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Comments by Moon

The Glassblower, Piccadilly

They have invested in this place with candles etc,I suggest the money shouldof been spent on security and cctv for the abundance of bags that get stolen in here!

27 Mar 2006 19:50

Jewel/Bar Blanca, Piccadilly Circus

Get the security at the door to run the place there the only people who are friendly and intelligent in the whole place!!!

25 Mar 2006 16:03

The Glassblower, Piccadilly

I have been coming in here for years a good pre drink before you move on.It has changed alot now rude bar staff and crawling with theifs.I had my bag stolen with everything in it they didnt give a damn,they were rude,unhelpful and shifty,My pal had her purse stolen too and a work pal had her purse stolen.Dont go there is my advice its a dodgy place!

24 Mar 2006 18:23

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