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All Bar One, Bloomsbury

oh lets go to all bar boring scum/ one. no music, atmosphere or anything god i hate what this country is becomming. all bar one in oxford street is the same as the all bar one in soho, Victoria, reading. whats the point in these chain pubs

23 Mar 2007 17:59

The White Swan, Wickford

brilliant dukebox, staff really nice not trying to be anything. i love the fact its a bit tatty. good times when used to live in wickford. i miss it now live in trendy london!! completly relaxed atmosphere spent 7 hours in here one tuesday night with staff listening to paul weller on duke box. brillant pub

24 Feb 2007 20:47

The White Hart, Bishopsgate

used 2 go here after a good 10 pints in shepards bush after watching qpr. live in burnham so liv st was on way back. ok pub not bad.

24 Feb 2007 20:44

The Railway Tavern, Liverpool Street

i read the guardian. i am 24 i . i had already paid 6.70 for 1 double vodka and coke, took 2 gulps and THEN asked for ID. i said i dont have any sorry. = LEAVE NOW OR ..... I can understand them asking befor and it was my fault for not having no ID. i would of just said no ok ill leave but after paying nearly 7 and then being asked for ID. I mean i hardley look young! and read the guardian it just gets me made. PLUS IT TOOK ME OVER 5 MINUTES TO GET SURVED. this pub should close

24 Feb 2007 20:41

The Fleece, Chelmsford

ots got good portential but iv never sceen more than 10 people in there. on sunday lunch times its dead.

24 Feb 2007 20:28

The Ship, Chelmsford

good pub good dukebox

24 Feb 2007 20:23

The Old Ticket Hall, Windsor

best pub in windsor, its the onnly pub not trying to be trendy, flash or anything its just got ur big fat english bloke behind the bar telling bad jokes and some brillant live music. 10/10

18 Feb 2007 16:03

Crosses Corner, Windsor

used to be briliant locals pub back in the day. but all the bar staff left and were replaced with non english speaking ones. nothing wrong with that its just lost all its charcter

18 Feb 2007 16:01

The King and Castle, Windsor

nasty pub, overatted thinks its the bees knees. i was refused entry into there cuz i was wearing trainers. thats no diffrent from facism. been in there once and had 2 wait a good 15-20 minutes 2 be served.

18 Feb 2007 15:59

The East Dulwich Tavern (EDT), Dulwich

Live about 2 minutes from pub and is not bad i pass 3 pubs 2 get to this one and live oppiste one however none of them feel like pubs. The EDT Is a good pub have met loads of nice people in there. and as im gay i must say (all though not to loudly case they find out!) that sum of the barmen down there r propa fit! even though the ones i fancy r not gay! least i can look. often take the papper down there after work however dont go in there much at weekends cuz its to bizzy and near home! i like to go more central london at weekends. but not bad for a few pints after work

14 Feb 2007 19:17

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