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Comments by Prague

The Belle Vue, Clapham Common

Really limp service and bog standard beverages.

I will not be rushing to return...

4 Mar 2009 12:43

The Slug and Lettuce, Clapham Junction

The only good thing about this joint is that The Falcon is only a few steps away...

2 Sep 2008 17:48

The Meyrick Arms, Clapham Junction


2 Sep 2008 17:43

Zulus, Putney Bridge

"Good rock venue my @ss" Yes you are an ass!It was a good place to see bands actually...

22 Jan 2008 12:45

The Devonshire Arms, Camden

"fraudulent, pantomine youth cultutre, pretend danger and very, very un rock and roll"

Well said Sir!

24 Nov 2007 12:28

The Boathouse, Putney

"It's on the river, it's always jammed and it's got fit staff."
Well Coopy thinks it's seventh

15 Aug 2007 11:34

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

I don't know if this clarifies or muddies...
Went in 02/07 and as ever the front bar was full so decided to sit in the back bar and it does indeed appear that this section caters for eaters rather than drinkers...there were a few bods sitting that were intent on eating and a few (such as me and my good lady) who only wished to drink.
I was told (in a friendly way) that we might have to give up our seats if anyone wishing to eat needed them but by the looks of it did not seem likely that we would have to.
Maybe the management will revise this policy when they realise that The Falcon is not a "gastro pub".
Hope so...
Anyway, I still feel the refurb/fit is OK as they go and the place seems to have benefited from a "lick of paint". Cannot say if the die hard locals have been driven away, as it has never really been that place for me anyway although I am local (in the best League of Gentlemen sense).

13 Jul 2007 13:50

The Whistle and Flute, Putney

Really friendly staff...hold on.
Good pub by Putney standards.

10 Jul 2007 12:58

The Boathouse, Putney

Naff. Great location wasted!

10 Jul 2007 12:56

Zulus, Putney Bridge

Tripe...can only hope it closes some time soon.

10 Jul 2007 12:55

The Half Moon, Putney

An oasis in a desert (Putney).
Viva Half Moon!!

10 Jul 2007 12:54

Walkabout, Putney

Australia Zoo transplanted to Putney.

10 Jul 2007 12:51

The Fox, Putney

Used to be a decent pub aeons ago.

10 Jul 2007 12:49

The Railway, Putney

It's a Wetherspoons. It's in Putney.
Bored yet?

10 Jul 2007 12:48

The Dukes Head, Putney

Another half decent, albiet rather posh, boozer bites the dust.
You get what you deserve!

10 Jul 2007 12:47

The Blue Posts, Soho

Small but perfectly formed. My idea of a "proper" pub.
Can get a little too overpopulated at times but...

10 Jul 2007 12:30

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Well as refurbs go it could have been a LOT worse. Been in since the smoking ban (I smoke myself) and I must say it was nice not to be surrounded by the "fug".
Not a regular drinker here by any means but at least it has not been ruined or spoiled. Not bad...

10 Jul 2007 07:06

The Plough, Clapham Junction

Boarded up (as previous posters has already pointed out).
Gone for good? Maybe...
Luxury flats anyone?

9 Jul 2007 16:48

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