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Comments by Merengue

The Volunteer, Baker Street

I've been here a few times and I used to think it was decent pub but not anymore. I went at lunchtime and it wasn't very busy (hardly anyone there and no one at the bar not even bar staff) but it was hard to get served. The bar staff were simply rude when I asked if anyone was serving. Seriously, some businesses don't have a clue when it comes to customer service and this is one of them. I won't be going back.

25 May 2011 03:18

The Queensbury, Willesden Green

Ive been here quite a few times but never regularly to be honest. It is a very nice pub and has a great outside section. Inside there is a restaurant and a drinking section. Unfortunately every time Ive been there Ive never enjoyed the lager that Ive ordered. The taste is just flat and Im talking about a a range of beers, not just one. I guess the landlord never drinks the stuff which is a shame for punters imo. Improve the beer please!

26 Aug 2010 16:59

The Marylebone Bar and Kitchen, Marylebone

This pub is now called the Temperance. I like this pub and its near my work so I visit it eveyr once in a while./ Decent selection of beers or lagers in my case. My only criticism is the service. It can sometimes take forever to get served, usually because noone is behind the bar or they are busy/distracted trying to sort out the food or something else. Food isnt bad either but service is slow and they forgot to serve a friend of mione one time. Sounds worse than what it is as its a decent place but just needs to be run better from a service point of view.

7 Dec 2008 11:54

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