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Comments by Seve1974

The Busfeild Arms, East Morton

A year on and no reviews. Pre the new landlord place was filled with dog walking a**eholes. Looked down their nose at everyone. Hopefully the ponce clientelle will be removed when the new landlord starts. Has he started since Mid 99?

24 Aug 2010 23:06

The Old White Horse Inn, Bingley

Always liked this pub. Good beers and a great olde worlde wibe. Ignore tun 33. He sounds like a bit of a ______

24 Aug 2010 23:00

Suburban Style Bar, Bingley

Pretty poncy pretentious hole. Missus thought it was a cack hole as well. Bouncers are complete a***wholes. Poor.

24 Aug 2010 22:51

The Old Library, Bingley


24 Aug 2010 22:49

The Ferrands Arms, Bingley

Was my local lunchtime haunt in the 90's. Was a nice pub. Now a soulless vauous hellhole. Dreadfull...neither a nightclub or a pub...just a pathetic misinterpretation of both. Poor.

24 Aug 2010 22:48

Myrtle Grove, Bingley

Agree with all the above comments. Went there with Fiona recently. A shadow of what we remember. Not helped by BBBs opposite closing. Dramatically reduced clientele as a result. Not as bad as wethers in shipley!

24 Aug 2010 22:34

The Starr Inn, Bingley

Whats with the spelling? Hic. The STAR (one R) is top. Great boozer, with black sheep et al on the menu. Used to go in the 90's for top food as well...not sure if they still do food.

24 Aug 2010 22:30

The Sun Inn, Bingley

Just read that. Typo. Would NOT set foot inside it. Atrocious!

24 Aug 2010 22:26

The Sun Inn, Bingley

This place is a plastic palace...ridiculous beer prices...terrible cooking lager style lagers. This is my local and I would set foot inside it. Atrocious!

24 Aug 2010 22:20

The Shoulder of Mutton, Bradford

Concur totally with nimbusexpress. Top beer...massive beer garden...normally the starting point of a bradford night.

24 Aug 2010 21:20

The Castle Hotel, Bradford

Much better pub than you'd think. Really friendly landlord and staff, was a bit of a family doo going on so a great atmosphere. I think you should support it people. Give it a chance...its a nice surprise!!

24 Aug 2010 21:10

The Harp Of Erin, Bradford

Reasonable beer. Karaoke night when I went in. Not too bad as a stop off point on the way to the beehive!

24 Aug 2010 21:05

The New Beehive Inn, Bradford

Disparate forms of life congregate. The most atmospheric pub ever. Pool table, tap room, massive painting of rock and R'n'b legends that fits round the whole of the function room. Gas Lamps, large beer garden area. Could probably live inside this joint for months without leaving and discover different things. Pretty great pub, late opening as well. You know it makes sense people.

24 Aug 2010 20:59

The Fighting Cock, Bradford

Easily Bradford best. Proper bloody boozer. LOADS of real ales, ciders and filthy great Pigbits (scratchings to the uninitiated). Spit and sawdust. No hot family karaoke. Truely great. Just go there!

24 Aug 2010 20:46

The Goldsborough, Bradford


24 Aug 2010 20:40

The Corn Dolly, Bradford

Cracking pub. Really good selection of real ales. Just up from Forster Square railway station. Definately one of Bradford's best...well worth a visit!

24 Aug 2010 20:39

The Sun Hotel, Shipley

The sun is fine. Mainly our regular haunt from work on Friday lunchtime, downstairs on the round table. It has definately seen better days, but the barstaff are friendly, and the beer is decent, cheap and cheerful. Got a definate softspot for the place. The locals are fine, no airs and graces, just as I like it.

Its main selling pint is a cracking terrace outside in the summer, with a birds eye view of everything shipley has to offer ( for people watchers.

24 Aug 2010 20:21

The Victoria Hotel, Shipley

The Vic has decent beer, a nice main bar area, and a good taproom with pool table and jukebox. In some ways you dont know why it has struggled to get clientele in recent years, but most of the time you walk in and its pretty empty. Hope they turn it around, as they are a lot better pub than many in the shipley/saltaire area.

24 Aug 2010 20:14

Fanny's Ale And Cider House, Saltaire

Fanny's is pretty legendary in the area. Strange pub (or cider house) in many ways, just a series of dark alcoves and alleyway thin rooms, but the ambience is excellent. Always dark and candlelit, good mix of locals, and great beer, if ever you are in Saltaire Fanny's is the must visit venue. You wont miss it, as there are normally as many people spilling out into the road outside as inside.

Slight warning, the prices are'nt 'wetherspoons' for such rustic surroundings, but it's well worth it!

24 Aug 2010 20:06

The Boathouse Inn, Saltaire

Agree with the last reviewer. Totally revamped in the last couple of years. Really nice location, pretty nice crowd and good beer. The prices are more Leeds than nearby Shipley, but overall a good night is had here.

24 Aug 2010 19:58

The Upper George, Halifax

My favourite end of night venue in Halifax. Great rock pub with a genuinely varied crowd, from the young current crowd, to more classic rock fans. Good beer, but the atmopshere really makes it. Superb jukebox on Fridays and DJ on Saturday, and the sound system kicks some butt. Throw in a pool table, and nice courtyard for outside drinking in summer, and the george pretty much ticks all boxes. A must visit if in Halifax!

24 Aug 2010 19:42

Portman and Pickles, Halifax

The decor and fell of the place has definately seen better days. However the beer was fine, and the barstaff and locals were genuinely friendly. Good pool room for the hustlers among you. Worth a call for a couple of games early doors before heading off elsewhere.

24 Aug 2010 19:38

The Pump Room, Halifax

Just a short walk up from the 3 Pigeons, the Pump Room is a valuable call on the way back to fax town centre. Good beer and a nice layout. Well worth a visit.

24 Aug 2010 19:33

Three Pigeons, Halifax

Great little real ale pub. Divided into 4 or 5 little rooms (or snugs). Interesting decor based around the three pigeons theme, you can tell that the owners of this pub put a great deal of heart & soul into the place. Very good beer, great ambience. Just a short left turn from Fax railway station, this really is a must visit venue. Superb.

24 Aug 2010 19:29

The Noble Comb, Shipley

Not a pub to drink in. One of those 'two for one' meal places. Vapid and soulless, with a dreadful atmosphere, and too many toddlers running around. Poor selection of platic 'cooking lagers' Carling etc, at exagerrated prices. One to avoid.

23 Aug 2010 20:43

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