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Comments by Mog

Secklow Hundred, Milton Keynes

Good for an after work pint and one of the better wether pubs. Better than most of them round there. Not saying much mind.

23 Aug 2009 00:06

The Swan with Two Nicks, Sharnbrook

Always a nice visit this one. Real ale choice can be a bit limited but the food is excellent and the atmosphere always good.

22 Aug 2009 23:59

The White Horse, Bedford

Lack of real pub charm about it but not a bad pub. Beer was of a decent standard but the place suffers from wooden floor and fake beam syndrome.

22 Aug 2009 23:44

The Devonshire Arms, Bedford

Decent couple of pints in a decent little back street pub. Well worth a visit.

22 Aug 2009 23:39

Falcon Inn, Bletsoe

On the plus side it's a lovely location and you can fish on the river at the bottom of the garden. The first of two negatives is the standard of the beer. The second the overpriced food. This pub markets itself as a gastro pub but if that means small portions of average food then I'd rather not bother. Don't pay 13 for a piece of chicken thigh! You won't get fat eating here but it could seriously damage your wallet.

22 Aug 2009 23:34

The Bear and Staff, Leicester Square

Had a great couple of pints here after the great British beer festival. A gem of a pub and the atmosphere was terrific.

22 Aug 2009 23:26

The Bull and Butcher, Fenny Stratford

Very much a locals pub but I did have a couple of decent pints here. Without the garden it would have been a bit of an uncomfortable experience given the stares when entering this establishment. No food either which was a problem.

6 Jun 2009 23:32

Royal George, Stagsden

Lovely big garden you can lose your kids in plus excellent quality ales. What more can you want from a pub. If you want something of a decent percentage then go for the bottled ales and there is enough of those to keep you interesred.

31 May 2009 21:53

The Gordon Arms, Bedford

This pub perfectly compliments the local vicinity. Terrific little pub in a fantastic area of town. Beers really good as well. It's a struggle to find bombadier on tap... period... let alone a pint of that sort of quality. I'll certainly be coming back!

31 May 2009 21:40

The Bedford Arms, Bedford

Great looking pub with really decent beer but lacking in punters and therefore atmosphere. Needs the locals to support this pub otherwise it'll go one way..

31 May 2009 21:33

The White Hart, Weymouth

Food was decent but no real ales. If that's your tipple then avoid!

26 Apr 2009 19:22

The Wellington Arms, Weymouth

Proper little pub this. Stumbled across it on holiday. It has some decent real ales on which is a definite bonus. Marstons old empire was excellent and not something you often find at a pub.

26 Apr 2009 19:20

Three Cups, Bedford

Hadn't been here in years but I have to say this pub is a bit special. 5 excellent beers on tap all well kept. Mild as well which is quite a treat...sandwiches weren't bad either!

26 Apr 2009 19:10

Engineers Arms, Henlow

Wonderful atmosphere at this pub with a fantastic array of real ales and ciders to boot. What more could you ask for? Well worth a visit.

19 Mar 2009 22:15

The Three Tuns, Biddenham

I visited this pub for the first time in quite a while and in terms of the decor nothing has really changed since I was last there. The pub has a traditional village feel about it. I prefer the bar side as the lounge, in spite of being close to full, was quiet. In fact it was like being in library. The beer in there was decent without being exceptional which surprised me as I can remember having some outstanding pints of Abbott there in the past.

28 Feb 2009 23:21

The Globe, Dunstable

Fantastic array of real ales available at this pub plus two ciders. It's a real ale drinkers dream. The traditional pub decor just adds to the feel of the place. Well worth a visit.

28 Feb 2009 23:03

The Castle Inn, Bedford

There are varying comments about the standard of the beer at this pub. I had a couple of pints in there the other day and I have to say it was excellent. Food looked good as well and I will give that a go on my next visit.

23 Feb 2009 21:01

The Fordham Arms, Sharnbrook

They had pheasent on the menu and it was awesome. Lots of locally sourced produce has appaered on the menu That's got to be worth an extra point in my book. The beer was excellent as usual and the cider is still there.

9 Nov 2008 20:59

The Embankment, Bedford

This pub has recently changed hands and the difference is noticable. The food here is excellent and there is at least a couple of ales on and they are kept in good condition. If you're going there be prepared for the fact that your wallet will get a hammering but at least you know that you will get some decent scran. Worth a visit on the first weekend of the month!!!!

9 Nov 2008 20:47

The Bell, Odell

Not so friendly this time when we asked for extra gravy. It's going o cost a point. Beer as good as ever though.. that's the priority!

9 Nov 2008 20:37

The Fordham Arms, Sharnbrook

I have to say I'm extremely impressed with the selection of real ales at this pub. To top it off there is actually real cider on draft. It's worth visiting just for that as it's such a rarity. The food was ok as well on my last visit although I have to say that hasn't always been my experience with this pub.

4 Nov 2008 23:06

The Bricklayers Arms, Luton

Excellent traditional pub close to Luton town centre. I had a couple of terrific pints in there and will certainly come back again when I'm next in Luton.

4 Nov 2008 22:59

The Three Horseshoes, Renhold

Had a couple of excellent pints in this pub last week and the food was of a high standard. Worth a visit

4 Nov 2008 22:52

The Cock Hotel, Hitchin

Excellent pint when I visited and food was decent as well. Worth a visit

13 Jun 2008 20:20

The Bankers Draft, Bedford

I was served a piece of steak in there that resembled a Bison's testicle. Beware the mixed grill! It was pretty appalling. Half decent pint of beer mind you.

17 Mar 2008 22:22

The Pilgrims Progress, Bedford

I have to agree with a lot of the negative comments made about this pub....however.... The curry night is excellent value for money and well worth doing. It's the best venue to watch live sport in Bedford, much better than taking your life in your hands on the High Street. Also the beer of late has improved albeit it's still served way too cold... The only problem is the usual proliferation of wether-folk who have been in the place since 10 in the morning drinking insipid pints of John Smiths!!!

3 Feb 2008 23:16

The Bell, Odell

I have to echo the previous comments regarding this pub. Very friendly staff and a wonderful village hostelry. Abbot in excellent condition... Always a good sign!

3 Feb 2008 23:05

The Royal Oak, Carlton

Very warm welcome when you enter this lively pub. Worth a little trip out. Decent pint of Bombadier as well.

3 Feb 2008 22:57

The Ship, Bedford

Fantastic traditional old pub. Best pint of Abbot Ale in question. The food is excellent as well and very reasonably priced.

27 Jan 2008 15:25

The Bedford Arms, Bedford

Always an excellent selection of real ales. Great traditional pub atmosphere. Home made soup is well worth having.

27 Jan 2008 15:05

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