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The Old Wellington Inn, Manchester

I have nothing positive to say about this place as I never got in. My wife, young son and I were in Manchester for the Christmas markets today when the heavens opened so we made a dash for this pub. The bar was very crowded and there was no way we were all going to get in with a pushchair so we decided to shelter from the hailstones and rain for a few minutes under the large umbrellas outside. Within a few seconds of finding a spot alongside many others, a jobsworth 'bouncer' (this was around 1pm) told us we'd have to move as no kids were allowed in. We were outside, not taking up much room, and it was pouring with rain but he refused to listen to common sense and made us leave. So much for Christmas spirit. My son, who is 18 months old, spent the afternoon shivering and soaking wet thanks to the 'policy' that this pub have adopted. I'll be advising everyone I know not to go there.

7 Dec 2011 19:51

The Lower Chequer Inn, Sandbach

Great pub - good selection of local ales and a great pint of Golden Pippin. If you like proper beer, this is your best bet in Sandbach. I'll give it an 8 but it might go up when they start doing food too!

29 May 2010 20:45

The Old Red Lion, Holmes Chapel

Disgusted. I had stopped here briefly for a drink a few weeks ago and thought the beer was good so decided to take some close friends of mine for lunch as they had come over to meet my 2 week old son. Within seconds of walking in with the pram, the girl behind the bar looked at me like I had wheeled in a dead dog and shouted at us "er, no kids allowed". He was asleep and silent at the time so quite how he was more offensive to the patrons than, say, a stag do, is beyond me. We went to the Bears Head in Brereton instead which is a far superior pub.

29 May 2010 20:39

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