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Comments by Mike_Oxhard

The Prince Edward, Holloway

Perfect for celebrating our eldest daughter's release from Holloway prison! After 2 years banged up, she certainly wasn't going to complain about the pint or anything.

11 Nov 2009 14:01

The Golden Bowler, Stubbington

A pub that doesnt seem to have changed since the 1800's!! That includes the barman (sorry mate).

Excellent selection of ales and I'm informed the food is good too.

But really really quiet, which is fine depending on your mood.

25 Feb 2008 14:38

The Wyvern, Lee on the Solent

Really good Sunday carvery, excellent selection of ales.

Oh, sorry for theiving the Guinness glass.

25 Feb 2008 14:35

Carisbrooke Arms, Gosport

Used to play for the pub quiz team here on Sunday nights years ago and even then you were waiting for a ruck to break out! Shame, could be better in the pub desert of Bridgemary.

Large boozer, can't remember much decent ale.

25 Feb 2008 14:33

Wych Way Inn, Bridgemary

Forgot to mention the pub has an Australian chart hit named after it by the band "Bridgemary Kiss"!!

25 Feb 2008 14:32

Wych Way Inn, Bridgemary

A complete 70's throwback, though not perhaps a criticism. Was amused by the barefooted landlord who let the regulars look after his pub one Saturday afternoon as he went for a bath!!

Nothing happening on the real ale front when I was last there.

25 Feb 2008 14:31

The Three Tuns, Gosport

Plenty of character. Standard Gosport boozer really, don't remember much special on the ale front.

25 Feb 2008 14:28

Windsor Castle, Gosport

Cracking pub. Right ale, right company.

25 Feb 2008 14:27

The New Inn, Gosport

Tiny little pub, blink and you'd miss it. Decent selection on of ale last time I was there.

Seems to have a lot of social stuff going on.

Don't know about the "chav" comment,seemed to be full of aged matelots talking about prostitutes they'd visited in the Far East, mind you this was lunchtime!!

25 Feb 2008 14:26

The Kings Head, Gosport

Friendly little boozer, recently refurbished I believe.

25 Feb 2008 14:24

Barley Mow, Gosport

Interesting little pub, doesnt tend to do any real ale though, unlike the two either side of it.

Landlady used to be going out with a bloke who thought he was in the 657.

25 Feb 2008 14:21

Skylark (T1L), Heathrow Airport

Visited twice in the same weekend due to airport delays, first time early on Sat morning, second at Sunday lunchtime.

Actually fairly impressive for an airport Spoons. Nice food, prompt service despite being horrendously busy. Decent pint of Bishops Finger, ideal fortification for a 36-hour delayed flight to Hong Kong via Finland!!

23 Aug 2007 13:35

The Delme Arms, Fareham

Bit of an undiscovered gem. I've lived in the Fareham/Gosport area all my life but due to it's location (under a viaduct by a motorway junction) never got round to this one b4.

Was in there at 4pm on a weekday - still fairly busy for a small locals boozer. Landlord very friendly, locals OK. Only drank Becks so can't comment on the beer.

23 Aug 2007 13:30

The Wheatsheaf, Shedfield

Good beer (if you like summer ales), good food.

Landlord has attitude problem giving loud sighs if you take more than a millisecond to sort out your hard-earned cash before giving it to him.

Show some respect to people who are giving you money, whether they're a regular or not.

29 Mar 2007 11:17

Brocket Arms, Wigan

A posh Wetherspoons! Unique!

29 Mar 2007 11:12

Noctors, Maidenhead

Went on St. Pat's night. Good friendly craic. Friendly town all round I always find on visits to Maidenhead anyway.

29 Mar 2007 11:02

The Hobgoblin, Maidenhead

Good service, friendly little pub

29 Mar 2007 10:57

The Newcome Arms, Portsmouth

As said previously, a good place for pre and post match atmosphere, it's where Westwood and the lads drink.

But don't go expecting decent beer or a warm welcome. Only drink bottles cos Nigel hasnt got a clue about how to keep draught beer. Brenda and the barmaids are OK.

29 Mar 2007 10:53

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