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Comments by Pyrrhula

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

C'est parfait.... yes, you might need to speak in other languages to communicate

3 Oct 2012 23:10

The Antelope, Belgravia

Similar to an Antelope, "Never look a gifted horse in the mouth"
- the address puts you off BUT.... decent pints + good food in a pub that could be in Cumbria or Wales.... yet it's in a fancy place in London. Back this Antelope and you'll win some money from the bookies

10 Mar 2011 07:36

The Britannia, Richmond

Britannia ruled 25% of the world at its peak of power....... but what were those countries?
- It is a good pub but I can't remember what beers they served. However, I can remember that they served oysters, expresso and had a good outside area for the summer..... a good pub but is this a restaurant in a clowns suit ...... a happy face but a sad sole (I don't think they served that fish but I wouldn't be surprised if they did)
Worth going to but I can't think why

2 Mar 2011 22:56

The Thomas Cubitt, Belgravia

"One for the road"
- Catching up with a mate wasn't a problem - if you can be bothered to go to the bar (which is cramped amongst the dinner tables)
- As the "public house" is mainly a restaurant there are more eating tables than anything else but....... if you do want to hang a coat on a peg by the bar and stand there with a pint it's good. The atmosphere is good and when you find out that all the tables are booked up (and you can't get food there) when you ask for "one for the road" the barman is quick at getting you a pint (even if he's serving someone else).

2 Mar 2011 22:43

Mawson Arms/ Fox and Hounds, Chiswick

Both Withnail and I would be happy to think that it's no longer the 60's yet pubs can still be as they were.
There were 8 blokes grabbing a good lunch with a few pints, others getting lunch with soft drinks + a TV that was muted because it doesn't show good programmes @ lunchtime during the week..... yet you know there will be people wanting to grab a footy match or cricket when it's on.
Simple - this is the best pub I have been to in the UK this century

28 Feb 2011 21:45

The Phene Arms, Chelsea

Simple - this place is now a restaurant rather than a pub.
Key problem = In the summer, you'll get kicked inside the restaurant/ pub early in the evening because the area is residential

18 Feb 2011 21:27

The Prince Albert, Battersea

Simple "connect 4 philosophy"
- Have the the boardgame (called Connect 4)
- Got 4 good beers (Adnams = key choice)
- sport games on TV
- good food away from the bar so you have the choice of eating + then going to the bar for a pint

18 Feb 2011 21:20

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