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Comments by Nurke

Spotted Cow, Poole

Now called The Stable, good selection of ciders (rough and smooth) sells Pizzas and Pies (very nice too)

12 Jul 2014 23:44

Mint, Poole

Now open again under the name of Aqua, acceptable if a little pricey Sushi bar upstairs

12 May 2011 05:45

Chilli's, Poole

Gone to meet its maker. Another boozer bites the dust :(

23 Jun 2009 15:47

Mint, Poole

Closed now - up for lease of someone wants to open it up again

23 Jun 2009 15:40

The Red Lion, Swanage

One of the best pubs in Swanage if you ask me - good beer and ciders

23 Jun 2009 14:51

Inn On The Quay, Poole

The Spotted Cow welcome is good, not sure what they are doing with upstairs yet but theres plenty of room downstairs. They only have 1 real ale on at the moment (on 2 pumps) but it is Ringwood Best which is a pretty good session ale. Lagers are 1664 and Carling I believe, not sure about any others - I think at least 1 'smooth' type of bitter and a cider (Weston's possibly) on draught. Havent sampled the food, but I did see menus on display, so they are running food again. 7/10 I'd say

6 May 2009 15:41

Inn On The Quay, Poole

Opening again on Friday 1st May as 'The Spotted Cow' - looks like a return to being a live music venue too (they have a band booked for their opening night anyway) Not rated it as I dont know what its going to be like yet

29 Apr 2009 13:16

Ye Olde George Inn, Christchurch

Dived in here for a bite to eat and a pint whilst visiting Christchurch, cant find anything to fault it on. The service was fast and friendly, the food was good and not particularly expensive and the Grim Reaper from the Piddle brewery was excellent, 9/10

14 Apr 2009 13:56

Inn On The Quay, Poole

Lots of scaffolding up outside and sporting a sign that says 'Opening Soon'

14 Apr 2009 12:53

The Moon Under Water, Balham

Dropped in here for an all afternooner with a bunch of mates, the place was packed but the service was still pretty good, wasnt that impressed with the choice of ales on display and after a few abbots swapped to being a lager lout, typical spoons really - 7/10

8 Apr 2009 16:27

The Blue Boar, Poole

Not a particularly interested party Mapwizard, I just dont like to see a perfectly good pub being slagged off as part of someones personal feelings about the landlady. I did say in my post that I hadnt found any of the problems that bigB mentioned.

24 Dec 2008 08:19

The Blue Boar, Poole

I dont find any of the problems that originalbigB mentions below and I would say that given the number of reviews that he has written, he has a personal vendatta against the landlady and is using this forum as a place to vent his feelings, this is not what Beerintheevening is about. I have asked the admins to look into this and the post by GayleRoss, which is just a direct attack on the landlady.

8 Dec 2008 13:15

The Avon Causeway Inn, Hurn

Have to agree with Jasper and Dog here, the place is a pale shadow of its previous self, a place where you could get Merry Monk, Bishops Tipple, Old Peculiar and the famed Owd Rodger on draft. Sure the landlord of the time used to ration you to one Owd Rodger (more for himself I guess) and he wasnt exactly of the sunniest disposition, but at least it had character, something that is sadly lacking now

5 Dec 2008 13:59

The Lord Wimborne, Poole

A recent visit during the beer festival forced a revote, the service was good and my usual moan about the real ale being too cold didnt happen. The beer was at an excellent temperature and the 'White Horse' that I was served there, is my pick of the best for the festival. We even stayed to eat and the food was good too. 7/10

21 Nov 2008 09:28

The Peat Spade, Longstock

Excellent place, not a pub as such - more a restaurant that doesnt mind if you only want a drink. The beer is good and food exceptional. Its a tad on the pricey side but I would say that you definately get what you pay for. Keep your eyes open for celebs in there :)

17 Nov 2008 16:24

Spotted Cow, Poole

Greatly improved in here, tables are cleared and wiped down frequently. There is still a painful wait for drinks though, particularly if the people in front of you all want bloody coffee and my usual gripe about the real ales being too cold still applies.

6 Nov 2008 19:57

The Rising Sun, Poole

No longer Thai - they have gone 'English Gastro' Menu looks nice but pricey

6 Nov 2008 19:50

The Tap & Railway, West Moors

Came in here during my 'Trip down the West Moors memory lane' recently (after finding the Fryers is now a housing estate)
Didnt eat so cant comment on that, but the beer was good and the place is nicely kitted out, certainly a lot nicer than it was in the 70's when I used to live in West Moors :)

12 Sep 2008 12:30

The Fryers Arms, West Moors

I returned to West Moors having lived there till the late 70's - I was mortified to find my old drinking den was now a housing estate.

Sad loss - had some fond memories of the place

12 Sep 2008 12:24

The Oyster Quay, Poole

*Grin* Jasper
We may well see it all change, what with Mr Carr and his enterprises going into receivership.
The last time I went in here, the food was mostly off the menu and the staff were all unsure of their future.

11 Sep 2008 13:58

The Bermuda Triangle, Parkstone

Not been here for a VERY long time, absolutely agree with all the positive comments, sooo many good beers (wish I had left the car at home and could have sampled more) - a rare 10/10 for me

4 Sep 2008 13:11

The King Charles Inn, Poole

I believe this place shuts at 21:30 now, nuff said!

27 Aug 2008 15:21

Inn On The Quay, Poole

Closed down again :(

27 Aug 2008 15:19

The King Charles Inn, Poole

Grabbed Sunday lunch in here the other day, 5.00 each and very good it was too. Think the new landlady had gone barmy and was selling Ringwood 49er at 1.20 a pint, sampled a few and errr a few more (gets 10 out of 10 from me) :)

12 Dec 2007 09:11

The Mayfly, Chilbolton

Was on holiday in the area and went there for a pint every lunchtime last week, didnt eat there at all though, would have liked to have tried the other ales on offer but never got past the Hopback Summer Lightning (which looks to be a permanent feature there) - 5 days visited and 5 perfect pints of HSL, no complaints here :)

30 Aug 2007 13:18

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

Love the place - somewhat quirky in layout, but you cant fault the beers and the pasties are great too.

Would like to have stayed longer and sample more of the ales but had the car and its slap bang in the middle of nowhere

30 Aug 2007 13:08

Drusillas Inn, Horton

Not been here for a very long time (late 70's/early 80's) So have missed out on all the fun and games with previous owners (heard the horror stories though) I really enjoyed it, great food and not that expensive by todays standards, great beer and the staff were all really pleasant

24 Jul 2007 11:25

Slug and Lettuce, Poole

Now rebadged as The Slug and Lettuce

24 Jul 2007 10:25

The Queen Mary, Poole

Under new management & with it comes a redecoration, bit bright and shiny for me now, but the welcome is still good (and there does seem to be more people in there now)

8 May 2007 13:08

The Oyster Quay, Poole

Looks to be reopening as an 'Aussie Bar' - named Outback, there was a lot of refitting going on when I walked past the other day, still a Carr Bar though

8 May 2007 12:49

Inn On The Quay, Poole

Plucked up the courage to enter a pub with a name as daft as this last Sunday, we headed upstairs as I had heard that they did a good Sunday roast up there. I had heard correct! - very nice roast beef at 6.95. The only real downside was that ALL the ales were off, so I drank draft coors (which was ok) The upstairs part is geared towards Chinese/Thai food and the menu looked good, if a little expensive - certainly cheaper than City Bay Views though. Will have to try out the menu one day

13 Nov 2006 11:47

The Queen Mary, Poole

Wandered in here whilst depressed at how bad The Lord Wimborne was during the recent beer festival that the 'Spoons had. Nice pub - very quiet at the time (the 2 of us and 1 member of staff) but the beer was good, the pub has a very 'local' feel to it. Enjoyed several Palmers and a very pleasant 49'er. I make a point of dropping in whenever I am in the area now

13 Nov 2006 11:42

The Lord Wimborne, Poole

Truly terrible - came here after going to their sister house 'The Quay' during the recent beer festival. The place was heaving and only 2 barstaff were trying to fend them off. The card on the bar proudly announced that they had 3 of the festival ales on and they were different to the ones the Quay was running (good!) - when I asked though, 2 of them were off and the 3rd tasted like it was going to go soon, drank our drinks and returned to The Quay (via The Brewhouse and The Queens Head - much nicer)

3 Nov 2006 14:03

Spotted Cow, Poole

The recent beer festival saw me in here to sample the real ales, they had 3 running & all were nice (the Hobgoblin particularly so) We decided to head off to the Lord Wimborne to see if they were running any different ones. DISASTER!! - goto the Lord Wimborne page to see my thoughts on that, suffice to say we returned to The Quay pdq

3 Nov 2006 13:58

The Goat Major, Cardiff

Lovely pub, dropped in there late one lunchtime, couple of very nice pints and the Cawl was fantastic. Pretty and chatty little barmaid behind the bar made it all that much nicer :)

3 Nov 2006 13:15

The Brewhouse, Poole

Hadnt been in here for many a year, so thought I would try it out again, was greeted to a few looks by some of the locals and the vocabulary of a bunch of old drunk guys sitting at the tables seemed to pretty much consist of the work f*ck. Having said that, the service was friendly and fast and the beer was excellent, the many CAMRA awards on the walls vouch for their ability to keep good beer. The unimaginatively named BEER was an excellent pint and at 5% was pretty powerful.

1 Nov 2006 15:12

The Oyster Quay, Poole

Would appear to have closed down completely now, another Carr bar bites the dust, I for one wont be missing it.

2 Oct 2006 11:12

The Mayfly, Chilbolton

Not had any of the problems referred to here with the staff, I have been there quite a few times and they all seemed ok to me. I will agree that the food prices are pretty exorbitant, but I find the food is well presented, good sized portions and tastes good. Very good choice of ales on show, with Abbot rubbing shoulders with 49er and Hobgoblin, although I will insert my usual comment about the beer being too cold here. The setting is fantastic too, sitting alongside the Test. It gets good points from me!

20 Sep 2006 09:22

The Lord Wimborne, Poole

Cheap food and cheap beer, usually I cant find too much fault with that, however - they suffer from the Spoon's usual problem in that they keep the ale too cold, I find it depressing to find a place serving East Street Cream thats so cold its robbed of its flavour

18 Sep 2006 10:45

The Rising Sun, Poole

I found the food excellent albeit a bit pricey, but they are happy for you to just go in there and have drinks. Nice feel to the place, friendly bar staff and sufficiently off the beaten track to not get the nutters in there. Think they had 49er on when I was last in there and very nice it was too

18 Sep 2006 10:39

The Poole Arms, Poole

Well said Mr Kerr - I like the Poole Arms and have never had any hostility in there, about the only time I saw the staff look less than amused was when the Siemens Pub Crawl descended in there without warning one November night, about 30 people all tried to squeeze in at the same time. Good beer, good food and a nice atmosphere, what more can a guy want when out for a pint or two

18 Sep 2006 10:32

Slug and Lettuce, Poole

Used to be a good pub, where a decent pint of ale could be enjoyed. You are ok if you like lager but all the ales that made Hogs Heads so popular are now gone. I dont bother with it anymore, even when pub crawling!

18 Sep 2006 10:26

The King Charles Inn, Poole

I like the Charlie, its one of the oldest pubs in Poole, the trouble it has is being slightly off the main quay where the bulk of the pubs are, they tend to get overlooked. They are starting to get bands booked at the weekends now and with the space they have in the Kings Hall upstairs, could be a serious contender to the Nelson on the quay for bands. They serve a damned fine pint of Ringwood 49er in there.

14 Sep 2006 16:36

The Lord Nelson, Poole

Definately the place to go if you want live music in Poole, bands on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening. Good selection of Badger beers (watch the Tanglefoot though - its true to its name) Does tend to get pretty busy if a popular band is playing on a Friday/Saturday night.

14 Sep 2006 16:31

Spotted Cow, Poole

Massive pub with some very good ales at astoudingly good prices. All somewhat ruined by serving them too cold, being a bit of a real ale purist I challenged the manager on it once and he curtly informed me that the celar was EXACTLY the correct temperature (guess thats too cold then)

14 Sep 2006 16:26

Mint, Poole

Went in Mint mostly to see if they were as fussy as Oyster Quay (I had trainers on) - I got in OK and although I had told myself I wasnt going to like the place I found it rather nice, beer was a tad expensive and I was intrigued to find that every pump on the bar sold Grolsch. Good effort has been put into the feel of the place, unisex toilets are an interesting concept and I wonder if anyone has made use of the leather 'bed' that is upstairs :)

14 Sep 2006 16:15

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