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Comments by MissLilac

The Compass, Bromley

What was probably the best pub in Bromley has gone down hill recently. The new manager seemed to find it a chore serving me yesterday, and got rather irratated that I wanted to wait one minute for my friend to get there until I knew what she wanted to drink. They also do not have as good selection as beers as what they used to.

The prices however seem to have gone down quite drastically and the new food menu is an improvement. Also, the good atmosphere from the clientele remains the same.

30 Jul 2006 09:45

The Two Doves, Bromley

Must be Bromley's only Young's pub and a very nice one it is too. It's open all day on Sunday's now by the way.

13 Feb 2006 13:13

The Bell And Compass, Charing Cross

It's now re-opened and is a huge improvement on The Griffin.

1 Aug 2005 11:11

The Railway Hotel, Bromley

You can away with pretty much anything in this pub.

11 Jul 2005 14:08

The Swan and Mitre, Bromley

The landlord is a bit moody he keeps barring people. He should otherwise concentrate on sorting out the toilets...

11 Jul 2005 13:58

The Prince of Wales, Brixton

Is now a crap trendy restaurant type place called The Harlem.

7 Jul 2005 09:44

The George, Old Oxted

Also it is now a Trinity pub so I'm guessing no longer Hall and Woodhouse.

4 Jul 2005 10:22

The Red Lion, Bromley

Top quality pub, well worth a detour for.

4 Jul 2005 10:19

The George, Old Oxted

I was in this pub the other day and was not eating and I found it very welcoming. They should probably make the bar area slightly larger and the restaurant slightly smaller though and then it would be spot on. A lovely pub.

4 Jul 2005 10:15

Ye Olde Blacksmith, Orpington

It needs attention.

23 Jun 2005 10:31

The Tom Foolery, Bromley

It's not a bad place considering what's around it - but a bit yuppie and very expensive.

22 Jun 2005 12:48

The Prince Frederick, Bromley

Nicest pub in Bromley, if you are lucky enough to have found it.

22 Jun 2005 12:43

1st Avenue, Bromley

It's closed down again, for anyone who's interested.

20 Jun 2005 12:11

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