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Comments by Shark_E

Conan Doyle, Edinburgh

Was in this week for a couple of pints - what a stunning makeover this place has had! I've never seen the Conan looking so good!
Really good selection of real ales on, my favourite was "Dark Island" from Orkney. The usual suspects were there (Cally 80 and Deuchars) and a few rarer ones including Brew Dog "Punk IPA". For the top shelf lovers there was a healthy selection of malts taking up half the bar.
Didn't eat on this visit, but all the food coming out looked really good - and edible!!!
Bar staff were looking really crisp in shiny new uniforms - a welcome change to the random t-shirts of old! I bet the owners are kicking themselves that they didn't spend some money and TLC on this place before the summer - would have been packed every day...
Looking forward to going back in again to see what other ales they'll have on...

15 Oct 2010 18:12

The Machrie Hotel, Gleneagadale

Pricey, but a fantastic selection of malts and always good food....

31 May 2010 00:41

The Tattershall Castle, Embankment

Just spent an evening on here with friends... Not a warm evening in London, so it wasn't too crowded. But we started off on deck, ordering from the outside bar, which was fine - if a little expensive. (8.20 for a Kronenburg and a bottle of Kopperburg cider, but I suppose you're paying for the view!) Our friends ended up getting a table inside on the deck below, so we joined them and the first comment was "Is your beer cold? Try mine..."
It was very warm, but I said maybe it was just a warm glass to start with, etc, etc. All night we made the trek upstairs to order and get the cold beers until that bar closed. Our first round from inside came up warm on both beers we ordered, but the bottled stuff was icy cold. When we asked the barmaid to compare the two she just shrugged and said "So? Bottles come from a fridge and are colder...."
Note to manager: Check you cellar cooling!
And this is one of those places that only ring one bell signifying "Bar closed" not "Last orders" - just a heads up. The 6 people already at the bar were instantly turned away....
On a positive, we all ate and the food was very good. But beware of the burgers - 7.75 for a 6 ounce burger and chips on a small plate was not good value!!!

31 May 2010 00:18

The Feathers, St James's

Well, been drinking here for 10 years. Currently no Irish people working at The Feathers, so I'm guessing the previous comments are just sour grapes?
Every bar in the area has mice (if they tell you different, they're lying!) because of the tube station and the amount of building work going on. As long as they don't try to steal your drink don't worry about it!
Have always found the staff here friendly and helpful, and the selection of beer and ales is always kept in good order....

25 Sep 2009 00:45

The Feathers, St James's

Been drinking here on and off for a few years. Have to say it's much better now than the good old/ bad old days of late night DJ's and fighting squaddies from round the corner. Seems like they spent a lot of money here recently, as the interior looks much better than I remember. Great new sweeping staircase up to the smaller "Black Prince's" bar (used mainly for dining, but saw a notice that it can be hired for private parties). Some tweaks to the bar too, which means more space for the booze! A great range of ales on for those that like that sort of thing (6 on when I visited) and a decent pint of Staropramen for the fizz-lovers.
Don't be put off by the crowd of smokers outside, the place is big enough to find somewhere to stake a spot inside. Will be back to try the menu one night, as they have an impressive range of sausages chalked up.
Worth a look if you're in the area....

5 Apr 2009 21:13

The Crown and Anchor, Las Vegas

AN ABSOLUTE SMEG-HOLE. AVOID AT ALL COSTS! This so-called English pub is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I was taken there by some ex-pat friends who live locally, only to find a maggot floating in my pint of Kronenbourg. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a free meal like anyone else - but not of this kind. (I wouldn't have complained as much, but I'd already drunk a pint of it before the floater appeared!) After a word with the un-interested barmaid, the apparently English manager came out and just replaced the pint. No thanks mate - sort your cellar out or clean your pipes!
By the way, one of my friends ordered a Scotch egg with Branston pickle - it was microwaved to the point of becoming a squash ball, and the pickle was missing (although charged for).
Stay on the strip in the Yank bars - the extra distance to this dive is not worth the waste of your holiday time.

7 Mar 2006 01:02

The Angel and Crown, Leicester Square

Friendly, clean and good beer - give it a go!

15 Feb 2006 14:22

The Tottenham, Soho

Been drinking here on and off for 10 years and have seen the pub get steadily better and better. The fairly new landlady of a few months has cleaned the place up nicely, and the addition this week of comfy leather seats along the wall is an improvement on all the high stools from before.
Ale is always good here and recently they've had 3-4 available on a rotating basis every week. I agree with the previous post - nice to see Old Hooky in the west end again! Have also enjoyed Deuchars and Spitfire recently, and the addition of Staropramen was a boost for the days when I need some bubbles!!!
Good luck to all the team - keep it up through the year!

15 Feb 2006 14:12

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