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The Old Bank House, Anstruther

Walked in the other day, spent all of three seconds taking in the scene, turned round and walked out. No real ale, couple of drunks and an out of tune singer (who was the organised entertainment, not just a punter who decided to give everyone a song). Sorry, not my kind of pub.

6 May 2008 22:03

The Whey Pat Tavern, St Andrews

This is the kind of pub I wsh was near where I live, really good beer, great sandwiches at lunchtime, friendly staff and welcoming.

6 May 2008 21:54

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

I visit Southampton about once a year, but no trip would be complete without an evening in the Guide Dog. Aviod nights when the football is on (unless you like a bit of a buzz with your pint), as this is the pub of choice for the, shall we say, more mature supporter. Forget the loud, larger swilling youngsters, this is a beer drinkers pub. Well worth a visit, and certainly one of my top five UK pubs.

21 Apr 2008 20:58

The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh

This is difficult. One part of me wants to paint as bad a picture as possible about the Oxford, that way I worked out, fewer people would come and spoil it; the other part of me wants to shout out loud that this is the best place in the world for a pint, a chat and a bit of sanity. The truth is, the second opinion is correct, but just don't tell anyone else, keep it a secret between you and me. By the way, the pies are OK, but not the best.

21 Apr 2008 20:51

The Bow Bar, Edinburgh

One of the better real ale pubs in town. No jukebox equals a quieter clientelle. OK so it feels like an old fashioned railway waiting room, but this is a beer drinkers dream. A trip to Edinburgh isn't complete without a little visit to the Bow Bar.

21 Apr 2008 20:46

City Arms, Thames Ditton

This has taken over as my "local" from the Angel, whenever I visit the area. It is a great little pub, we are always met with a smile and cherry word, always a couple of real ales on handpump, and there is a well stocked games table for you to dive into (crib, dominoes and some board games).

21 Apr 2008 20:36

The Queens Head, Congleton

The pub has a couple of rooms for let if you are staying overnight (Congleton is just about half way between Glasgow and London). Fine selection of beers, although the bar is a little on the small size and the decoration has seen better days; nevertheless, a spot-on pint, friendly staff and well worth searching out.

21 Apr 2008 20:31

The Beartown Tap, Congleton

Visited this pub recently, and I cannot understand the comment about a "frosty reception". I haven't seen under forty for a few years now, and as I have only ever been there once I am not what you could call a regular, but I was met with a smile and quick word, my questions about what was on and what the beer was like were met with genuine answers, even though they had said this a couple of thousand times before. All in all, a lovely little pub, great beer selection (something for everyone) and a walm welcome. Sorry, but that ticks all my boxes.

21 Apr 2008 20:25

The Dog and Partridge, Standish

"Full of rugby players who block the bar"? I'm sorry, this is Wigan and this is a rugby league pub. I once came back from Wembley after a Challenge Cup Final, the coach driver drove non-stop to the Dog and Partridge, as we walked in we were met with a walm welcome, and a video tape of the match we had just seen. By half time, the team had arrived and the Challenge Cup sat on the bar pride of place. Yes this pub has a few big TV screens but it is a sports bar. The beer has sung every time I have been in there, there is always an interesting selection and I have never felt anything but welcomed and valued. All this and I haven't handled a rugby ball in anger for over thirty five years. This is a smashing pub.

21 Apr 2008 20:16

The Minster Inn, York

Just far enough out of town to avoid the heebie jeebies, but close enough to walk to. This is jem of a pub, welcoming, plenty of room and a good pint to boot. Search it out, you will not be disapointed.

21 Apr 2008 20:06

The Blue Bell, York

We found this pub recently and visited it on three nights running, it was that good. Don't expect flashing lights and loud music, screaming students or Saturday night scuffels. This is a traditional, quiet drinking house with just two rooms. The kind of place you can go for a quiet drink, or even better, take your dad for a pint, ("I remember when all pubs were like this"). As good a range of beers as you are going to find anywhere in town.

21 Apr 2008 20:01

The Masonic Arms, Kirkcudbright

Couple of years ago, this pub had a sign outside, "No food, no Sky, no kids, just good honest ale". This kind of sums up what it is, an honest drinking pub with no pretentions. Best pint of real ale in town.

21 Apr 2008 19:48

The Laurie Arms, Haugh of Urr

A little out of the way, but there is a bus stop outside with direct service to both Castle Douglas and Dalbeattie, plus a couple of good local taxi firms. The pub is a bit of a find for this area, always a couple (and during summer, three) real ales on at ant time, well kept and a good bar menu made with locally sourced foods. Try a mixed table with eight starters shared between four of you! Definately worth a trip out.

21 Apr 2008 19:45

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