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Comments by MrKennedy

The Tavern, Morden

Awful place, cant think of anything worse than spending time in here... full of delightful people from every scummy place you can imagine....

advertised ladies night.... somehow i dont think they will get the best looking girls in there

13 Apr 2010 12:43

The Old Bank, Sutton

Not a bad boozer, dont go in here much as there doesn't seem to be any women in here these days

11 Dec 2009 09:14

The Treasury, Sutton

gone down hill... big time

5 May 2009 08:33

BRB, Sutton

shut down ..........

5 May 2009 08:33

The Academy, Sutton

isnt this meant to be re openening as a live music venue? according to the Guardian newspaper

5 May 2009 08:32

Penny Black, Leatherhead

ridiculously expensive and nothing to write home about...

30 Apr 2009 10:05

Elements, Epsom

I have travelled to many a pit of doom in my years but this particular dive resembles the 7th pit of Hell....

The only thing that can be worse than going in here is maybe a 7 car pile up or a sudden amputation of a limb....

If you want a glass in your face or a dose of the HIV then crack on in here on a Friday/Sat night...


17 Oct 2008 09:59

Ben Crouch's Tavern, Fitzrovia

good pub, does anyone know if they still have their famous Halloween parties?

16 Oct 2008 11:18

The White House, Clapham Common

very over priced.... draft lager not always working and jack daniels or vodka seems watered down in the evenings..

Bar staff are rude and dont serve you for ages...

the doormen are complete t*ats but seemed to back down very quickly when we told them who we were...


24 Sep 2008 12:33

Tiger Tiger, Piccadilly Circus

somethings are worse in life than going to here... cant think what.. maybe an air disaster of a dose of HIV??...

18 Sep 2008 13:50

Waxy O'Connors, Piccadilly

the only place in the WORLD where i cant get a signal on my phone...odd...

bar staff have had their humour senses removed...and offended by any form of tattoo going.... didnt bother covering them up as its against my principles...

doormen are your typical ex SAS wannabe's....shame as it all used to be so much better in here

18 Sep 2008 13:47

The Zoo Bar, Leicester Square

I can't think of anything worse than a night out in here...except maybe a sudden amputation or 8 car pile up.....

words can't describe how awful this place is....

18 Sep 2008 10:10

The Treehouse, Croydon

My mate is having his "coming out" party in here on Saturday

16 Sep 2008 12:56

The Angel, Sutton

ahh yes i went pas tthe other day and it looked busy...

Ive just moved back to sutton and this is my nearest pub....

1 Sep 2008 10:56

The Bull and Bush, Kingston Upon Thames

Toothless men, toothless women and kids that resemble some form of early caveman in appearence. All in all a truely horrid place that resembles the 9th pit of Hell....

Never ever go in here unless your packing heat

13 Aug 2008 13:04

The Boaters Inn, Kingston Upon Thames

recent refurb and lots of fights in and around the place... nice

13 Aug 2008 12:58

The Woodstock, Morden

never have i been to a more awful place.. even the strippers they had there were awful and full of HIV

13 Aug 2008 12:57

BRB, Sutton

since its been done up its improved greatly... staff are nice and the doorman are actually decent folk...

nice san miguel on tap also and i can take my daughter in their during the day..

a good time was had by all

13 Aug 2008 12:42

The Sydney Arms, Sutton

If you want a ruck then head here...but to be honest they're all mouth

30 Jul 2008 12:21

The Dolphin, Sutton

its true the smeall is awful.... and so are the punters

30 Jul 2008 12:15

The Crown, Sutton

whats the deal with the guy with "bug" eyes who sits outside everyday?? him and the other wasters seem to revel in staring at people who walk past

30 Jul 2008 12:09

Smollensky's Metro, Sutton

onced prmosing hang out to find the more "upper" class of sutton women... now sadly empty

9 Jul 2008 14:35

The New Town, Sutton

Wednesday night are fun and games night with the Gay cleaner named Lee... good family evening and lots of light hearted entertainment

9 Jul 2008 14:34

The Revolution Bar, Sutton

kicked off again last weekend.. when will they sort this place out?... new door staff are needed also

9 Jul 2008 14:32

The Prince Regent, Sutton

your average sutton wannabe gangster hang out... it used to be ok, did a nice it just does a nice glass to the head

9 Jul 2008 14:30

The Angel, Sutton

is this place still open?

9 Jul 2008 14:27

John Jakson, Wallington

Seems to shut in the afternoon now for some reason?.. maybe its to clear the stench of sewerage away?

9 Jul 2008 14:26

The Famous Green Man, Ewell

Not a patch on it notorious heyday of wild west style fights and broken furniture... shame those days were good fun

30 Jun 2008 14:16

All Bar One, Sutton

nice barmaids.... nice beer...... nice hangover....

5 Jun 2008 11:11

Tiger Tiger, Croydon

utter utter garbage.....

5 Jun 2008 11:10

Milan Bar, Croydon

I got asked for ID also .....and i'm 67!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Jun 2008 11:09

The Brief, Croydon


23 May 2008 11:41

Edwards, Croydon


23 May 2008 11:40

Yates's, Croydon

never had a problem in here despite there being a lot of idiots... worth checking out if you are on the pull

23 May 2008 11:39

The Gun Tavern, Croydon

used to go here back in the day.. used to have some great bands... worth checking out again

23 May 2008 11:37

Walkabout, Croydon

avoid this at the weekends unless you want a fight.

Doorman are useless

23 May 2008 11:36

Arkwrights Wheel, Croydon

has this place closed?... about time.. another pub full of depressing people...

23 May 2008 11:34

The Plough, West Sutton

On par with the Sydney arms in Collingwood road.... an armpit of Sutton

23 May 2008 11:20

The Sun, Carshalton

part pub part knocking shop.... all shit

12 May 2008 13:56

The Railway Hotel, Cheam

Is this a hotel?? I thought the barmaid was just being friendly

11 Mar 2008 13:55

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

excellent is you want to shag 16 year old chavvy birds and love a dose of HIV

11 Mar 2008 13:42

The Coach and Horses, Carshalton

laughable.. full of wannabe gangsters..

11 Mar 2008 13:31

O'Neill's, Wallington

Best pub in Wallington, barmaids offer "extras" and the beer garden has improved... what more could you want?

11 Mar 2008 13:28

John Jakson, Wallington

This is exactly what i am talking about..Only1theo, nice review, i didnt understand a word of it but it looks like chav speak...Drug deals in the toilets and chavs in the bar.. this place just screams "class"

11 Mar 2008 13:25

The Treasury, Sutton

this was good when it first opened but has since lost its way big time... too much coke floating about this place...

29 Feb 2008 08:48

Reds Bar, Sutton

is this place still open?

18 Dec 2007 14:02

John Jakson, Wallington

It snows like christmas in the toilets of this pub with the amount of cocaine being dealt

14 Dec 2007 09:43

The Hope, Carshalton

full of tossers who thik they re hard

14 Dec 2007 09:35

The Butterchurn, Sutton

The idea for car park scene in Fight club found the inspiration from this little boozer....

Luckily i parked my AV round the corner as i just had it cleaned

14 Dec 2007 09:32

The Barfly Club, Chalk Farm

this place rocks

3 Dec 2007 10:51

The Worlds End, Camden

the barmaid with athe tattoo's is rather nice, she always eyes me up although i have no idea what she's saying.. i think she is foreign and we havent got past "hello" yet...

ok beer, expensive for shorts

3 Dec 2007 10:48

The Lockside Lounge, Camden

takes an age to get served but the balcony is pretty good in the summer.. just watch out for bag thieves

3 Dec 2007 10:46

Ice Wharf, Camden

not a bad place to start the night...

3 Dec 2007 10:44

The Windmill, Wallington

is this pub still full of cocaine heads?

10 Sep 2007 11:50

Whispering Moon, Wallington

what a glorious shithole this is...

walked past it on saturday and had 8 drunken guys mouthing off at passers by ...and it was only 11.30...

Just a shame they kept quiet as i passed....

10 Sep 2007 11:50

Yates's, Epsom

full of chavs, scum and pikeys...some gay guy called Roy is seen in there regularly and always looks like a limp wristed fister

19 Jun 2007 10:21

The Revolution Bar, Sutton

what is the deal with the fat doorman??.. he lets in under 21 looking girls without checking ID but then refuses 2 blokes who are clearly old enough...f**king pathetic...

as for the bar.. its full of idiots and the women tend to think they are something special...

19 Jun 2007 10:19

BRB, Sutton

Appaling place ... druggie central of sutton

19 Jun 2007 10:15

John Jakson, Wallington

walked in and within 20 minutes got offered a gram of charlie by a complete stranger....

police are now watching this place

15 May 2007 09:52

The New Town, Sutton

Public bar seems to be full of wannabe hard boys with about 2 brain cells between all 20 of them...

the saloon bar is full of good old boys reliving the glory days...although theres one bloke who likes to talk while everyone else clearly isnt listening...

15 May 2007 09:49

Smollensky's Metro, Sutton

nice women come here....

10 Apr 2007 12:56

O'Neills, Sutton

anyone know what they are doing for St Patricks day in here??

15 Mar 2007 11:53

Waxy O'Connors, Piccadilly

superb bar... way too crowded and hot as hell... go by yourself as there is no point taking any cant hear a bloody word anyone says

1 Mar 2007 13:37

On Anon, Piccadilly Circus

We got to this place via racing 2 rikshaw bikes.. unfortuantely we wiped out one of the door staff when the brakes failed....

Went into this place and left within an hour... pure crap.. too many rude boys who acted like a jumped up Puff daddy and the women think they are better looking than they are (take a look in the mirror love)

1 Mar 2007 13:36

The Dolphin, Sutton

Errr what can i say about a boozer where someone got their ear bitten off???

Nice looking barmaid called Angel though

28 Feb 2007 19:41

Ivory Lounge, Sutton

door staff are ok, bar is shit, drinks are watered down and the beer always tastes "odd" .... women are easy though so not too bad a place/....

20 Feb 2007 09:40

The Watershed, Wimbledon

seems to have gone a bit upmarket form the last time i was in there... nice to know they cleared all the blood up... it was a right hole before now.....

20 Feb 2007 09:19

The Barfly Club, Chalk Farm

I love this bar.... frequent it often with the buddies in my band Voodoo Head....

13 Dec 2006 10:15

The Lock Tavern, Camden

good place, lots of Swedish tourists go here and are always good to chat up....(remember Andy)

beer is good, and food is also up to scratch...a nice place to kick out at in the summer.....

13 Dec 2006 10:12

Ice Wharf, Camden

great in the summer, can drink outside by the lock and its a good atmosphere..

staff are shite though...slow service and they dont even smile....

13 Dec 2006 10:09

All Bar One, Sutton

Great food, good beers nd superb selction of wine, I have never seen any trouble in here either

All in all, a great place to take a date to...

29 Nov 2006 09:02

The Revolution Bar, Sutton

Not bad at all, be warned though it gets busy at the weekend and the que for the bar is beyond hope.

Classy place for Sutton to be honest, nice layout and good choice of drinks.

Doorman are friendly and always say hello to me, well worth checking out...upstairs is a dance floor mainly... although i dont dance it can be a good hunting ground for women

27 Nov 2006 09:55

Smollensky's Metro, Sutton

Not a bad bar as it goes, its a bit more classy and the women are very attractive in there.

Nice bar at the front and also garden at rear.. very nice in the summer as they open the doors out.

The food is crap though, their supposedly fresh made burgers are quite simply frozen iceland grill steaks...

27 Nov 2006 09:52

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