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The Old Ale House, Salisbury

I've drank here for years, they won't book my band, too heavy punk, lots of indie, lots of indie posuers, but this pub always worms it's way back into my heart, it's over priced and over rated, but not many pubs in salisbury i'd rather drink in! it's the alternative pub in salisbury, by default, welcomes pretty much everyone, just don't piss off paddy and the local skinhead! i'll always drink in this pub when i'm in the bury!

24 Aug 2008 03:15

The Old Ale House, Salisbury

buffoonery... ha ha! i forgot i'd written that... top word! the Ale House is loosing some of it's old Rock types to the Mill at the moment... but still one of my fav pubs in Salisbury!

8 Jun 2005 11:40

The Kings Head, Salisbury

long wait at the bar... mediocre food... no Jack Daniels... townie customers...

8 Jun 2005 11:37

Slug and Lettuce, Salisbury

not keen... about 10 years out of date...

8 Jun 2005 11:35

The Bull, Salisbury

becoming a bookies i hear...

8 Jun 2005 11:34

The Chough, Salisbury

i was well dissapointed with this place, the beer was nothing special and the food was crap, the bar staff looked like they'd just fallen out of bed and the bloke who delivered the food to our table was filthy and sweating like hell... not nice...

8 Jun 2005 11:32

The Bishops Mill, Salisbury

a lot has changed at this pub over the last 12 months, it has had a change of management who have introduced live music every Friday night, the customers are now much more diverse, a lot of rock/alternative types are making this their new drinking den, the food is ok, decent sized portions and the bar prices are pretty much on par with the most of Salisbury.
"Scott" is still working there, if he didn't help out with the contact details for the company, he wouldn't have known them, as he's usually a pretty helpful guy, although the old management were terrible... i now really enjoy this pub!

8 Jun 2005 11:29

Deacons, Boscombe

I visit Boscombe fairly regularly, and I've always felt welcome in this pub, I've also had no problems with beer, one grumble - sometimes takes a while to get served as the barmaid finishes gossiping

16 Jun 2004 11:35

The Christopher Creeke , Bournemouth

one of my faves, look out for my band playing there in the not too distant future - Section 68!!

16 Jun 2004 11:32

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