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The Mitre, Richmond

I often visit this pub on my way home at least once a week. From a beer perspective it has always been well-kept and there is something for everyone depending on your tastes. The beer is an ever-changing selection on cask, with the one exception being TT Landlord which has become the 'house' bitter. Real cider also available on hand-pump and a good range of cans. Lager drinkers have the choice of Camden Hells and Birra Morett - don't come expecting Fosters, Kronenbourg, Stella etc.

The pub is run by Chris who makes you very welcome, as does Rudi, the pub's cocker spaniel. Chris's ethos is that the pub is an extension of his home and to treat everyone as a guest. For me this is the best pub in Richmond and well deserves its recent inclusion in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide. A 'hidden gem' well worth a visit.

12 Mar 2018 15:40

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

I have to say that since new management has taken over there has been a dramatic improvement to the pub as it was slowly declining from what it once was. The loos have been sorted out, the beer range is more coherent and organised in a more logical manner.

The one thing I still don't understand though is this - the pub currently has a zero rating for hygiene at the last inspection in May last year

I don't understand why this hasn't been rectified and a re-inspection taking place because until it has I wouldn't feel comfortable about eating there.

29 Jan 2016 14:30

The Rifleman, Twickenham

Congratulations to The Rifleman winning R&H CAMRA Pub Of The Year. Worthy winners by far

23 Oct 2014 20:41

The Rifleman, Twickenham

RDEANT - are you sure that you're in the same pub as the rest of us who drink there? This is BITE, it's about beer, not food. But once again you're talking out of your botty because they don't serve, and as far as I am aware have never done so, pizza - microwaved or otherwise.

You've obviously got some beef with the people who run it which means that you have to come on here making vitriolic remarks that are totally unwarranted and unsubstantiated so why not take your own advice and AVOID? C**k

21 Oct 2014 13:17

The Rifleman, Twickenham

So first and only post on BITE about this pub is not a million miles away from the now deleted review by our 'friend', A Hunter. I think you've been rumbled.

4 Sep 2014 11:10

The Rifleman, Twickenham

The last reviewer must be a crack-head and is obviously upset that he/she can't get his/her next fix in The Rifleman. I have lived in Twickenham for 6 months and since the first time of visiting this pub we have received nothing but the warmest of welcomes, great beer and a real sense of 'belonging'.

To redress the balance this is a seriously good pub, run by a lovely couple, and should be on everyone's list of pubs to visit when next in Twickenham. Ignore the last post, they obviously have some 'agenda'.

19 Jun 2014 20:43

Ales and Tails, Twickenham

It has closed down

19 Jun 2014 11:04

The Bloomsbury, Twickenham

First visit to this wonderful pub on Sunday and certainly looking to return. There are now 5 real ales to choose from with a great selection ranging from the citrus/floral/golden ale end of the spectrum up to more malty offerings.

As mentioned below the welcome was fantastic - it felt that we had been coming here for years, not just moved into town. Both Peter and Jane are great hosts and Georgina has to be up for barmaid of the year award.

The food - well we had the Sunday Roasts and I think it would not be overdoing it if I said these were probably the best roasts I have ever had. I don't eat meat so just had extra veg and it was fantastic. I know it might seem odd to rave on about how well they were cooked but when you're a veggie well cooked vegetables are an absolute delight.

The pub has a garden in the front and back meaning that you can catch the rays and then move into the cool interior and flop over the sofas when it all gets a bit too much.

So, if you like a good range of ales, excellent food, and service from folks who really seem to care that you have a great experience then make the effort to visit - you will not be disappointed.

Oh yeah - Come On You Irons :-)

19 May 2014 10:46

The Snooty Fox, Canonbury

Walked out of here 5 minutes ago after having made a special visit to come here. There was a couple sitting in the corner and me. Totally ignored by the bar staff and got fed up with waiting. They acknowledged me as I started to leave and said to them that they should finish their conversation as it was probably far more important than paying customers.

It was a shame because they had a good selection of ales and would have been to spend some serious money but what can you do when they won't serve you? Won't be returning.

27 Nov 2013 17:15

The Duke of Wellington, Hastings

I've visited this pub 3 times in the last week although have walked past many times before. My girlfriend always used to say not to bother and to be fair to her, it has never looked much from the outside - until now.

My first visit came about as I saw they had the rugby on and the place looked a lot more welcoming than it has in the past and from reading the posts below i now understand why. I went in and had a great pint of Longman's best and shared an enjoyable hour with a group watching the rugby and a bit of banter with the bar staff.

My second visit also came about due to the rugby and they put it on the tv for me although it was early in the evening and I was the only one watching and this time I had a Dark Star Hophead. Once again the staff were very welcoming and did everything possible to make sure I had a good time.

My last visit was the evening after with my sceptical girlfriend who is very knowledgeable about her beer. She couldn't get over how good the place had become and was very impressed with the condition of the beer, the staff and the pub in general. So, if like her, you were put off visiting in the past then give the place another go. If you enjoy sport then they have pretty much everything covered but there's still places to sit if you just want a quiet pint. The service is second to none, there is a great jukebox and now that Christmas is approaching there is even a life-sized Santa automaton that dances and sings in English and Spanish - worth the trip alone -believe me.

For me, I personally prefer it to the FILO and the Jenny Lind and will definately be returning on my next trip to Hastings.

25 Nov 2013 14:07

The Tabard, Turnham Green

What a turn around in the last 6 months. New staff seem on the ball and know their beer and with a selection of 12 real ales/ ciders on tap it makes this pub the best in Chisiwck.

8 Apr 2013 11:03

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Have to agree with daveid here. The trend I'm noticing is that this pub seems to run from festival-to-festival. Fully stocked while a festival is on and then really scaling down until the next one. In his post daveidon said that on his first visit there were 3 pumps on and 'all 3 beers on were excellent'. Ordinarily that would be cause for celebration for a backstreet boozer of its size but unfortunately this is the Brickies. We have come to expect so much more but since the demise of TT beers and change of direction it's all gone a bit Pete Tong.

20 Jun 2012 15:46

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

I tend to visit on a Monday for the 'Vinyl Club' - a group of record lovers who play tunes all night long. And it sounds a lot better know they've upgraded their gear. The best thing though is the Brewers Gold - a nice citrus/hoppy brew which is probably in my 'Top 3' beers. They sell Tayto crisps too. A proper London pub with a very mixed clientele and a huge pub cat.

19 Jun 2012 17:14

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

What shoegazer said - this little boozer is brilliant. Top ales, the pork pie was good but that pork roll - never tasted better.

2 Jun 2012 20:23

The Duchess of Cambridge, Stamford Brook

Been here a few times now and its really growing on me. Great beer selection, both draught and bottled, a crazy amount of ciders and very knowledgeable and helpful staff. I've only eaten the bar food but again I've been very impressed. It is quite large and open-plan but, hey, that's the only downside for me for what is otherwise a really good boozer.

1 Jun 2012 09:33

The Tabard, Turnham Green

I really want to like this pub as it has just become my local. I've visited at least 5 times in the last few months and whilst the ale has had its highlights, and I like the 'snug' in the back, the rest of the place leaves me cold. And I'm afraid the staff haven't impressed me much either so I'll just keep walking down to the Duchess of Cambridge.

1 Jun 2012 09:29

The Brewery Tap, Wimbledon Village

Looks like the battle mentioned by the last reviewer has been lost. I was in the Village yesterday and the place was closed, boarded-up and the 'for sale' signs were outside.

26 Sep 2011 17:31

The Victoria Inn, Richmond

Went here last night for the first time (Thursday night, quiz night) and it is fantastic. Echo all the sentiments written already and spent time in the 'sitting room' bar and the garden. Really made to feel welcome by staff and regulars and could adopt this pub as my new 'local'- even if it is a way from where I live. Prices were cheap compared to the rest of the area/London - a pint with a packet of crisps/nuts 4 quid. It is a gem. Had 3 ales on - Ordinary, Hobgoblin and Doom Bar which all seemed well kept.

Actually, I was that impressed i'm toying with going there now :-)

29 Jul 2011 18:36

Edwards Bar, Hammersmith

Can't rate this because it hasn't re-opened yet as its new, or should that be old, incarnation as the Swan (Nicholsons). However, I walk past it every day and it would appear it is ready to open very, very soon. The traditional interior has been retained and, believe it or not, the builders have actually been installing new wooden panelling and partitions rather than ripping them out. Food would appear to feature but I would imagine that this will mainly take place on the first floor.

I saw the beer being delivered last week and counted 10 handpumps on the bar. Beers I recognised (I walk past every day) through the window were: Bombardier, Doom Bar, Timmy Taylors Landlord and Golden Best - there are others but my eyesight isn't what it was. I expect it to open this week although there's nothing to say when it will open. Once it is I shall post a more comprehensive review but the signs look encouraging so far.

14 Dec 2009 17:21

The Rose and Crown, Wimbledon Village

Went to this pub for the first time on Sunday. Had a nice couple of pints of Ordinary in pleasant surroundings - much preferred over the nearby Dog & Fox. I've taken note of those reviewers with regards to the food but, to be honest, if I want to eat I'll go to a restaurant - I've always found Youngs pubs to be a a bit hit-and-miss when it comes to food.

1 Sep 2009 16:03

Star and Garter, Putney

Walked past last Friday on my way to the Bricklayers expecting to see the usual BAR M neon sign in the window but was surprised to see that Bar M is no more. It has been rebranded as the Star & Garter and looks as if a lot of money has been spent on it. I didn't go in but had a quick squint through the window because, as it says outside, it's a wine bar and I had a pint of Golden Best with my name on it in the Brickies. It certainly looks less of an eyesore than it did but as for beers etc? I've been told that they have one lager and Guinness on tap and that's it but as I didn't go in I can't verify if this is the case.

11 Sep 2008 16:12

The William Morris, Merton Abbey Mills

Cycled past here yesterday with the other half and had 2 pints of shandy and a bag of peanuts. 7!!!

The pub was quite busy and half the bar was closed as mentioned previously. Unfortunately the manager belongs to the 'I'll stand on this side of the bar and drink my lager while the staff struggle and the punters get fed-up' school of pub management rather than jumping in and lending a hand.

Nice location on a sunny day.

28 Jul 2008 11:57

The Green Man, Putney Heath

I'm going to this pub more and more often and introducing a lot of people to it too. I've eaten a couple of times and it's been really good. I asked about Kew Brew (no longer available) and the next time I visited the replacement (not quite as hoppy)Kew Bond was there. This is a pub that listens to its customers and responds to their requests, plus they've got a good team on board. Even the music last night was brilliant, so much better than before. Go along and give it a try - you won't be disappointed. I know that Aggie the manager reads these reviews so please Aggie, keep up the good work and well done so far.

29 May 2008 13:04

The Green Man, Putney Heath

Since the last review the pub has closed for refurbishment and re-opened last Friday evening. It has been done in the style of a lot of Youngs pubs. However, it ain't too bad. The music on Friday gave it the air of a wine bar but when this was changed it was much better. The decor is mainly crushed velvet chairs and comfy sofas with the walls painted in cream and aubergine that wrestles with a turquoise paisley wallpaper. Beers on offer were the usual Youngs pumps and Wells Bombardier plus Deuchars IPA. I drank the Double Chocolate Stout (which I had been told by another pub had been discontinued) because a number of the regulars had requested it. It's so refreshing when pubs listen to their customers. Food was free canapes on the night and they will start serving meals again soon. A new management team (I think this may be their first pub)who are very keen to impress and do well. I hope they are successful and the new landlady, Aggie, is lovely. My mate Pete who was with me on Friday night said 'she would get it' but didn't stipulate what.

7 Apr 2008 18:17

The Hare and Hounds, East Sheen

Went last night and it was busy (not surprising really being as it is the week running up to Xmas) and only two bar staff!! Sort it out. I noticed there were enough staff in the so-called 'Staff Panto' that we had to endure but they all seemed to disappear when there was work to be done.

20 Dec 2007 15:39

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

All the Timmy Taylor beers have been increased in price by 20p a pint.

3 Dec 2007 08:35

The Hop Pole, Wandsworth

Thought I'd try out this pub as an alternative to the Bricklayers in Putney as I'm getting fed up with them not having beer, plus all the decent barstaff (except Patti) who made the pub special have left - as have quite a lot of the locals. Seemed quite a nice place but nothing special, especially on the beer front though didn't try the Guinness which previous reviewers raved about. I liked the jukebox but it can get a tad infuriating when there are three tv's showing different programmes competing with the music. I'll give it another try, and may even try the food, but didn't think the pub was as fantastic as previous reviewers have found it - middle-of-the-pile.

23 Nov 2007 13:25

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Went in last night and all 5 TT beers were on - I walked back outside to check I was in the right pub!! To be fair to the 'trainman' I struggle to remember when this was last the case and there have been occassions when this little pub has almost been out of ale with just one pump on. This place could/should be a little goldmine.

2 Nov 2007 12:03

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

To the last reviewer below I would offer the following:

I can sympathise with the fact that you go to a pub that promotes itself on being the only pub in London to stock all five TT and find there's nothing there. I gently rib the guys about it whenever I visit myself if there's no Golden Best. But sometimes there are a number of contributing factors that need to be taken into account and I can assure you that the most frustrated off us all is Becky the landlady. So, why did there appear to be such a shortage of beer (which has now been rectifed)?

1) The Bricklayers has a very small cellar and if an unexpected demand (25 July) ourstrips supply then there is little that can be done about it overnight.

2) Word on the street is that The Bricklayers has won the CAMRA award for the best pub in Greater London (and quite right too) and therefore the pub was swamped on the 25th with bearded-and-sandalled CAMRA members (only joking guys)basically drinking the place dry when the announcement was made. The pub did not know about this until the hordes arrived.

3) The reason this lovely little pub wins such awards is not just the diversity but, just as importantly, the quality of the beers it sells. There are lots of factors that can affect a beer being ready to drink and if the beer ain't ready - it doesn't get served.

So, to sum up, this little pub has been a victim of its own well,deserved success - congratulations to Becky and her team on their achievement. If you want to try a particluar beer then I suggest, as I have before, that you call beforehand to make sure its 'on' as |I'm sure that things are about to get even busier.

30 Jul 2007 13:16

The Old Granary, Wareham

Beer is Badger but bottled and ok to sit by the river. DO NOT eat here. We ordered two meals that were returned after two mouthfuls and our money refunded. The woman on the table behind us who had brought her parents for Sunday lunch looked like she wished she had done the same.

9 Jul 2007 11:22

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Good news for the previous reviewer, as of last Friday the Landlord is back on - unfortunately the Best, Ram Tam and Mild were off. They were replaced by other ales but if you are going to visit this pub to sample the 5TT beers under one roof it would be worth phoning beforehand, especially if you live a distance away and are making a special visit.

12 Jun 2007 15:07

The Sun Inn, Bentworth

Found this little pub by accident and it is tremendous. A little pushed for seating space if you're not eating but the fact that it was full when we arrived is testament to its staff, beer, managment and food. I would wholeheartedly suggest that you book beforehand if you want to eat. Other than having an area for non-diners, other than outside, it doesn't get much better than this.

6 Jun 2007 11:37

The Telegraph , Putney Heath

Visited Sunday evening for a quiet drink and something to eat. Our ears were assailed by Putney's answer to The Proclaimers and although we ordered food before 9 we were told that the kitchens were closed although the menu clearly states that food is available until 9.30pm (which is why we went there). Won't be going back.

30 May 2007 12:56

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Cracking little pub, great real ales, fantastic bar staff and top Sunday roasts. That said, the cracks appear to be creeping in. They need to keep the basics in stock all the time (bar snacks, white wine, Fosters(!) and how about a credit card machine?) because whilst this is a pub that has is popular amongst the visiting CAMRA community, it is the basics that keep things ticking over and therefore relies on its regulars. As its location does not catch passing trade I would hate to see anything happen to this little pub because the locals have found somewhere else to drink. Remember, a lot of the people who now drink in the Bricklayers used to drink in The Dukes Head but moved when things changed and I'm starting to hear rumblings.

30 May 2007 10:00

The Spotted Horse, Putney

Popped in on the way home from The Bricklayers. It's The Duke's Head Mk II.

30 May 2007 09:44

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