunstone Gate.

13 Feb 2008 20:01

Firebug, Leicester

Great venue for gigs. (Much better than the Charlotte). No real ale, of course. Big room downstairs, and smaller room upstairs.

13 Feb 2008 19:55

O'Neill's, Leicester

Fond memories of the Crown and Thistle linger in my brain. Once one of Leicester's best pubs. Then it was turned into this place. It does deals on burgers and a beer. Enough said.

12 Feb 2008 20:32

Lloyds No 1, Leicester

Regularly receives bad press in the Leicester Mercury due to the number of fights and punters being glassed in the face there. Awful, terrible place. You deserve better. AVOID!

12 Feb 2008 20:30

The New Town Arms, Leicester

This place used to be great when it was The Town Arms - a three roomed traditional boozer. That was long ago. Now it's knocked into one big room. It's a waiting room for the magistrates court across the road. They regularly hold discos for alcoholics. Dodgy. Avoid.

12 Feb 2008 20:23

The Criterion, Leicester

Pizzas have been awful recently. Paper thin and dry.

12 Feb 2008 20:17

The Falcon Inn, Nottingham

Under new ownership and now almost back to it's former glory. Unfortunately some of the refurbishment means that the traditional feel of the place has gone forever, but the new owners have worked hard to make major improvements.

The place would have to be described as cosy. It's a small corner pub in the middle of Canning Circus. 4 ales on. 3 regulars and one guest. Adnams bitter, Deuchars IPA, Black Sheep Bitter, and Abbot were on when I went. The Adnams is top notch, and tastes exactly as it should.

There was a real fire which was very welcoming on the cold and wet night I last visited. The manager or landlord was very friendly. A good mix of clientele (male and female, young and old), which is always a good sign.

The new restaurant upstairs has had rave reviews. I've not visited yet, but intend to.
Compare this with my last review from September 07. The previous owners didn't last long, and no wonder.

12 Feb 2008 20:11

The Brewery Tap, Peterborough

Always worth a visit when in Peterborough. The beer is excellent, and the Thai food is too. Appeals to all kinds, not just real ale drinkers. However, the open plan nature of the place means that if they show sport on the giant video screen you just cannot escape it wherever you sit, so conversation is impossible.

It's a shame the on site brewery doesn't get much use now, it used to be interesting watching the brewers as work as one sat and supped. Look out for the cuddly toy orang-utan hanging from a light fitting in the brewery.

If the local council decide to bulldoze the place to extend the already humongous shopping centre it will be a terrible shame. The Brewery Tap is unique for a town already disfigured by sprawling concrete. I'm quite sure it attracts a lot of customers from out of the town, myself included.

12 Feb 2008 19:56

The Grainstore Brewery, Oakham

Revisited this place for the first time in years and was disappointed. The beers tasted were great, but that alone does not make a great pub. Firstly the price, 2.85 for a pint of Ten Fifty is a complete rip off. The photograph above of the price board is well out of date. Bear in mind that it's brewed on the premises, so no "transport duty" needs to be added to the price.

The place was filthy. I felt sorry for the person whose 50th birthday disco was being set up. Hardly the greatest venue for a celebration, they'd be better off celebrating in the gutter or a pig sty. It gives the impression that Grainstore Brewery don't care about what their customers think.

There was a special offer on the bottled Ten Fifty - 8 for 12 bottles. Maybe they're actually encouraging folk to drink at home!

12 Feb 2008 19:43

The Ropewalk, Nottingham

No longer a student pub. Good mix of clientele. Good selection of beers on draught and in bottles. Usually three real ales on from breweries such as Wells, Adnams, Wyre Piddle, Timothy Taylor. Cask Marque accredited so you know they'll be served in good condition in a dimpled pint mug (remember those?!) The only downside is the price. Expect to pay around 2.75 for a pint.

2 Dec 2007 11:23

The Merchants Inn, Rugby

Impressive large backstreet pub. All the ales were served in excellent condition. The staff offer you a taster of something you've not tried before. The hand pumps have two taps on them - one with a sparkler and one without - which I've never seen anywhere else!

The food is good too. Polite staff. Loads of breweriana all over the place makes it feel like drinking in a beer museum. Good mix of customers.

I've visited a couple of times and will go again.

2 Nov 2007 14:33

Cafe Bruxelles, Leicester

I've been coming here since it opened, which must be well over ten years ago. The mussels are great. Nice selection of bottled Belgian beers. Beware, though, if you order a bottle. Pour it yourself. Some of the staff here don't appear to have had training in how to pour and stick the whole lot in the glass in one go.

Beautiful domed ceiling. Shame they got rid of the fountain in the middle of the floor, though.

30 Oct 2007 23:02

The Sir Robert Peel, Tamworth

Have only been once, but would go again. Enjoyed a well kept pint of Church End. Recently awarded CAMRA pub of the year by Tamworth branch.

30 Oct 2007 22:49

The Ale Wagon, Leicester

There has been some (slow) progress over the years, with refurbishment and redecoration. Time will tell if it eventually turns into a pub as good as The Swan & Rushes or The Criterion. I've never had a problem with the staff, and I've always found the beer to be excellent. Once I was a third of the way through my pint when one of the Hoskins brothers brought another over to me. "Have this one instead, it's from a new barrel". That's what I call good customer service! The Hoskins EXS really hits the spot. The HOB's not bad either. That said, I agree with some of the other comments about the lack of atmosphere, etc.

30 Oct 2007 22:27

The Smithfield, Derby

Hard to find pub. The ale here has always been excellent. Oakham Ales and Whim still the regulars. Served in lined over-sized glasses. Bit of a strange atmosphere in here though. Not sure it's a place I'd visit on my own. Could do with a bit of clean too.

27 Oct 2007 18:49

The Vat and Fiddle, Nottingham

Basic boozer close to the train station. Beers served in excellent quality, but because Castle Rock ales are pulled through tight sparklers all the guest ales are too. Can get very busy on match days. Look out for Kipper the cat. She's cute, but will sometimes bite you if she gets fed up of your tickling!

22 Oct 2007 22:06

The Keans Head, Nottingham

Small, one roomed Tynemill Pub. Good food, and excellent ales. Comfortable atmosphere where you can sit and read a newspaper or dine with friends. Appeals to all kinds of people. One of Nottingham's better Tynemill pubs.

22 Oct 2007 21:54

Durham Ox, Leicester

The garlic bread there was legendary.

3 Oct 2007 22:55

The Walkabout, Leicester

Relocated to Granby Street, and still as awful as it was on Humberstone Gate.

3 Oct 2007 22:53

The Falcon Inn, Nottingham

Used to be a great pub until it changed hands a few months ago. Tastlessly and pointlessly redecorated. The curry I had upstairs was one of the worst I've ever had, with melted cheddar cheese in it instead of the paneer I'd ordered.

14 Sep 2007 00:21

The No Sign Wine Bar, Swansea

An oasis in a street full of chain "pubs". The only problem is having to dodge the drunks spilling out of said chain "pubs" as they do their crawl along Wind Street.

14 Sep 2007 00:10

Eli Jenkins, Swansea

Had a couple of well kept pints in here, but the smell of vinegar off customers' dinners was overwhelming!

14 Sep 2007 00:03

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

Recently visited this pub for the first time. I didn't realise it was a Greene King pub until I read a leaflet in the bar that said it was, so it must have retained most (or all) of it's original charm. I had an excellent pint of White Horse Brewery Saracen IPA, followed by a pint of Summer Lightning. Wanted to stay longer...

13 Sep 2007 23:54

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

The only downside to this pub is that it is closed at weekends. When I first visited a few years ago I wondered where the handpulls were, then noticed the cask ales are set into the wall behind the bar! It does get very busy, so a trip from the bar usually involves spilling some of your pint as elbows jab into you. About a two minute walk from Farringdon station.

11 Sep 2007 18:26

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

Popped in last Friday whilst awaiting connection at train station. One of my all time favourite pubs. Thankfully unspoilt by Everards. Still retains the feel of a freehouse. Their own brews are always the ones I go for. 1.90 for a pint of Triple Hop, and 1.70 for a pint of White Feather. The pub is split into 4 rooms downstairs with another one upstairs. There's also a yard for outdoor drinking. Wood panelling on the walls, and an open fire in winter. There's a glass door to the brewery so you can see the brewer hard at work making pure magic.

11 Sep 2007 18:17

The Wellington, Birmingham

Well worth a visit. Friendly city centre boozer. 15 ales, and 3 ciders.

10 Sep 2007 19:43

The Globe, Sheffield

Friendly student chain pub close to the train station.

10 Sep 2007 19:31

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

I always make a point of visiting here when in Sheffield. About a 5 minute walk from Shalesmore tram stop and closely situated near the Cask and Cutler and Kelham Island tavern. Don't be put off by the seemingly dodgy location (a backstreet behind empty factories and crumbling buildings). The area is being regenerated, so hopefully this won't be an issue in future. Good value home cooked food, with vegetarian and vegan options. You'll also find a bottle of the wonderful Henderson's Relish on the condiments table! Friendly staff, and a friendly pub cat. The beer garden/yard is also well kept. There is usually two to four Kelham Island ales on including Pale Rider, Easy Rider, or Kelham Island Bitter; and around six guest ales on.

10 Sep 2007 19:25

The Criterion, Leicester

Leicester CAMRA pub of the year for the past two years. Well deserved. The beer quality is always excellent. Usually 8 to 10 real ales on at one time with Oakham JHB and Bishops Farewell being the regulars. The ales are served in lined glasses, so you are guaranteed a full pint. At least two real ciders available, and a big selection of bottled beers from around the world on the menu. The homemade pizzas are superb value. Appeals to customers of all ages and types. The staff are young and polite. If you're visiting Leicester this would make an ideal stopping off point.

10 Sep 2007 18:56

Black Horse, Leicester

Cosy two roomed boozer which has been consistantly good since I started drinking there some 15 years ago. In fact it has improved since the advent of more guest ales (I've never been a fan of Everards ales), the removal of the pool table, more seating, etc. Expect to pay a little more than some of the free house prices in Leicester, but worth it for a good pint. They often have guest ales by Brunswick, Bath Ales, and White Horse Brewery.

10 Sep 2007 18:30

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