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Comments by Pughy

The Alexandra Arms, Rugby

With the recent addition of Abbeydales Deception as a permanent beer the pub is slowly turning back into a top drinking venue. Saturday night bands are now a regular feature.

3 Jun 2013 19:16

The Peyton Arms, Stoke Lyne

A real throw back in time with plenty of cobwebs and dust giving it a really authentic gothic feel. Pubs like this are now rare to find and I am amazed the place still manages to return a profit. The landlord is rather eccentric trying to stay in the same style & character as the pub itself. It actually reminded me of the Slaughtered Lamb from American Werewolf In London. The beer was good and that I suppose it what I came for. Beware of opening times as you might get caught out!

10 Oct 2011 20:36

The Church End Brewery Tap, Nuneaton

A very interesting brewery tap in the middle of a tiny village. It was actually quite difficult to find. The garden at the rear was perfect to sit out and enjoy the sun last week. The ale was on good from although I was suprised there was nothing other than Church End available. Interesting to see the brewery and a good afternoon enjoyed by all.

10 Oct 2011 20:19

The Red Lion, Hunningham

A very up market eating establishment. Not your typical village pub and as such devoid of a little atmoshpere.

10 Oct 2011 20:13

The Castle Inn, Edgehill

A wonderful view over rolling Warwickshire countryside sets this pub apart. The ale was on decent form and I enjoyed a pleasant enough meal.

10 Oct 2011 20:00

The Somerville Arms, Leamington Spa

A good side street boozer. The atmosphere was good with a reasonable chocie of well kept beers although the choice was a little limited, rather too much Everards and virtually no guest ales. Shame as everything else is right.

1 Oct 2011 18:32

The Victoria Inn, Rugby

New owners have transformed this pub which is now the Atomic Brewery tap. Currently 7 real ales with a wide selection of bottled beers make this a drinkers paradise. The Lounge is now non smoking with a very welcoming atmosphere. The taditional victorian bar is ideal for pub games which are very popular. The landlord is a beer fanatic.

12 Mar 2007 21:25

The Paddox, Hillmorton

A large 50's style large corner boozer. The beer choice is poor with no real passion. The food id fair and reasonable. Pub games are regularly played.

15 Feb 2006 10:13

The Golden Lion Inn, Easenhall

A good village pub owend by Jim Austin. The food is good but rather expensive. The staff are friendly and the beer choice has improved. The only thing it needs is a little more atmosphere in the evenings.

15 Feb 2006 10:11

The Dun Cow, Rugby

The beer choice is awful and this pub is aimed straight at the afluent middle classes. Good but expensive food and a good ambiance make it a nice place for a meal. Don't bother however if you enjoy beer as the have no knowledge of the subject.

15 Feb 2006 10:08

The St Thomas Cross, Rugby

Interesting pub a couple of miles out of town. The beer choice is fair but not very exciting. Pub games are played regularly. The staff are friendly and I have had many good reports. Well worth a try.

15 Feb 2006 10:05

The Squirrel Inn, Rugby

Good little boozer. Trying hard to get more recognition. The beer choice is still to small and not adventurous enough. Worth a try though.

15 Feb 2006 10:02

Seven Stars, Rugby

An interesting back street boozer. Selection of ales is ok and the pub is quite interesting. Pub games are quite a feature.

15 Feb 2006 10:00

Pig & Truffle, Rugby

Reopened as The Midas Lounge this has always been a place to avoid. No interest in beer very little in food etc no wonder the place closed. 20 years ago as the Lawrence sherrif arms it was a dect boozer sadly time will tell as lap dancing may improve its fortunes.

15 Feb 2006 09:58

The Merchants Inn, Rugby

By far and away the best pub in Rugby. A drinkers paradise, open and airy, good lunchtime food and a real passion about beer. Not to be missed.

15 Feb 2006 09:55

Fighting Cocks, Rugby

Coming on as a good modern estate boozer. The landlord is passionate about beer and the selection is getting better. Food is plain and average.

15 Feb 2006 09:53

Bell & Barge, Rugby

The food is fair but the beer is poor. No real selection and no passion. The is a plastic gastro pub.

15 Feb 2006 09:51

The Arnold Arms, Rugby

The food is good especially on Sundays. The beer however never seems in great condition. It may be the beer lines are too long! They try to offer a selection but the qulaity is always a little dissapointing.

15 Feb 2006 09:50

The Alexandra Arms, Rugby

Good tradition boozer always a selection of guest ales and soon to have its own brewery.

15 Feb 2006 09:48

Walkabout, Rugby

If your a kid who likes clubbing at weekends this is the kind of pub for you. However the beer is awful and overpriced and its absolutley packed with teenagers drinking alcopops. Like a lot of themed town centres pubs Bar Med was built in the old Boots the chemist building. Just don't bother if your over 25.

21 Oct 2003 19:31

The Merchants Inn, Rugby

No doubt that for the real ale drinker this is the best pub in town. 6-8 real ales on at any one time. It has become increasingly busy and is now packed on Friday and Saturday nights. A very mixed clientel and friendly staff make this a pub to suit most people. Ideal for a quite pint at lunchtimes.

21 Oct 2003 19:24

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