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The Mandeville Arms, Hardington Mandeville

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news ... but I was there on Friday 3rd February 2012, and I can confirm that it definitely CLOSED.

All the furniture and some Bar fittings and equipment have been removed. We were there actually buying some of the pub's items.

6 Feb 2012 00:36

Bull In The Barne, Shrewsbury

After our visit - (see previous report below) - I was informed 2 weeks ago by the Salopian Brewery that the 'Bull in the Barne' has since CLOSED !

For how long is another matter ?

Cheers ...

Dave (R.A.T.S.)

10 Mar 2011 21:36

The Three Fishes, Shrewsbury

Oh my God !!! The Beers here today (29th Jan 2011) were simply AMAZING !

Dark Star - 'Sussex Extra Stout'
Oakham - 'Bishop's Farewell'
Sharps - 'Doom Bar'
and the absolutely gorgeous ... Thornbridge - 'Kipling',
and all kept in perfect condition.

Cracking little pub !

Would have scored it a '9', but for the fact that you have to ask each and every time for a 'top-up'.

6 Feb 2011 23:56

Salopian Bar, Shrewsbury

While on a town crawl (29th Jan 2011) we called in and stumbled across a Belgian Beer festival here ... :¬p

Our main reason for calling in here - the Real Ales - are always in superb condition, and they have an excellent varied choice on !

One *NOT* to walk past when in Shrewsbury ... well done guys !

6 Feb 2011 23:49

Ye Olde Bucks Head Inn, Frankwell

Called in here on the off chance during a crawl of Shrewsbury while coming from the excellent 'Bull in the Barne' further up the road.

The Salopian 'Darwin's Origin' was in superb condition !!!

Another 'must call in' on future visits !

6 Feb 2011 23:42

Bull In The Barne, Shrewsbury

Called in here for the very first time on Saturday 29th January.

Well worth the (short) walk out of town.

The 3 Salopian Beers on were in top condition, and the lovely landlady ('Tunni') made us feel most welcome and had a laugh and a joke with us.

Excellent pub, and we will definitely call in here again !

6 Feb 2011 23:38

Station Hotel, Oakengates

Called in on Jan 15th 2011, and fell in love with the place ... Beer quality was top form, as was the friendly barmaid. 'Soaked' the Beer up with one of their very tasty cheese and Spanish onion baps !

Noticed they have several Pictish Beers coming on soon, and I hear that they also hold a Pictish Beer Festival ... I'll be back, I love Pictish Beers ! !!!

Cheers to all at the 'Station Hotel'.

Dave The Sec-RAT-ary,
Real Ale Tasting Society - R.A.T.S. ,
Mid Glamorgan.

16 Jan 2011 08:43

Alexandra Inn, Oakengates

Called into the 'Alexandra' for the very 1st time on Jan 15th 2011 ... and it won't be the last either !

What a cracking little pub !

Excellent choice of Beers ... an equally excellent 'Landlord' (manager) ... and a great community atmosphere there.

My only wish is that 'Black Country Ales' will give the Landlord a free rein to do what he's got planned - (some great ideas !) - then this place will really take off.

We'll be back ... and soon !

Dave - The Sec-RAT-ary,
Real Ale Tasting Society - R.A.T.S. ®,
Mid Glamorgan

16 Jan 2011 08:35

The Portcullis Inn, Bristol

We (R.A.T.S.) called into the 'Portcullis' yesterday (12th Dec '09) for their 'Christmas Beer Festival' ... and what a CRACKER it was too ! I went through the whole of the downstairs Bar offerings and also tasted 4 from the upstairs 'gravity dispense' Bar. I only found one Beer that was "not to my taste", the rest being in excellent condition, and at the perfect temperature (as they always are in fact !)

We have always received a very warm welcome each time we arrive from S. Wales, and this pub is on the top of our 'Must Visit' list when we're over in Bristol.

Regarding the "expensive" comments ... not as expensive as some of the Bristol pubs we've been in this year ... £4.20p a pint I recall in one well known pub !

In response to the other posters here regarding Ned's "demeanour" ... I'm mystified as to what you guys are on about ??? We've always found Ned to be a very interesting, informative and friendly person, and 'yes' ... he does get excited about his Beers ... it is his job after all ! It's a refreshing change to see someone with such enthusiasm, caring about both the Beers and the Customer, not like some miserable sods we've seen on our travels !

We also feel that Glen Dawkins has has made a sound choice in employing both Ned and the lovely 'Natz', and that you guys who think otherwise should really learn to lighten up a bit and maybe while supping one of their excellent Beers, join in with the banter that comes from *both* sides of the Bar !

Since we 'found' the 'Portcullis' we have come to regard Ned & Natz as friends. They do what they do well, *extremely* well, and long may they continue to do so.

10 /10 all round ... it's a pity about 'some' of the negative clientèle though !

Cheers all, and apologies for the lengthy write-up, but I just had to respond to the comments below.

Dave : The Sec-RAT-ary
Real Ale Tasting Society - R.A.T.S. ®
Llantrisant Old Town,
Mid Glamorgan

13 Dec 2009 11:08

The Hornblower, Newport

The 'Hornblower' is (allegedly) reopening / reopened (?) on 26th June 2009.

No other info at present sorry !

19 Jun 2009 11:24

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