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Comments by Mollita

The Bell, Sandy

Great pub..Fantastic beer garden,beer ok One gueat ale.Staff are fantastic.Close to station.WoRTH A PINT!OR TWO..Three....thats enough!

8 Jun 2007 14:10

Oasis Bar, Castlemilk

Great pub,full of proper Castlemilk folk,they might be as"head up my own ar~e man"said"poor unemployed lower class"so what?does every pub have to have a whiff of sterility about it?fancy beers and sandwiches?NO!This pub servres the community and if you dont like it..well bugger of back to whatever Guardian reading gastro pub , half pint of Belgian lager with lemon in hole you prefer!Oh and yes people do know how to use the internet. and find your comments a little.....SILLY!Mind you though the beer is a bit expensive and the lack of windows in the pub can make it feel like a western saloon...Cowboys/Indians.x

8 Jun 2007 14:07

The Queens Head, Sandy

Not a bad boozer actually,nice beer and surroundings friendly bar staff but the landlady is as miserable as sin..cheer up love! you choose to work in the public eye!!!

8 Jun 2007 13:58

Sir William Peel, Sandy

Great little free house,Great beer that has people coming back for more.Certinaly full of "characters",but definetly not unsavory,A locaL pub BUT VISITORS are made to feel welcome.Regular quiz evenings and live music,also has its own football team.Friendly bar staff greet you on arrival.

8 Jun 2007 13:56

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