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Comments by MrMurray

The Crispin, Great Longstone

I live in London and have a friend who lives near by but every time I visit I feel like a regular! One of the most welcoming pubs I have ever been to! I will always go out of my way to visit this pub when ever I am in that part of the country! Hats of to the owner!

21 Jan 2010 17:13

Joes Bar and Restaurant, Hampton Hill

Not a big fan of how it is now. May suit others so I do not wish to criticize it to much but I used to pop in for a drink occasionally but now there general attitude seems to be a little snobbish. It seems very clinical and it does not make me feel very comfortable. Food used to be very good! Have not ate there in a while though.

21 Jan 2010 17:01

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

I know the agent marketing it and they have informed me that it is still fully available for sale and that any offers are welcome! I wouldn’t mind if it did turn into a restaurant but not another Indian! There are far too many in the area!

21 Jan 2010 16:56

The Swan, Hanworth

I have lived in Haworth my entire life but I would never even dare step foot in the swan! It has potential and I mean no disrespect the staff, owners or the venue! It’s simply the punters that turn me away! I know of a lot of the regulars in there and I could imagine it difficult to find someone who has not got a criminal record or had some sort of relations with a direct family member!

21 Jan 2010 16:53

The Bloated Mallard, Teddington

Impressed with the transformation! Unfortunately it is more popular than they have space to cater for! Brilliant place, very welcoming with an interesting mix of customers! Hats of to the owner! Often says hello to me… certainly my choice of pub for Teddington! Food is outstanding too!

21 Jan 2010 16:37

Bar Estilo, Teddington

Surprised to see this on beerintheevening as it is in fact a restaurant… but never the less it certainly deserves a good comment! Fantastic little place! I do have a soft spot for tapas so I may be a little bias but the atmosphere is very nice and the staffs are always very polite and helpful! I tend to over order but never the less my bill is always very reasonable! Would certainly recommend and I guarantee you will see me in there on a regular basis! Perfect for couple and large groups alike!

21 Jan 2010 16:31

Duke of Clarence, Hampton Hill

I cannot understand how people like Chicago can have such a hatred for the Duke. I have been drinking in there for quite a while now and I think it is an absolutely fantastic pub! There may be a few things that I can accept as the décor may not be the most modern and sophisticated in the world, but it is a pub, if you do not take into consideration over tarted up bars with flowery wallpaper and serve your food on a block of wood because it is “fashionable” then they are all the same! A proper pub is going to have bench seats and the typical dark swirly carpets coupled with photos of places you have never even heard of! It is not going to be amazing but it is going to be comfortable! And somewhere you can relax and socialize! And yes the manager may be young but I personally feel insulted as you clearly just like to complain and have not actually met him! He is very welcoming; if he recognizes you he will greet you with a hand shake as you enter! He will even sit and have a drink with the occasional customer. He is certainly not pathetic and arrogant and to be honest stating he cannot manage his trousers is an incredibly ignorant and childish comment. I have no idea where the rumors that it will be coming up for sale soon come from, that is not correct! And the reason why the restaurant is always closed is because most punters preferred to eat in the bar area so they are planning on extending the bar area down to the garden. They have just employed a new chef recently and I would highly recommend sampling some of his food and as far as I am aware a new menu is on its way. It has a very friendly atmosphere and the regular customers young and old all seem to socialize together. “Hooligans” is certainly not a way to describe them! I have seen from time to time the occasional group have a drink before heading off to Kingston etc. but anyone who shows any disrespect is quickly and quietly asked to leave immediately and this rule has been kept to religiously for a while now. Anyone that feels the “Yobs” as you like to call them intimidating then try having a conversation with them! You will probably find them more courteous and polite than you think! The vodka and other spirits they serve are not a cheap brand they are the real McCoy. Yes there was a rumor going around many years ago about this happening and I do not deny that but the pub has a new owner and a complete new team of staff! Fosters is £3.10 actually and it has never been any more than that and if you arrive during the week between 3.00pm and 6.00pm they will only charge you £2.50 if you feel £3.10 is to steep for you. All in all I cannot fault it! It’s not perfect but you will not find anything else within the area that will beat it! I would certainly recommend it!

21 Jan 2010 16:22

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