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Comments by Mike142

Albany Hotel, Albany Park

Fair enough Longshaft81, but �3.60 for a pint of Stella is hugely excessive for what you've got. I speak frequently to the staff in the station, many of whom have lived in Albany Park for years and remember when the pub was a true community local packed out most evenings in and out, with reasonably priced beer and often hosting charitable events and pensioners outings etc. What we've got now is a virtually empty pub most evenings, below par beer, and lack of atmosphere because of lack of clientele. And it shows people are not prepared to put up with it. I bet it will be gone in three years.

7 Sep 2009 13:24

The Sir Loin Of Beef, Southsea

Next time I'm in Portsmouth I will make a point of making time for a visit to this superb gem of a pub. The one time I went in when visiting family I found the beer, service and pub atmosphere nothing short of perfect. Certainly spoilt for choice if you're a real ale fan. Get down and see it.

30 Jun 2008 15:28

The Lanyard, North End

I remember when this was a church, only popped in there once - very intriguing to say the least. Seemed decent enough, good beer and full menu. Don't knock it till you've tried it, it's certainly different.

30 Jun 2008 15:24

The Still and West, Portsmouth

Sadly not as good as the Spice Island which is a shame as it used to be a great pub, still is in many ways but since Fuller's took over the beer quality has declined and the crowd that go there has taken a shift towards the rough side.

30 Jun 2008 15:21

The Still and West, Portsmouth

Sadly not as good as the Spice Island which is a shame as it used to be a great pub, still is in many ways but since Fuller's took over the beer quality has declined and the crowd that go there has taken a shift towards the rough side.

30 Jun 2008 15:21

The Spice Island Inn, Portsmouth

This was once three separate pubs each with their own unique nautical theme settings. Still, an ideal place to quaff a few cold beers on a sunny day watching the world (literally) go by, ships and ferries often going anywhere. The food is also of a very high standard in the restaurant upstairs and all the more delightful if you can get a window table.

30 Jun 2008 15:18

The Registry, Portsmouth

An old haunt when I was a student there, good cheap drinks and food, fun atmosphere and centrally located. Not everyone's cup of tea (not mine now either) but offers quite a lot of appeal for younger people and those on a budget.

30 Jun 2008 15:13

Marthas, Portsmouth

It'll soon be biting the dust when the city centre gets redeveloped in a couple of years' time. Martha's used to be a quality gay pub in the 90s but times have changed and it's had it's day.

30 Jun 2008 15:09

The Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth

I have fond memories of this pub, used to come in here all hours of the day when I was a student...on both sides of age 18 he he...

30 Jun 2008 15:06

The Bridge Tavern, Portsmouth

Haven't been in here for a while as I don't live down there any more but I used to love coming here for lunch of a Sunday, food excellent with plenty of good beer choices. Sitting outside is nice on a sunny day watching the ferries come and go in and out and soaking up the fresh salty air.

30 Jun 2008 15:04

The Danson Stables, Danson Park

Only poked my head in here once a short while back but can't say I was impressed by what I saw, dirty sticky tables, very little choice of beer, kids running all over the place, no it's not somewhere I'd go to which is a shame as it looks welcoming from outside in the park.

30 Jun 2008 14:59

The Wrong 'Un, Bexleyheath

Not as good as The Furze Wren for service or beer, but it's OK. Clientel can be on the rough side late afternoon onwards especially later in the week and with people spilling out on the pavement outside.

30 Jun 2008 14:56

Volunteer Public House, Bexleyheath

Smashing little locals pub with friendly atmosphere and nice back garden with good sheltered partioning for smokers. Not the best beer in the world (Green King) but certainly makes up for it in other ways.

30 Jun 2008 14:53

The Toby Carvery, Bexleyheath

I often come here for a carvery and I've always had a pleasurable meal. No real ale so drink Coors or Stella which is served iced cold and refreshing. Nice also to sit outside on the terrace in summer, and the staff here seem to take pride in their service.

30 Jun 2008 14:48

The Furze Wren, Bexleyheath

Not bad Wetherspoons, usually a good range of beers to choose from and good value. From what I've witnessed though I wouldn't eat here, a while back an entire family had to send back their meals because they were all cold/undercooked.

30 Jun 2008 14:44

The Rose, Bexleyheath

Gets extremely packed on footie/rugby days. Only been in a couple of times, but the staff and clientel are decent folk and it's certainly cheaper than most surrounding pubs.

30 Jun 2008 11:53

The Robin Hood and Little John, Bexleyheath

I'm definitely a real ale fan myself but the beers in here do seem to be a bit run of the mill and always seem to be of the same selection. None the less, I find this pub very welcoming and a good place to go for a quiet evening with friends. Definitely a real traditional pub through and through, even the opening hours (usually closed afternoons until 5pm or 7pm at weekends).

30 Jun 2008 11:48

The Jolly Miller, Bexleyheath

Top quality & friendly town/local pub situated just off the busy Broadway shopping centre. Beer quality is always good, regular changing guest ales and the beer garden is a wondeful little oasis in the summer. Probably the best pub in the area having moved here within the last year.

30 Jun 2008 11:43

The Prince Albert, Bexleyheath

Getting very expensive, and the beer quality is sometimes questionable. However still one of the best pubs in Bexleyheath, quite an intimate atmosphere year round and the restaurant upstairs is perfect for that special occasion.

30 Jun 2008 11:37

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