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Comments by MavicChen

The Albion, West Kensington

Decided to venture into this bar the other day, as I thought it looked quite nice from the outside. Sorry I did. After nearly getting a dart straight in the eye as I walked to the bar (A stupid place to put the board. Surely Health & Safety issue) I brought what can only be described as a mediocre pint of bitter. Then I became aware of the other customers. God what a load of nasty, unwashed, foul languaged yobs.Quite put me off my pint. The staff were - adequate I suppose but that is all. Just goes to show that you should never judge by external appearences.

24 Nov 2006 16:39

The Quebec, Marble Arch

What spoils this pub is the shitty,rude attitude of the manager and his deputy. The manager starts screaming at the customers to get out at about 1 minute after closing time - in other words,weve had yer money,now f**k off. His deputy strolls the bar and toilets,throwing people out with the help of the door gorillas at regular intervals for the henious crime of appearing to have a good time. This behaviour hasnt applied to me, but I have seen it and it spoils it for many.

Comments on the bar staffs lack of basic English are spot on.Looking good isn't everything you know.

However,the pub does have great cabaret on Sundays, and good pianist sessions in the week.

But it could be so much better.Shame.

17 Nov 2006 19:13

The Old Swan, Notting Hill

Not bad,not bad at all.The service, while slow,was friendly and the beer was fine. Didnt try the food.Next time maybe. The loos were clean, and other customers seemed comfortable enough.

17 Nov 2006 18:59

blagclub, Notting Hill

Unbelievably bad, super expensive shitehole, frequented by Hoorays and there slappers. Not that good when it was the Gate Club, far worse now.

17 Nov 2006 18:56

The Ladbroke Arms, Notting Hill

Disapointing.Visited here for the fist time in ages last week, and it was so sad to see what was once a lovely bar becoming yet another turgid 'gastropub'. Wall to wall suits & there 'feisty fillies', all of whome are unwilling to move to allow other people to pass - despite being asked very politely. If all you want is a drink, then you will probably have a long wait as the staff have obviously been told that food buying customers are the only customers who really count.

17 Nov 2006 18:46

The Hammersmith Ram, Hammersmith

Nice bar,good beer,great staff. One of maybe 3 decent Hammersmith bars.Give it a go.

12 Nov 2006 19:38

The Hop Poles, Hammersmith

Another dive. On an evening you can smell the testosterone as boozed up thick chavs hunt for another tart to get up the duff. It gets full of the dreaded School Disco crowd on a Saturday night, which says it all realy. A shitting hole. Take note of the rating of 1.3/10 by 73 users.

12 Nov 2006 19:36

The Seven Stars, West Kensington

Is this the worst bar in West London?? Its debatable of course but the place is a shite hole. Full of the worst excesses of estate trash. Slappers and gobby yobs all looking for a scrap. The WORST karaoke I have ever been too. the beer is beyond disgusting. The toilets stink.Oh,and the prices of the beer are extortionate compared to some of the local 'over priced poncey bars'. Should be bulldozed along with the estate behind it!!

8 Nov 2006 20:26

The Live and Let Live, West Kensington

I think the comments about the slaggy bar staff were quite gentle really when you consider what they are like. Loud mouthed, hard as nails and downright nasty to the eye is also putting it mildly. the one who served my group spent more time on our side of the bar mixing with a very unruly mob& seemed to drink more than the customers.This pub is disgusting. You can cut the aggresive atmosphere with a knife.Avoid at all costs.

8 Nov 2006 20:16

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