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The Glover Arms, Perth

Next door to a Travelodge - fomerly an Innkeepers lodge.
Mostly standard sort of thing. Beer - standard, decor - standard, food - standard but better than usual. You could be anywhere really.
You get the drift.

25 Jun 2011 01:40

The Craw Inn, Auchencrow

One night stop off for me. Friendly place. Beer well kept, wine very good, food very good as well (though a mite pricey as stated previously) and a great selection of whiskies. The whiskies were very resonably priced.
Worth a visit to a pretty remote spot. Watched a fox going about it's business from the back patio.
Check the opening hours though.

25 Jun 2011 01:31

Captain Flints, Lerwick

The beer was better here than the Thule (Orkney Dark Island) but in the end I preferred the Thule. I felt like everyone's out of place dad in here.
I'm gettting old and it WILL NOT DO.

25 Jun 2011 01:21

Da Wheel Bar, Lerwick

I visited here twice on my recent trip. The first time was on the first day (during the daytime) and I was singularly unimpressed and felt that I was being a bit of an inconvenience to the person behind the bar. I revisited on my last nite and my opinion of the place improved as had the bar staff. Beer average stuff.

25 Jun 2011 01:00

The Thule Bar / Queens Hotel, Lerwick

I'm a bit mystified. I was in Lerwick for a while recently and made Da Thule bar my main local but also ate at the Queens Hotel some 200 yds away.
Anyway, as for Da Thule bar, beers were bog standard stuff, Belhaven/Tennants. Why is Valhalla beer so difficult to find in the pubs in Lerwick.
Barmaid was a bit of a sweetie and the place was pleasant enough.

25 Jun 2011 00:47

The Auld Motor Hoose, Kirkwall

Perfectly acceptable pub for a couple of (my new favourite) Orkney Dark Island. Plenty of outdoor seating.

25 Jun 2011 00:35

Le Bounty, Calais

The sort of place that gets an "it's all right" sort of rating. Locally to it, there similar and better alternatives.

9 Sep 2006 10:45

London Bridge, Calais

Decent enough day-tripper trap on the main square.

9 Sep 2006 10:40

The Snaefell Summit Hotel, Snaefell Summit

This appeared to be very much a cafe on our visit.

14 Jul 2006 20:07

The Mines Tavern, Laxey

Dived in here after a trip to Snarfell Summit. Very good Okells beer and excellent sandwiches.
Good enough to hang around for another pint and take a later train.

14 Jul 2006 20:03

The White Hart, Maulden

This seems to be a proper community pub with a fairly old fashioned feel.
I've always found the beers to be well kept and on my most recent visit the food was most acceptable.
Large garden.

8 Jul 2006 07:19

The Ship, Bedford

Decent pub, nice food, friendly cat.

27 Jun 2006 06:32

The Anchor, Bedford

LauraJane clearly caught them on a better day than I did. The service was slow, though the drinks were pleasant enough and the fellow behind the bar, I dare say, was doing his best. The food was a major disappointment, mostly cold and my friend's steak was severely over-cooked. I think 1 1/4 hours to wait for hardly a complicated order was excessive. The bread roll was pretty good, mind
Shall we call it a kitchen malfunction?
Won't be going back to find out I'm afraid.

1 Jun 2006 19:02

Brasshouse, Bournemouth

Massive pub, but arrive early if you like to sit and drink as it fills up rapidly after 8ish. When I was there I thought the door staff were a bit over-zealous at removing the patrons come closing time.

2 Apr 2006 10:40

The Swan, Bromham

A posh place indeed. The food is good. Popular quiz night on Tuesdays. One criticism is that the smoking area is very small for the size of the place, which leads to a bit of a crush in that area whilst the rest of the pub can seem rather empty. Though I suppose that doesn't really matter for much longer.

2 Apr 2006 10:31

The Black Bull, Reeth

Lovely traditional Dales village pub. Open fires, excellent beers, good accommodation and excellent food, especially the breakfasts.
I always drop in if I am passing nearby.
Changed hands from legendary landlord, but still worth a visit.

2 Apr 2006 10:25

The Commander In Chief, Maulden

Pub closed some time ago and is a house now.

2 Apr 2006 10:18

Au Davydson, Calais

Excellent bar / brasserie. Very friendly owners and locals. Good (and cheap) wine. Fantastic sandwiches/baguettes. The bread is bought as required from boulangerie a couple of doors away.
Spent many happy afternoons/days here.
In my opinion the best bar in Calais and slightly away from the day-tripper traps around the Place D'Armes.

2 Apr 2006 10:17

Ralph FitzRandal, Richmond

Decepetively spacious, drinks cheap enough but beer and service a bit erratic. Handily placed for excellent Indian restaurant.

2 Apr 2006 09:59

The Ossory Arms, Ampthill

Back street local. Bitter much improved in recent months (was a failing previously). Food varies from good to excellent and a lively place to watch to watch "big" England matches.

2 Apr 2006 09:54

The Old Sun, Ampthill

Considerably improved of late after a bit of a dip. Good range of beers and one of the better pubs in the town.

2 Apr 2006 09:47

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