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BITE user comments - ShenaniganOFlanaghan

Comments by ShenaniganOFlanaghan

The Green Man, Scamblesby

Recently reopened and refurbished and under spiffing new management, this is definitely worth a drop in for those visiting the Wolds or nearby Cadwell Park motorracing circuit. Black Sheep & ambience on tap.

9 Mar 2020 17:16

Dr Inks, Southwark

Now called Fountain & Ink (thankfully). Decent selection of beers from the unlikelier end of the market at prices about right for the area; worth popping in for one before the suits turn at 5.

14 Jan 2019 12:54

The Whittington Stone, Highgate

Exterior appearance of this concrete boozer and first impressions once inside (loud, hot, busy) should not deter the determined drinker from visiting. On this particular afternoon, the staff do their very best to remain friendly and efficient while dealing with the thirsty hordes enjoying the twin pleasures of a sunny day and the opening weekend of the Premiership season. Take time to get used to the volume levels of the other punters and resign yourself to the fact that the food could take a while to get to your table (though it's perfectly fine when it does arrive). Definitely more Archway than Highgate and definitely worth a look.

14 Aug 2017 13:26

The Catherine Wheel, Henley-On-Thames

Bar - very large, rather dark double bar room, food not bad, drink fine.
Hotel - small double room was perfectly acceptable and (being a Sunday night) very reasonably priced, a bargain even. Quiet, clean and with modern furnishing, plus ensuite shower. Recommended (although I appreciate it may be a different experience over the Regatta weekend).

8 Aug 2017 14:49

The Nelson, Wood Green

Open again under new management. Late opening hours, happy hour 5-7 Mon - Thurs, new DJ at the weekend. A work in progress.

26 Jun 2017 14:36

The Halfway Inn, Newbury

Gastropub, eclectic decor, guy on piano struggling through pop standards. Currently £4 for pint of Badger, bring plenty of cash if you plan to eat. Worth a visit if you're in the area.

6 May 2016 23:32

The Brown Bear, Whitechapel

Good pub with decent drink in a quieter part of Whitechapel and just round corner from the famed Wilton's Music Hall. Previous poster is right about the Brasso, popular landlord was slapping it onto the outside windows all yesterday afternoon.

12 Feb 2016 21:31

Paiges Bar, Worthing

Now an authentic old school rock bar with a capital RAWK!! Wannabes, cider casualties, crap bands - I liked it a lot.

21 Jul 2015 19:12

Crockers Folly, Maida Vale

Now open as an upmarket gastropub. Good selection of ales and beers, a little pricey for most tastes. Nice secluded alfresco area with large flower troughs that the locals like to pinch blooms from.

13 May 2015 11:54

The Exmouth Arms, Euston

This pub has recently been refurbished (or 'tarted up' as my friend put it) and now it's just like ten thousand other London pubs - clean, airy and bloody expensive.

16 Apr 2015 13:27

The Blackstock, Finsbury Park

One of the remaining bastions of proper North London Irish pubs, blessedly free of any fake paddywhackery on the walls. Contains tables, stools, variable drink and the odd window for looking out of. Come on in for a lonesome pint or a chat or an argument, depending on your mood.

29 Nov 2014 11:00

The Hope and Sirloin, Farringdon

Rolled in here at 630am for a swift pint after a ramble round nearby Smithfield meat market. Interesting Victorian décor and high ceiling, a few white-coated porters having a drink after their early morning shift. Place has seen better days obviously but that isn't the point - these places deserve a visit for rarity and atmosphere alone. Currently £3.90 Fosters.

24 Jul 2014 15:58

The Glasshouse Stores, Piccadilly Circus

In there this afternoon to escape the London concrete heat. Ex-market porter types who have been drinking here for decades and know their stuff - the old boy at the bar reckons he first came in here in '52. I don't know about that but he made convincing reportage about "pimps, prossies, ponces and bent cops" back in the 70s. A good local bar amongst the tourist traps.

18 Jul 2014 01:15

The Taps, Enfield

Fine place for a quiet, darkened drink during the early part of the day. The addition of a pool table at the end of the narrow room would be fantastic. You can put it away when it gets mental at the weekends. Oh, and is the image of the pub on this website really the best one available ?

8 Apr 2014 20:55

White Horse Hotel, Rottingdean

Rough & ready, cheap'n'cheerful. Probably worst pub in area but with the best view.

8 Apr 2014 20:47

Molly Malone's, Brighton

Not bad for a Plastic Paddy pub & the barstaff were friendly enough. However - be warned that the specialist stout costs £5.20 a pint. It's very nice but it's not five pounds bloody twenty pence nice. Worth a look in on your way elsewhere.

8 Apr 2014 20:23

The King and Queen, Brighton

A fantastic building but what they use it for won't be everyone's cup of tea. Great for watching the football on huge screens in a match day atmosphere but awfully loud & lively at times. The young staff do their best to keep the mob happy. Avoid Saturday nights and football afternoons if you want to enjoy the historic decor in peace.

11 Mar 2014 17:14

Windmill, Stansted Airport

There is an old black bartender name of Elvis who works at Chicago O'Hare and he mixes a mean cocktail and dreams of going home to Louisiana one day.

You won't get any of that stuff here. The Windmill is a wet waiting room, a pub in a port. It does its best and I'm grateful it's there.

23 Mar 2012 15:06

The King Edward VII, Stratford

Tumbled off a National Express coach thirsty and desperate. Went in here expecting your average East London doghole - but what a pleasant surprise. Good atmosphere, attentive & friendly staff and architecturally interesting. Probably feels all a bit M C Escher in here if you've had a skinful. Don't let the Olympics spoil this one.

26 Feb 2012 10:39

The Carpenters Arms, Cambridge

Dead pub, boarded up.

17 Feb 2012 09:18

The Queens Head, Turnpike Lanes

Was once the best bar in London. Now terrible.

23 Dec 2011 11:33

The Cricketers, Cambridge

Now renamed The First & Last, it's been tarted up a bit, pool table removed, bit of polish added. Nice pint of Umbel Ale.

15 Dec 2011 09:04

The Beaten Docket, Belfast

Now seems to be called Brennans bar. The interior decoration is a bit 80s & the music is way annoying - but the food is great. Good retreat option when the tourists take over The Crown next door.

29 Nov 2011 16:50

Fitzroy Tavern, Fitzrovia

Buzzing on a Thursday afternoon with city workers, off-the-clock docs and home counties students avoiding the anti-fees demo violence just a few streets away. A barmaid that can efficiently and promptly serve several people at once. Usual walnut veneer of a Sam Smiths pub suit the literary feel of the place & enhanced with tasteful Xmas decorations. Recommended.

10 Dec 2010 20:06

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

A little corner of Tadcaster next to Trafalgar Square ? Not quite, but if you fancy a decent pint of bitter at Northern prices in the heart of the capitals tourist/theatre area then this is the place to go. The location and cheap beer mean that it can get very crowded at times and even surprisingly raucous towards closing time as the hooligan bubbles in the Alpine lager start to kick in. But I like this place - the decor, the drink and the darts. I've even forgiven them for kicking me out when I was 16 - and that was as much Ayingerbrau's fault as mine.

29 Oct 2010 14:18

The George, Staines

" Where's the nearest Wetherspoons mate ? ", a man asked me on the street recently. Wetherspoons pubs have become like railway stations - ubiquitous, familiar, necessary to some. The George in Staines is a very typical JDW pub - cheap, crowded, a mixed clientele of young and old, rough and ready. Pay �5 for a beer and burger by all means - then play the post-meal game of deciding which contained the most water, the lager or the meat ?
The staff here are friendly and efficient even at busy times and that can make even the most cheerless place seem decent.
( Oddly, the pub across the road, The Town Hall, were offering the exact same thing as the George that night - curry & a drink, �5.59 - but were completely empty ! )

29 Oct 2010 13:47

Running Horses, Erith

Nicer than you would imagine nestled as it is between the main roundabout into town and two tower blocks. Clean and quiet in the early evening, seems to take its food seriously, a carvery advertised. A locals place but in a good way, John Smiths was off when I was there ( maybe permanently, a big black 'X' gaffa-taped across the pump) but the Boddys was decent (�2.95). Worth a gander.

21 Oct 2010 20:22

The Lordship, Wood Green

Much more welcoming these days, lacks atmosphere at times but can get very rowdy some nights. Usual option of drinks ( lager around �2.45). Large converted car park now serves as a seated area for (mostly) smokers. Hard to love but give it a go if you're in the area.

14 Oct 2010 13:06

The Welcome Inn, Wood Green

A scowling knot of smokers on the pavement by the front door can put the random stranger off but once inside there is a homely feel to the place, a regulars pub but in no way intimidating. If you can put up with the sound of horse racing on TV competing with the constant soft rock soundtrack for aural attention you'll find the usual range of lagers, a decent Guinness and a landlord who actually seems to enjoy running a pub.

13 Oct 2010 16:03

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Get here early afternoon, grab a snug and admire the Victorian gin-palace interior while supping a couple of cheap ales. Arrive any later & you'll have to compete for attention with the sharp-elbowed cityboys clamouring for their Pure Brews. Given the central London location, the unique environment and the decent prices it's hard to make any serious complaint about the Louise. Now if Sam Smiths would only open a few joints in North London...

13 Oct 2010 15:36

The Bull, Woolwich

One of those pubs with an off-putting exterior but a pleasing and suprising interior, a unique place. Irish flavour to the place but plenty of Sarf Londoners in evidence. Decent pint of John Smiths (�2.90) and a serviceable menu.

13 Oct 2010 15:03

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