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Anchor and Hope, Trowbridge

Proper pub. Landlord a real hoot and his suffering wife; an angel!
Beer and cider sublime.

3 Feb 2014 00:23

The Seymour Arms, Witham Friary

This pub is a gift from God!
Long may it continue!

3 Feb 2014 00:19

The Long Bar, Bristol

Wonderful pub and human menagerie!
Never had anything but a wonderful time; outrageously good value and well kept beer and cider; gorgeously friendly bar staff and locals...
One of my top 5's ever!!!!

3 Feb 2014 00:16

The Criterion, Weston Super Mare

Gorgeous boozer. Open fire, stunning ales and fabulous crusty roles. Home from home!

3 Feb 2014 00:01

The Red Admiral, Weston Super Mare

Great pub and it's a pleasure to be asked how one wants their real ale served; "Much of a head Sir!"
Friendly landlord and staff and cool locals. Like it!!!

2 Feb 2014 23:59

The Lamb and Fountain, Frome

The Best Pub in the World with the most gorgeous 80yr old landlady....the last bastion of the proper boozer!!!!

16 Oct 2007 18:14

The Mash Tun, North Bradley

Fantastic pub with a very entertaining Landlord, sometimes even sober. Strippers every Wednesday nite tend to move amongst the audience, so be careful if you are allergic to baby oil.

16 Oct 2007 18:10

The Dog and Fox, Bradford on Avon

Traditional cider house that unfortunately seems to focus on 2nd Rate Cafe style food than the interesting locals. Landlord believed to have smiled in 1974.

9 Oct 2007 01:51

The Cross Guns, Avoncliff

Apart from location, hugely disappointing in all ways. Food was particulary offensive. The collection system when dining outside, means that you are given a buzzer at order point that,when activated, demands that you march to the kitchen window to be presented with your fodder as well as views of a small, cramped and tatty kitchen.I assume that business is extremely healthy, thaks to new time visitors rather than regulars.

9 Oct 2007 01:48

The Plough, Bradford on Avon

Honest local boozer where customers are either watching TV, or if a stranger, YOU! Clean. good value and they do warm to strangers after a while. I like it.

9 Oct 2007 01:39

The Rising Sun, Bradford on Avon

Traditional local with reasonable beers.Welcoming fire perhaps the only warmth extended but honest, no nonsense boozer is often a refreshing change from the town centre plastic bars.

9 Oct 2007 01:29

The Beehive, Widbrook

Initialy appears to be quite quaint with good selection of ales. Food is acceptable but not good value and atmosphere sadly lacking.

9 Oct 2007 01:23

The Three Horseshoes, Bradford on Avon

Solid, reliable pub with best conditioned ale in town and able to provide a warm welcome, politeness and although certain barstaff may appear to shock, it maintains standards that are often missing these days. Daytimes tend to be older "Ale Enthusiasts" and evenings attract a younger crowd. I think it must be a Freehouse as its pricing and range of beers are probably the best in town. Amazed there's no food.

9 Oct 2007 01:20

The Riverside Inn, Bradford on Avon

It is rumoured that this establishment will soon be sold and having stayed here on my first night in town (booking out the following morning & cancelling my 2 week reservation,) I can only hope that such a lovely building may be used better. Horrible.

9 Oct 2007 01:14

The Boathouse, Widbrook

This pub is completely out of place. It should be moved from its canalside location to one of those vast housing estates where quality of beer and food are of no interest to its locals.

9 Oct 2007 01:09

The Castle, Bradford on Avon

After what I understand to be vast investment, this is a lovely pub to enter. The food however is overpriced and disappointing. Interesting beers but on one or two occassions I have suffered a poor pint that young bar staff are not to happy to change. Lovely views from garden.

9 Oct 2007 00:17

The Canal Tavern, Bradford on Avon

Occupying probably the most prime tourist locations in this town, I am amazed that Wadworths allow such a charming pub to serve such poor food at such prices. Sitting next to the Lock Inn, it will always struggle whilst the menu, pricing and welcome continue.

9 Oct 2007 00:13

The Bunch of Grapes, Bradford on Avon

Having been sent to Bradford on Avon through work for the next 6months, I was initially excited by the prospect of a Young's pub down here & assumed it would be my regular. Unfortunately, The Grapes is going through an identity crisis & until it decides whether it is a Bistro and dramatically improves it's fare, or a Pub & dramatically improves staff attitude to those that are "Only here for the Beer," it will continue the downward trend that I understand it currently experiences.

9 Oct 2007 00:00

The Barge Inn, Bradford on Avon

Nice pub with limited menu and good choice of beers though they tend to change a bit too often and that can be dismaying when you find one you like.

8 Oct 2007 23:50

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