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Waxy's Little Sister, Piccadilly Circus

I really like this little pub - I usually favour it on a sunday night. Decent, attentive staff and a good range of beers. Great place to meet your mates before a trek around soho and the west end.

20 Mar 2010 17:54

The Horse and Groom, Belgravia

Fantastic little boozer in Belgravia. The last time I was there I had a great time, with loads o folk from the Irish Embassy around the corner in attendance ! Great Irish landlord who really knows how to run a pub. Makes his punters welcome but without being cheesy like so many of them can be. The only thing I would change is the lighting - if someone turned the lights off and handed out candles this would be the best little pub in London !

20 Mar 2010 17:48

The Castle, Holland Park

Without a doubt the best boozer in Holland Park. Excellent selection of strong euro lagers and hand pulled beers. Open `til midnight most nights. Attracts the usual lap topped city types after work but very much a local pub after 9 ish. Worth a visit for sure.

20 Mar 2010 16:57

The Field, Mayfair

An all round decent bar, but lacking the originality one expects in a mayfair boozer. Decent food and drinks though.

20 Mar 2010 16:34

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