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Comments by Minesapintaplease

Fahrenheit 55, Guildford

Good range of beers, fun staff, nice music and pretty laid back. Recommend.

24 Feb 2014 13:44

The Hand and Spear, Weybridge

Went to the famous pub quiz when the price money had rolled over for a couple of weeks. Was very busy and lively, drinks expensive, but this is Weybridge after all!

The menu made me chuckle as it says that they make their own sauces, even though you can see the boxed sauces on the shelves via the service window into the kitchen.

Quiz was very hard and it was strange that the bar staff won the £100 jackpot. With such in-depth of musical knowledge I'd of thought they'd be better off working for a record company or writing quiz questions.

24 Feb 2014 13:42

The Kings Head, Byfleet

Is now block of houses.

21 Feb 2014 17:14

The Blue Anchor, Byfleet

Grotty decor, damp musky smell and that's just as you walk in. As I'm not a local, was treated with suspicion by the bar staff and menancingly by the two guys sitting at the bar who asked where I was from and why I had decided to have a drink there and what I did for a living. Seemed to be some sort of inquisition from one of the guys who had a major limp.

Finished my drink and left asap, would recommend you avoid this place, the Plough is up the road and seems that most of the weird people either don't go or are probably barred from going there.

21 Feb 2014 17:13

The Stoke, Guildford

The biggest issue here is the staffing. Its a big venue and gets frequented by groups of people ordering dinners and large rounds of drinks. During peak hours this makes trying to order a pint to take up to 30 mins at a time as the bar staff have to leave the bar to serve the food order. Have they not heard of waitressing it would save them and other customers so much hassle.

Otherwise a lot of care has been taken to put on a variety of events and actvities for the patrons. Quiz nights, local music, poker nights etc are all accomodated and the food despite being restricted to pizza is not bad at all.

The staff are friendly and do make an effort to get to know people which is more than can be said of a lot of pubs in the area!

21 Feb 2014 15:37

The Station, Woking

Real shame, but this place has gone right down hill since the team running it changed. Sloppy service, poorly trained staff and general lack of care has meant the regular patrons have left to drink in the recently opened Ogylivie. Bloke serving me drinks couldn't pour a pint of lager. Wasted 2x pints of froth as was holding glass too far away from spout. All he needed to do was angle the glass... I asked him how long he'd been working there - he said three months. So seems its a terminal problem.

21 Feb 2014 15:28

Yates's, Woking

Took some work colleagues in here one night the other week. Wasn't pleasant experience. Drinks (including wines for the women) served in plastic cups, floor sticky and place full of chavettes and what seemed like a dozen fruit machines. Toilet area upstairs look like have been attacked with a sledge hammer with holes in walls.

Next day couple of said colleagues were ill and thought that the drinks tasted bad.

21 Feb 2014 15:10

Remix Bar, Woking

The owner changed it from Remix to the "Velvet Den" which was a lap-dancing venue. Due to pressure from the B & B next door which lobbied the council to restrict opening hours and noise levels. This wasn't successful and the venue closed for good in 2012.

Is now a Bed and Breakfast. Another independent bar gone in Woking.

21 Feb 2014 15:03

The Goldsworth Arms, Woking

Planning permission has been given to replace pub with residential flats. Land owners waiting for market to pick up before carrying out demolition and construction.

21 Feb 2014 14:32

The Kings Head, Guildford

Very expensive to drink here and having lived nearby for a couple of years I find it to be a clicky, snobbish & unfriendly pub. The candle and lighting decor make it useful to take someone for dinner. As a local pub, I'm not so sure though. The staff are polite and diligent, it just seems that newcomers aren't really welcome.

21 Feb 2014 14:31

The Guildford Tup, Guildford

Decent range of beers, friendly Aussie bar manager and wall-to-wall sports. Yes, Rugby is the pre-dominant sport and the clientele reflect that as they tend to be toff British lads with their horse-faced posh women. They're generally in-offensive all be it a bit loud and pretentious . The courtyard and outhouse provide a bit of variety and relief if you want to get away from Rugby and sports in general. A nice touch is that the popular Guildford pub singer - Gavin & his guitar - is a regular fixture.

Compared to the bigger faceless pubs in Guildford the Tup is a nice change.

21 Feb 2014 14:23

The Hand and Spear, Weybridge

Exspensive and poor range of beers.

Food is supposedly fresh and own sauces made, even though you can see boxes of processed sauces through servery window into kitchen....

Went during one the ultra hard quiz nights and bar staff won the Quiz! �400 to the bar staff?

Then popped in on Saturday afternoon for a pint and barman too busy to serve as was playing on the fruit machine.

Nice work if you can get it! I'd avoid this place and go to the Percy or Slug.

16 Dec 2009 15:06

Archee's Bar and Restaurant, Woking

Good venue for watching live sport, good range of lagers. Ideal for couple drinks if your doing rounds in Woking.

16 Dec 2009 15:00

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