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The New Welcome, Preston

Who's kidding who?
It's dark, It's dingy, It's all poky little rooms.
Better suited as an funeral parlour than a pub.
No;There'll be more life in a funeral parlour.

15 Jul 2007 19:47

The Mitre Tavern, Preston

This pub has gone to the dogs, Literally, It's now a Veterinary surgery.
Shame more pubs in this aria don't follow suit, Plungy Tavern, Stacies, Eldon, to name but a few.

15 Jul 2007 19:42

The Arkwrights, Preston

This pub,club, whatever, Is a wonderful husband and wife pub! someone elses husband with someone elses wife,
Dirty, gruby, Noisy, Bad beer, Unwelcoming staff, Wet seating, Everything a pub of today should not be.
Will not be going back there in a hury.

3 Jul 2007 01:33

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