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Comments by Quietdrinker

The Friars Oak, Hassocks

Slow service, overpriced food that sounds great but disappoints on arrival, supplied by Brakes food service, nothing hand made / home made, simply frozen to microwave and dressed up with some mixed leaves. VERY overpriced. Good range of drinks but just like the food massively overpriced. Another reason not to come back here!

11 Nov 2012 21:55

The Woolpack, Burgess Hill

Lovely pub, really nice decor, nice beers BUT what a miserable bunch!, landlady needs either replacing or at the least some facial physiotherapy so she can raise a smile!. Food great but VERY slow to arrive even when pub is quiet

11 Nov 2012 21:50

The Crown Hotel, Littlehampton

Good fun pub, friendly staff, good range of beers and reasonable prices. Excellent live music schedule, third visit and same faces but seems like a good group of regulars, also impressed by amount of door supervision / security. Thanks for the music, clean toilets and friendly chat from the bar crew.

11 Nov 2012 21:45

The Dolphin, Littlehampton

Grim, miserable, overpriced and decades out of date. Greeted by miserable bar staff and then greeted by an even worse price for a poor pint!!. Very dirty surroundings, clearly survives due to high pricing as certainly not by volumes sold as quiet compared to other pubs. Wont be going back and will be amazed if it survives!, this is one poor pub too many.

11 Nov 2012 21:41

The Nelson Hotel, Littlehampton

I plan to visit more frequently, fantastic food, great staff and the landlords run the place well, they have a good eye for those who are out for a good night and those who are likely to be trouble if they have too much, they put the enjoyment of 'good' customers before ahead of greed and on my last visit I witnessed them refusing to serve 4 people as they had had too much and they refused entry to a group who were known locally as troublemakers. The only thing this place needs is a freshen up of the gents toilets as they are a little frim. All in all a great pub and I look forward to returning

11 Nov 2012 21:37

The Cob and Pen, Littlehampton

Visited on friday evening with 2 friends, one of which was visiting from up North. Walked in to be greeted by some half heads who had already been served too many drinks and were out to cause grief. Stupid drunken comments to every new person who entered the pub, we raised concerns to the bar staff of the danger of these idiots causing offence and high probability of them starting a fight at some point, ignored and they just continued serving them with more alcohol.

Predictions came true and conflict commenced, luckily broken up as the innocent other party moved on to enjoy a drink elsewhere.

This seemed to be the only place without door supervision hence the reason the half heads probably took refuge.

If this place has got to get their money from drunken idiots then I would recommend steering clear.

Looked like a nice pub with nice decor and good range of beers but will never know as wont be stepping foot back in the doors!

11 Nov 2012 21:31

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