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The Old Bell, Fleet Street

Popped in with the intention of stopping for a quick Guinness but ended up having 3 pints with some excellent company accompanied by an excellent atmosphere! Really nice pub, good beer and good staff in a quirky location.

Would return without a doubt!!

30 Mar 2015 21:31

The Mudlark, London Bridge

Went in here last month for the first time. Not a bad pub really. The layout is a bit difficult and it is not a very intimate affair but the Guinness was good and service spot on which seems to becoming a rareity in London now a days! Would return if I was in the area.

30 Mar 2015 21:26

The Blue Posts, Soho

As stated, the main photo above is not the correct one. Image 2 is the correct Blue Posts.

I have been in here on quite a few occasions now - and I have to say I quite like it!

It is definately a "no nonsense" type boozer with a landlord still wearing a shirt and tie and watching over patrons like a hawk!

Beer was "ok" - decor is massively dated, feels like you have gone back 20 years but I find this is actually part of the charm!

If you want a proper pub experience go here!

If you dont like dated decor and fancy more sumptous surroundings, dont visit.

20 Dec 2014 19:59

The Blue Posts, Piccadilly

Returned back here with the other half last week. I make this a regular stop whenever I am in town now and I am never disappointed.

A lot busier on this occasion (even for a midweek!) but it is December and I think there were quite a few people there on Xmas nights out.

Guinness is always good, bar staff always friendly.

I always think a seat at the bar in the corner is a great place to sit as you can just watch the customers go by. Will always reccomend.

20 Dec 2014 19:56

The Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market

Wowsers talk about busy!!

This place is seriously packed out in the early evenings with all the city suits finishing work.

We had a couple of pints hushed in a little corner but it wasnt too bad. The outdoor setting with the covered market is fantastic and at christmas the area feels great.

I would return but would not actively seek it out.

Pint of Guinness & a Lager was an eye watering £9.10. Ouch.

13 Dec 2014 01:01

Ship, Monument

Popped in here for the first time with the other half a few days ago.

A nice looking pub tucked away down a little side street. Two pints were £8 which I thought was quite good for the area.

Unfortunately got VERY busy once all the offices had chucked out and there were quite a few of the usual loud suited types.

Overall though a good atmosphere with good beer at a good price and I would return :)

13 Dec 2014 00:55

The Thirsty Bear, London

A pub that could have such potential is ruined by the sheer stupidity of their pricing structure.

We came in the other day and poured to pints from the tap at the table - worked out at just over a fiver for an standard lager - ridiculous, even by Londons ever decreasing standards.

I had a look at the price of standard pints at the bar along with snacks - we didnt get anything extra and soon left.

I for one will not be returning.

5 Jul 2014 00:49

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

Love this pub - have reviewed it before but having gone in last night I just wanted to say how much I still enjoy it!

Good beer, atmosphere and a fantastic location to watch the world go by! Visit!

13 Feb 2014 16:59

The Lemon Tree, Covent Garden

Went in here yesterday - from the outside it looks quite traditional and inviting but once your inside I think it looses some of that charm.

The Pub has a modern feel to it with light wood used and is very open plan which for me makes it a little less cosy than others in the area.

I had a Guinness and the other half a standard lager which came in at £8.80! The woman serving was pleasant enough and the Guinness ok.

Unfortunately I wont be going back, its not a bad place - theres just a lot more pubs in the area which are a lot better than this one and offer a better atmosphere

13 Feb 2014 16:56

The Kings Arms, Fitzrovia

Came in there with the other half last week as I was staying up the road.

The plus points are it is in a lovely area, full of character, away from tourists and is a "real" untouched part of central London.

The negative part is that the pub absolutely stinks - I dont know if it is the smell of patrons or just the grubbyness of the pub but it really was not very welcoming.

There was one bloke on behind the bar who although polite just did seem like his heart was in it. We just had 2 pints of Cider £4 each which is about normal for the area.

The pub really needs a face lift. I am all for character pubs with a bit of grime - but this was just dirty. We went outside and could not even lean or put our pints on the wooden outboard as it was falling off........

5/10 - Mostly for location. Sorry....

12 Sep 2013 00:34

The Swan, Hammersmith

Had 2 pints in here. A typical Nicholsons affair with the usual range of beers/lagers and prices to go with it.

We did not eat but I had a few drinks. The Aspalls was very nice and chilled as was the Guinness.

Would return if I was in the area BUT purely for convenience as it is right across the road from the tube.

1 May 2013 23:11

Belushi's, Hammersmith

Strange how there are no actual reviews for this place!

Went in a few weeks ago! It's a sports bar come pub come anything really!

Serves good beer and drinks and I thought had a great atmosphere! Food was very well priced and a pint will set you back around £4.

Show all different types of sport on many screens.

Pop in :)

1 May 2013 23:06

The Stanhope Arms, Kensington

Went in here with friends a few weeks ago - Actually really liked it! Went in on a whim as we were on the tube and deicded to jump off at Gloucester Rd as we had never been in the area!

Around £4.10 for a Guinness which I have to say tasted very good indeed! Would return if in the area.

1 May 2013 22:56

The Two Chairmen, Trafalgar Square

Visited yesterday after me and some friends wanted somewhere new to try without the hassle of a usual central pub.

I had a few pints of the black stuff which were average. Not great but definitely not the worst I have had either!

Staff were quite quirky and friendly. A brilliant location tucked away just off Trafalgar Square.

Would visit again.

4 Feb 2013 02:13

The Blue Posts, Piccadilly

I intended to come to the pub for a pint with friends but ended up staying and having about 3 or 4.

I havent been in here for a few years but nothing seems to have changed - Staff are friendly, beer is good and dare I say it not too over priced for the area (£4.10 for a Guinness).

Will definitely be returning in a few weeks when I may sample the food!

19 Jan 2013 00:28

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

Argh I love this pub so much but every few months I pop in the prices seem to be continually rising.

The beer is well kept, the atmosphere is beautiful but like so many other pubs in London I honestly fear it will soon price itself out of the market....

19 Jan 2013 00:23

The Toucan, Soho

I pick up on the point made by greedyboy on the 11th July 2011 - I agree with your comment regarding the big bald bloke.

I went in with friends for the first time as I am a big Guinness fan.

We were not being loud, simply talking and having a joke (not messing around in any way!!). There were 2 other people in the pub also enjoying themselves to which this bloke decided to tell us all to ssssh as we were "too loud".

Seriously we were not even shouting at all! Rude, arrogant, stuck up idiots with over prices average Guinness.

There are so many more pubs to choose from in the area - visit them and avoid this place! I will be in future!

19 Jan 2013 00:20

The Shaston Arms, Soho

Popped in with friends the other day for a pint. I havent been in here for a few years but I really enjoyed my visit.

Like so many central pubs they are no charging £4.10 for a Guinness which seems to be sadly the norm. That aside it tasted good and was well poured and the staff were friendly!

Will definitely visit again :)

19 Jan 2013 00:17

The Round Table, Leicester Square

I actually really liked this pub. We ended up staying in here for a few hours enjoying some drinks and watching the world go by. Around £3.80 mark for a pint which for the area is expected.

Service was good as was the drinks - would definately return :)

12 Dec 2012 23:08

The Stage Door, Waterloo

Went here with the other half when we were staying at a hotel nearby.

A pint of Strongbow and a bottle of Peroni were around the £3.60-£3.80 mark.

I had the steak pie with chips priced at £5.95 and I have to say it was bloody good!!!!!

Would visit again if in the area.

12 Dec 2012 22:58

O'Neills, High Wycombe

So, new decor, new staff and new fixtures and fittings - stood at the bar with other people trying to get a drink.

5 minutes.....
10 minutes........
15 minutes...............

Over 10 people walked out (we did not know each other) at having to wait that amount of time for a drink! I remember when there used to be around 8 members of bar staff behind the bar on a Fri/Sat. It was down to 3! Absolutely stupid!

15 Oct 2012 02:44

The Porcupine, Leicester Square

Popped in when I was passing through the other day for the first time.

I actually quite liked the place - good atmosphere, good staff and well kept Guinness. Overall not a bad place at all.

Would go back.

9 Sep 2012 14:20

Sway Bar, Holborn

This is another one of the "Late Night London" venues which offers Happy Hours, Reduced Price Platters etc.

I have to say due to the cost of drinking in Central London now I do take advantage of many of these offers during happy hour - a pint will cost you around �2.50, a bottle of beer the same etc. You cant really complain with that.

The decor is nice upstairs BUT that is where it ends. DO NOT stay here after "Happy Hour" ends. A bottle of Corona will set you back a fiver and a pint well over that! The staffs attitude change, the atmosphere changes and it all goes downhill rather quickly.

In short, go for the cheap drinks, leave straight after!

9 Sep 2012 14:19

The Crown and Anchor, Covent Garden

Had a nice pint of Guinness in here whilst watching the hustle and bustle pass us by outside.

I actually quite enjoyed this place. I tend to stay away from Covent Garden but as I was going for drinks at Circus nearby we had one in here before it opened.

Guinness was well kept and staff were alright. 7/10

9 Sep 2012 14:08

Prince Of Wales, Covent Garden

It's not great, it's not special its just a place to go if you want a pint in London.

The Guinness wasnt too bad but was close to the �4 mark.

It just struck me as another characterless central London pub catering for the large tourist trade.

9 Sep 2012 14:06

The Cross Keys, Covent Garden

I visited this pub for the first time a few days ago having seen it on here and wanting to pay a visit!

I have to say it was a lovely little place - very dark inside but with lamps and "tat" - good tat that is on the walls making it a nice, cosy place to enjoy a Guinness.

The pint was really, really good - no bubbles, smooth - top marks for that. For that and a Corona it was around �8.40 - Not cheap but is anything in London these days?

9 Sep 2012 13:53

The Snooty Fox, Canonbury

I went to this pub a month or so ago during the day. A pleasant looking place which I suppose given London prices now was not too bad.

I had a pint of Guinness which went down a treat. Only stopped for one as we were off into town but would definately return

30 Aug 2012 22:58

O'Neills, Soho

" Chat to girls in the que, offer to pay there entry (�6) get there names before you get to the bouncers, and tell them you are a group together. Works every time. Get knocked? Chances are you will get knocked from everywhere in London"

Seriously what planet are you on!? Offer to pay their entry fee plus your own so you can go and drink a pint of Guinness in a pub? And "Get Knocked - Chances are you will get knocked from everywhere in London". You talk utter rubbish my friend.

I've never been "knocked" from any other bar/pub in Central - and thankfully I didnt even "get knocked" from here as I had the sense to avoid it and not pay the entrance fee!

21 Jul 2012 01:50

The Coach Makers, Marylebone

Called in here a week ago with some friends. Not bad at all although I have to say we were outside and not inside as the weather was glorious! We had a nice cider (all be it pricey at well over �4.40 a pint!) I would return to sit outside and watch the world go by but I dont think I would return to sit inside.

11 Jun 2012 22:39

Ye Olde Watling, Mansion House

I quite like this place - went in last night for a pint with a mate. 1 Guinness and 1 Stella Black was �7.95 so just short of �4 a pint. Such a sad state of affairs that I actually did not mind the price as it seems commonplace everywhere in London now! Overall I liked the pub, traditional, friendly and had a nice atmosphere. Would visit again.

17 May 2012 14:12

Bar Soho, Soho

I have to say the staff were great when I went here a few months back. I booked online and got a private area for 4 hours and as happy hour was on (I say happy hour it ran from 5pm til 10pm) I was paying �2.45 a pint! Nice area, good surroundings - I really enjoyed it :)

2 May 2012 01:51

Waxy's Little Sister, Piccadilly Circus

"onthebrew" - I was more than suited to Waxys and spent an awful lot of my money in there over the years. Unfortunately though the staff, in particular the door staff have ruined the reputation of the place and the silly prices they now charge in the West End means i will quite happily find some other proper London Pub to spend my wages in :)

2 May 2012 01:43

Butlers, High Wycombe

Since 2007, nothing has changed - still full of idiots, still pretty much empty on a Friday & Saturday and the outside of this place is disgusting! The place has not had any repaint, refurb or anything of anysort since it opened years ago! Sort it out and people might start going there again!

11 Apr 2012 16:28

The Sausage Tree, High Wycombe

This is owned by the same people who own The Bootlegger opposite the train station, hence the large beer selection and similar decor inside. Although not as popular it is just as pricey! The food is good though but the Black Rock Grill is an absolute rip off! Not bad for a one off but a bit to pricey to call it your regular pub!

11 Apr 2012 16:27

The Disraeli, High Wycombe

Frequented by travellers and rough and ready types. A shooting also took place opposite a few months back. The area should mean this is quite a nice place to go - unfortunately despite the licencees best efforts I dont think it is.

11 Apr 2012 16:23

The Red Lion, Westminster

Have to agree with the below - We had 4 pints and it was around �13.50/�14 which means for one pint and a glass of vino you have been ripped off! It is by no means cheap but for the area is not too bad. Staff were fine and the beer tasted ok, would visit again if I was in the area.

10 Apr 2012 18:25

The Bear and Staff, Leicester Square

Definately one of the better pubs in this area - I am not usually a massive fan of covent Garden/Leicester Sq but as I was with friends who have not been out around here for a while I thought we would pop in. Staff were friendly considering where we were, the beer was alright but the prices......ouch - definately a tourist trap! I do wonder what will happen when alcohol duty goes up again, I honestly think in the end this rip off culture in central London will have to end as people will quite simply refuse to pay the prices - not bad for one but take out a loan if you intend to stay for more!

10 Apr 2012 18:20

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

First time I have been in since the refurb - I think its a MASSIVE improvement! Gone is that god awful stench which used to over power you as you waited at the downstairs bar near the loos! The refurb makes it look very welcoming and more traditional and I think Fullers should be congratulated for it. Will definately be visiting again!

10 Apr 2012 18:17

The Coach and Horses, Covent Garden

I have been to this place before but not for around 2-3 years. I have to say it was lovely. A great atmoshpere, not as touristy as you may think considering the location! I had the Guinness which was one of the best I have had in London for a long time - really really impressed, keep up the good work!

10 Apr 2012 18:15

The Wellington, Strand

First time I have been to this pub - It's not actually that bad and i was pleasantly surprised by the fixtures and fittings. I had a Guinness which was average but overall I would go back there. Nothing too great about it, nothing too bad - 6/10

10 Apr 2012 18:13

The Pontefract Castle, Marylebone

A nice enough boozer - � 3.60ish for a pint of strongbow - A good atmosphere,nice pub and good dtaff close to the tube - 7/10.

15 Mar 2012 01:17

The Cock and Lion, Bond Street

To be fair, a good Boozer! We came from the direction of Marylebone High St - Had a good few in the Gunmakers and Angel in the Fields and we all enjoyed it! The football was on, the fruity was playing and I have to be honest when I say we all enjoyed it!! 8/10 guys - good beer,lager and food!

15 Mar 2012 01:15

The Golden Eagle, Bond Street

Well guys, I called in here with 4 friends on the 14th March 2012. A great place - If you like "traditional" this place is for you! A true gem in the London back streets - It really is! Into the bar you go to be greeted by a bloke ina waist coat plus dickie! Glasses above the bar with a good selection of "mainstream" beer/lager - 8/10. If you like a True pub - visit!!!!

15 Mar 2012 01:09

The Angel in the Fields, Bond Street

The Irish bar man I am pleased to say is still there - A very friendly chap who talked to me about the change in Sam Smiths lager which I did not know about. The main lager going from 4. something percent to 2.8!! Overall though, great bar staff, a "proper" pub, lovely, - friendly staff and great prices - win win win. Visit!!

8 Mar 2012 01:02

The Gunmakers, Marylebone

Wow!! A Fantastic pub!!! I've been coming to London for many years yet never seen or heard of this place - �3.35 for a Strongbow - VERY reasonable I think! �4 a Peroni pint which I think is about average for central? But you know I love this place. The locals have their dogs in there, the beer is good, the clientele is fantastic! The food is great - �8.90ish for hand carved ham, chips and eggs - lovely! Will DEFINATELY visit again!!! No tourists - just a proper pub - win!!

8 Mar 2012 00:51

Shoulder of Mutton, Wendover

Hmmm - I had a drink in here at last orders so cannot comment fully - it was quite quiet but the beer was good and a reasonable price! Would visit again

8 Mar 2012 00:44

The White Swan, Wendover

I have to disagree with the previous comments - A lovely local pub, reasonable prices and a good selection of beers/ales - Complete with a sleeping dog asleep on the sofa! Very friendly staff too. Even said goodbye at the end of their shift - will visit again!!

8 Mar 2012 00:41

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

In here yesterday for the first time - Great beer, fantastic staff - Guinness at �3.60 something a pint - very reasonable. Lovely atmosphere, will come back again!

8 Mar 2012 00:36

The new Players Lounge, Charing Cross

Came here for the first time the other week. I agree with what another poster said that its ok if its after 11pm and you have nowhere else to go. It's open until around 2am, drinks prices are "reasonable" for the area. It can be quite loud in here and when we went on the weekend it was packed with "Thespians" as they call em, who really like the sound of their own voices. Thankfully we found a quieter area away from the main crows and actually really enjoyed ourselves chatting away and listening to the bloke on the piano. Not a bad place but not somewhere I would actively seek out to return to.

19 Dec 2011 20:18

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

Vissited again with the other half - Had a really nice time here and soaked up the atmosphere. The drinks prices have increased again though like they have done througout London. Around �3.80 for a Guinness - With they way in which prices are increasing I honestly think many pubs in London will soon start to struggle to attract customers all day and night like they are at the minute. Many pubs are already charging over �4 for a pint of Guinness - poor. People will soon start staying at home for a few drinks and then just coming out later in the evening for one or two. Hopefully the prices here will not rise much further anytime soon. Still a great pub though :)

19 Dec 2011 20:15

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

Was in here last week for a few. The prices are still really cheap compared to anywhere else in the area but have definately gone up of late. The atmosphere is "ok". Not great as it is full of students, and I do mean full of em! Right from when it opens up until it finishes. There are plenty of other Smiths pubs in the capital, try a few of the others. In particular one up in Fitzrovia - a lot nicer :)

19 Dec 2011 20:08

Ye Olde Swiss Cottage, Swiss Cottage

How interesting that both the most recent posters for this pub stating how "amazing the staff are" have only ever posted one review on the entire website - both posting the exact same thing too.

19 Dec 2011 20:06

Woodseats Palace, Sheffield

Cheap beer. That is about all this place has going for it. Not the best of atmospheres with many of the locals choosing this place to air their dirty laundry in public and "protect" their strange looking women like they are real catches. Better places to go.

19 Dec 2011 20:02

The Abbey, Woodseats

Not a bad pub - The staff definately prefer their "local" faces. Despite being from Sheffield whenever I go back and visit and enter with a group of mates we dont feel like we get the warmest welcome in the world. Not bad prices, not bad Guinness. 6/10

19 Dec 2011 20:00

The Chantrey Arms, Sheffield

Not a bad pub at all. Has changed management over the past few years and the new bloke has injected a lot of fun back into the place. Reasonable prices and a good atmosphere. One of the better pubs in Woodseats.

19 Dec 2011 19:57

The Library, Islington

Came in with friends on Saturday. I actually enjoyed it contrary to some other reviews. I am very much a pubber and this suited me fine. Music was being played but not to the stupidly loud point where we couldnt hear each other talking. The beer wasnt stupidly priced and I found the patrons friendly too. I would definately go back.

1 Nov 2011 01:50

The Camden Eye, Camden

A little update for you - A friend came here the other night after I left them. Guinness is now up to �4.20. A rip off even for Camdens ever decreasing standards.....

1 Nov 2011 01:39

The Woodbine, Highbury

Visited with friends on Saturday. We sat down and had a few pints (I'm a Guinness drinker and I have to say it was absolutely spot on!) I cant remember the exact price (Around the �3.60 mark). The chap behind the bar was alright, not overly friendly but still welcoming enough. My mate lives just around the corner and this is the reason we went in. He absolutely loves it and I can see why. A proper pub where you can sit, relax and have a chat. I shall be back!

1 Nov 2011 01:38

The Highbury Barn, Islington

I came here with friends on Saturday night for the first time. I have to say I really enjoyed it. The staff were friendly and approachable, the Guinness was good (approx �3.65ish a pint) and we all sat down and had a good catch up! I have to say though I would not class this as a "comfy" pub. It is very bright in here and as such it did not have the same ambience as some other pubs I have been in around the area. BUT, overall a good place to be :)

1 Nov 2011 01:32

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