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Comments by ReneArtois

The Cross Keys, Hammersmith

The menu has improved under new management. But the idiot bloke in charge took it on himself to throw out 20 paying punters during the League Cup final in favour of a couple of rugby viewers, who even offered to watch the rugby game on the small TV and keep the football on the big screen. Great business sense, chap....

26 Feb 2006 21:16

The Fox, West Kensington

Not alot of atmosphere in this pub. I prefer the Three Kings for sport, moron with the microphone notwithstanding.

14 Feb 2006 15:28

The Famous 3 Kings (F3K), West Kensington

As previously mentioned, great for all sorts of sports. Not much reason to go there for any other reason.

14 Feb 2006 15:25

The Plough and Harrow, Hammersmith

As has been said it's a typical Wetherspoons. Slightly different due to its "bisto cafe" style decor, but the usual staple of cheap beer and reasonable food seems to be here.

12 Dec 2005 18:13

The Hope and Anchor, Hammersmith

Nice little pub.

12 Dec 2005 18:11

The George, Hammersmith

Didnt notice any rudeness amongst the staff, but it is a typical high-street pub that has seen better days.
If thats what you're looking for then it serves its purpose alright.

12 Dec 2005 18:09

The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith

Nice atmosphere but the layout makes for some tight seating arrangements.
Visit this and The Dove for a taste of the tradional and well-maintained West London riverside boozer

12 Dec 2005 18:07

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

Lovely little pub with alot of character. As has been said, it often gets too full, but thats because it is so pleasant.

12 Dec 2005 18:05

The Hop Poles, Hammersmith

Good for a Saturday night if you want to carry on drinking and can ignore the raucous and unpleasant elements within the clientle. Or better yet - laugh at them.

12 Dec 2005 18:03

The Raven, Stamford Brook

Good pub, especially for socialising with a group of friends. Seems quite impersonal and is definitely not your typical "local's local". Very interesting range of drinks.

12 Dec 2005 18:01

The Trout, Hammersmith

The place is quite souless and very strange atmosphere drinking inside a shopping centre.

12 Dec 2005 17:59

Thatched House, Hammersmith

Nice pub. Good beer and interesting food/tapas.

12 Dec 2005 17:57

The Salutation, Hammersmith

Has a strange mix of clientele but not a bad pub if you get it on the right night.
The range of drinks are exactly what you would expect from a Fullers House, and alot better than some of the oter pubs up towards Hammersmith Broadway.

12 Dec 2005 17:55

Rutland Arms, Hammersmith

Only been in a coupl eof times and not very good at all.
The music inside is far too loud (and this was during the middle of the day) and the strange barmaid was more bothered about dancing to herself than serving the drinks. Theres plenty of better riverside pubs within walking distance.

12 Dec 2005 17:52

The Old Ship, Hammersmith

Good for outside drinking in the Summer - especially if you are lucky enough to get a table on the balcony overlooking the river. People-watching galore.
Inside is pretty souless and doesnt really know if it is a pub or restaurant

12 Dec 2005 17:49

The Hart, Hammersmith

This bar has a very split personality
Quiet and relaxed during the day, hectic and loud on Friday and Saturday evenings.
A good and unusual selection of Lagers, including Kirin on draft - which you dont see very often.

12 Dec 2005 17:46

The Duke of Cornwall, Hammersmith

Makes a nice change from the usual Fullers and Youngs establishments, and certainly a step up from many of the bars/pubs that surround Hammersmith Broadway.

12 Dec 2005 17:44

The Black Lion, Hammersmith

Always found the service to be relatively slow, but if you can forgive them this it is a traditional pub with a good range of drinks. Close to the river so it gets very busy in the Summer.

12 Dec 2005 17:43

The Brook Green Hotel, Hammersmith

Big pub, pretty full in the evenings. Thats always a good sign is you ask me

12 Dec 2005 17:41

The Cross Keys, Hammersmith

Friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Good place to watch the football and rugby on the big screen

A massive shame they have recently got rid of the bar snacks and the menu has been drastically reduced which is a pity.

12 Dec 2005 15:41

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