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Comments by Muncher

New Inn, Roughton


6 Jan 2017 15:40

The Junction, Clapham Junction

A bit pricey. But nice pub.

Staff are good.

1 Jun 2016 15:59

The Bedford Tavern, Croydon

It reopened yesterday after being refurbished. It looks very swanky.

12 Jun 2014 14:22

The Gun Tavern, Croydon

It's closed and reopened as a bar and grill. And not a very good one, sadly.

27 Jan 2013 20:04

The Orchard, Croydon

Always had the potential to be a good pub this, but previous owners weren't up to much.

Happily this is no longer the case. I nipped in on Sunday, had a lovely Sunday Roast. The barmaid was friendly, recommending the beef when I was undecided what to have. (It didn't hurt that both women working there were very easy on the eye.)

Just what I need. More reasons to go to the pub.

10 Dec 2012 10:56

The George, Croydon


16 Aug 2012 12:30

The Edge, Croydon

I agree with dontbeangry.

26 Jul 2012 14:17

O'Neill's, Wallington

Went there the other day. The first time since it has become The Melbourne. Seemed okay, had a much needed lick of paint. The beer wasn't too expensive for South London prices, and the barmaid was attractive.

13 Jun 2012 09:18

O'Neills, Sutton

This was a perfectly good pub before the refurb. (Unlike a lot of the pubs in Sutton.)

With the refurb it looks like it's trying too hard to be trendy. Which is a shame.

31 May 2012 08:53

The Glamorgan, Croydon


18 Apr 2012 14:42

Arkwrights Wheel, Croydon

They're turning this into some kind of buffet restaurant and bar now. Once completed, I wonder if you'll still be able to get a pint in here.

22 Sep 2011 11:32

The Brief, Croydon

Apparently this pub is going to become a Pizza Express. Bad times! I quite liked this place.

22 Sep 2011 11:31

The George, Croydon

I like Fosters.

22 Jul 2011 13:21

The Bedford Tavern, Croydon

Good pub, and has become my local.

Do they really need those fairy lights outside though?

19 Mar 2009 19:39

The Rose and Crown, Wallington Corner

I went in tonight. My Sky Box was knackered, and I wanted to watch the boxing on Sky Sports.

The staff were most helpful. Respect.

19 Jul 2008 01:30

The Old Bank, Sutton

This is a good pub. Have discovered it recently, and popped in a few times, usually only during the day. Nice pub though, does a nice pint of Carling, always seems popular. The food looks good, even if I've never tried it.

Can be a bit "Old Man-ish" but that is because I have only popped in during the day. I think it has a better age range in evenings. Given it an 8.

30 Jan 2005 20:58

The Fox and Hounds, Carshalton

I dunno about the ale, but the lager is significantly cheaper then the Greyhound up the road.

22 Nov 2004 19:53

The Dog and Bull, Croydon

I had been there once before and found it to be a cramped pub that was no good.

However, I went in on Saturday night to see the end of the snooker (if only I'd arrived sooner) and was pleasantly surprised. Not way too full as before. The piano was a nice touch. Maybe I should give it one more try as a kind of a decider time.

And maybe give it a bit longer, coz have only ever turned up for one pint.

22 Nov 2004 18:29

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