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Comments by MarkISmith

The Plumbers Arms, Chester

Hmm...difficult to find, but worth a visit! Four good ales on...I tried Lancaster Bomber, which was very nice on a hot Sunday afternoon!

30 May 2009 16:11

The Forest House, Chester

Well, I liked it!!! Good range of ales, as expected in a JDW. Food good on a Sunday, but it was very quiet!

30 May 2009 16:08

The Brewery Tap, Chester

Amazing place! Thought it was shut at first, until we saw you have to go up the steps...then 'Wow', what a lovely building. Great atmosphere, very intimate with candlelight and friendly folks!

I tried the 'Old Wavertonian' stout, which was excellent...shows up Guiness as flavourless fizz!!!

Well worth a excellent pub!

30 May 2009 16:06

The Boot Inn, Chester

Very nice, old fashioned pub. I enjoyed the slightly edgy 'local' atmospher', and the beer! Well worth a visit!

30 May 2009 16:04

The Bear and Billet, Chester

Very nice local pub! Five real ales, apparently all kept extremely well!

Nice atmosphere, although very quiet when we went in on Bank Holiday Monday evening!

30 May 2009 16:02

The Litten Tree, Blackpool

While I agree that this is a 'disco pub in the town centre', I think it was OK!!! Two ales, of which I only tried Boddingtons Cask - not bad at all. Plus the Guiness was good too!

A nice place to enjoy 'town drinking'!

30 May 2009 16:00

Churchills Bar, Blackpool

I like this pub!!! Four ales as previously described - I had Bateman's XXXB, and it was well kept, very tasty.

Very friendly locals who chatted for a good ten minutes, and a landlord who was also friendly!

30 May 2009 15:47

The City Pride, Clerkenwell

Not bad on a visit on Tuesday night!

Had a FANTASTIC pint of Fullers London Porter, which is currently doing the rounds from the cask as a guest ale. Pride and ESB were also available.

Overall, I agree with others that this lacks a bit of the normal Fuller's atmosphere, but for a pub in this area, not bad!

30 Oct 2008 14:59

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