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County Hotel Bar, Selkirk

Pub was visited and tested.


Pub is very clean, staff are friendly bar is friendly. A modern bar with a good blend of traditional Scottish & traditional Norwegian styles. Very good for families and for business.

No disorder, very civil. Prices are high but the bar has regular special deal days.

Highly recommended for the more cultured patron.

Overall a 9/10.

4 Jul 2011 00:17

Tibbie Shiels Inn, St Marys Loch

Pub was visited and tested.


Pub is close to national heritage standard. Very well kept indeed. Very clean, very ordered, very friendly and a lot of history to boot. Rumoured to be haunted according to the local press. If it is haunted it is by class. High brow and very recommended. Keep a look out for the staff�s giant black dog ! it�s a pleasure to sit with. Only draw back is price.

Overall, perhaps the best in the Scottish Borders. 9/10. Wish could give 10 but prevented due to price.

A good visit for a good day out !

12 Jun 2011 05:40

The Town Arms Inn, Selkirk

Not family friendly.

Not new comer friendly.

Staff act unprofessionally, standard of service very poor.

Staff not respectful of customers.

From a customer who has had several poor experiences, I advise this pub be avoided by the those that appreciate good standards for there money.

Seen one elderly customer who was being openly disparaged by staff, despite suffering from severe bereavement and being present in the same room, was very shocked and very disappointed indeed.

Keep clear.


12 Jun 2011 05:35

The Duke of Cambridge, Tilford

What a pub. We ate in here at the Weekend and will definately be back. Food and service was impecable!!

31 Oct 2007 17:25

The Stag on the River, Eashing

This is one of the best in the area for food and drink. Well worth a visit!!

31 Oct 2007 17:23

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