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The Airman, Feltham

A new pub company has taken on the Airman & it has had some time etc spent on it. The new manager has thrown the Giro elite out and its become a good music pub again. There are still the odd wallys but for the most part it is a nice place to eat and listen to music without having to watch over your shoulder all the time. The mega breakfast is just fantastic & great value for money along with the very good priced beer. Defo use it more.

9 Aug 2013 21:34

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

KFC, who would have thought it . . .

5 Dec 2012 17:36

The White Hart Hotel, Saxmundham

Alan is holding it at the moment & he is a top gezzer! but not for very much longer. This has the potential to be a real money spinner if a some money (ok a lot of money!) was spent on it. Lets hope whoever has bought it can crack it.

6 Oct 2012 16:26

Bell Hotel, Saxmundham

I found the hotel to be fantastic, great value & the staff were really helpful & the rooms spotless (Had room 6). Will defo use again. As for the bar or the food I cannot comment surfice to say the locals didnt have a good word to say about it!

6 Oct 2012 16:21

The Roebuck, Hampton Hill

Its been a long time since ive been in here but after meeting a friend here for a few drinks I have to say that the place is still a fantastic place to go.. The real ales are kept to perfection (I know, I tried them all severasl times!) 10/10 on my scoring list.

6 Jan 2012 18:26

The Ferryhill Tavern, Aberdeen

Was doing an open air concert in the park and dropped in for a pint, turned into several and had a really good chat to the barman (please forgive but cant bring his name to mind now) Looked a little dated from the outside and it was the same inside but got a warm welcome (seeing as im a Londoner) and the beer was good so thumbs up for me . . . .

16 Aug 2010 11:22

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

I see the sign has changed again, "under offer" has gone and "any offers" has been put up in its place . . . Nobody in their right mind would buy this freehold!

10 Jul 2010 16:40

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

Sign saying "under offer" well well well! I wonder what it will be this time? My money is on an Indian. I think that keeping it as a pub would be Financial suicide.!

19 Mar 2010 13:34

The Jolly Farmer, Moulton Chapel

Was in Moulton Chapel for the weekend so dropped in for a quick pint on a saturday afternoon. Now seeing as this is a very out of the way pub and not on any main route you would be forgiven to thinking that it would be frequented by the local gentry and was gearing myself up to get the usual "who the hell are you" stares. WRONG! What we did get was a extremely warm welcome from the owners who had a very strong London ring to their accent dispite having owned the pub for 19 years. From the outside the pub looks great with plenty of parking and on the inside it has a really nice & warming home feeling to it. A very nice garden with a childrens climbing frame that would be great in the summer. Ordered 2 pints of Guiness Extra Cold that came up on the button with no over spills or brown mucky heads on (pipes lovingly looked after). Booked a table for Sunday lunch (mains & deserts) and it did not disapoint, 4 adults and 3 children with plenty of drinks all for under 75 BARGAIN! Great resturant area out the back, Sky TV, Pool table, great food & a warm welcome, my advice would be to take the time to drive 20 mins out the way and go see for yourself. If you want food call before hand as you may not get a table even on a Monday as it was blinking busy when we went back in for afternoon lunch. 10 out of 10. Will be back up there soon . . . .

26 Feb 2010 23:59

The Rising Sun, Hampton Hill

Well, its nice to see a local pub doing good & they seemed to have found a niche in the market but the manager is one miserable looking gezzer! (sorry, say it as I see it) & what has happened to the karaoke? "Flat tone" I think he called himself? More like "Flatlined"! Had about as much carisma as a flat hedgehog! Get the defib out! No interaction with the customers, no lights to brighten it up, the sound was terrible & when the big guy got up to sing he nearly blew the pub speakers off the wall, in fact the man came & told him to turn off the mike (to be honest he sounded better without it) You cant run a system through cheap speakers like that. Turns out it was a heat for a final in a competition, was the judge deaf? The 5 menu is very good I hear although I have not tryed it yet. Now im not saying that this is a bad pub, its not . . When all around are dying or dead its refreshing to see a pub doing well but I do get the impression that unless you fall into that "Niche" you may never really fit in.

6 Dec 2009 10:22

The Mary Rose, Portsmouth

Crikey I remember this place (not for a good reason either!) had a 2pm ferry to the isle of wight so poped in here for a bite to eat. My wife had a lasagne which was microwaved to within an inch of its life, it was so hard I recon that it could have broken the table had it been dropped on it. She was offered a replacement after it had sat on the table for 20 mins to which we said not thanks, oh ok then was the reply and they took the plate away. No offer of returning our money or even to say sorry. I had a burger & chips which then gave me food posioning which in turn ruined our weekend away as I was in the toilet most of the time. This was some time ago so I hope that it has improved but we have been to the island since and avoided this place like a bad case of the flu. Should have called the inviroment agency but im sure that they would have been called many times already! Avoid

21 Nov 2009 20:47

Duke of Clarence, Hampton Hill

O my gawd! AVOID....

13 Sep 2009 19:27

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

Came past the Jenny today (2nd Sept) around 4pm and you would expect to see to open and the beginnings of the "rush out of work for a pint" kinda look about it but it was closed. Look Asda, a space is open for a supermarket in the high street!!

2 Sep 2009 17:44

Wash and Tope Hotel, Hunstanton

Just stayed here, seeing as the sun was shinning and the beach full with people I was suprised to see that it was not very busy. Had a couple of pints (Fosters 3) in the afternoon but then went out so did not catch the band that was playing, I got back in around 12.30pm and found little or no trace of a band or people had been there. Twin room was big and clean with the obligatory tea and coffee making stuff, bed was lumpy but the view was very nice. Breakfast was ok. The staff were freindly so overall for 65 for a large twin room (1 single & 1 double) with breaky included I would say it was very good value for money.

24 Aug 2009 16:32

The Rising Sun, Hampton Hill

Yeah! So much better. Karaoke is back on which really rocks . . BBQ is top notch and am looking forward to trying a sunday roast. Keep up the good work.

7 Aug 2009 22:05

Joes Bar and Restaurant, Hampton Hill

I dont think a lick of paint and a name change will help but am willing to try it out and hope to have my mind changed . .

7 Aug 2009 22:02

The Horse and Groom, Hanworth

Sign out side says "run the this pub" I would sooner pluck out my eyes with a toilet duck! The tattooed pitbull owning capitol of the underworld! AVOID!

12 Jul 2009 22:04

The Windmill, Hampton

Nope, didnt do it for me!

12 Jul 2009 21:58

The Star, Hampton Hill

This pub seems to have its roots firmly set in the 70's. Needs a real make over to include the customers! PJ is a really nice guy though so its not all bad

12 Jul 2009 21:56

The Longford, Hampton Hill

Seeing as Tesco, Budgens, Sainsburys & Abdab next to the post office I can only imagine that Asda or Morrisons will buy it, it seems to me that the high street is still lacking on supermarkets! The place was Cr*p so glad its gone .

12 Jul 2009 21:51

The Worlds End, Hampton

Went in once, there will never be a second, name just about sums it up!

26 Jun 2009 11:15

The Dukes Head, Hampton

Dont, just dont!

26 Jun 2009 11:13

The Old Duke Of Cambridge, Mile End

Is Millie still there?, had some great times here . . . Area is more like the islamic republic of Bow now. Shame . .

16 Jun 2009 19:41

Crown Inn, Sturminster Newton

I will let you know wot I think about this one . . Dont do it, just dont do it! I think the eyes are still burning into my back and im now 100 miles away!

16 Jun 2009 19:36

The White Hart Hotel, Sturminster Newton

I think that a big "oops" is called for here, this is not the pub that I had in mind. So please disregard my last comment. Please see "The Crown Inn" in the same town. This was the one that was not nice...

16 Jun 2009 19:33

The White Hart Hotel, Sturminster Newton

Is it a hotel? Had one beer in here and left. Noth said!

16 Jun 2009 18:42

The Swan Inn, Sturminster Newton

Have stayed at this pub and although I thought it was expensive for a weekend night the breakfast was top class. Have eaten in the evening on a couple of occasions and again the food and service was fantastic. Beer was spot on and the staff and owners are freindly. Have live music and we did a quiz one night (badly!) All in all it is top of our list when we go down to see our freinds. 10 out of 10..

16 Jun 2009 18:36

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

I heard that it was reopen, I would imagine that it is a holding company with a manager. I would hate to think that someone has waisted a lot of money for nothing. Will try it when next in area . .

16 Jun 2009 18:28

The White Hart Hotel, Saxmundham

Have stayed here twice when visiting a freind and apart from no on suite rooms its good value for money and Dave and his wife (please forgive for not remembering the name) were very welcoming. If its a night stop over then I would defo recomend. Nice food as well as good beer, a perfect combination.

16 Jun 2009 18:20

The Eagle, Shooter's Hill

I remember this pub . . We were filming just down the road and myself, my wife & Eddie spent the evening having a beer. Now as far as I can recall the owners had not been in there long but the landlady and landlord were fantastic and even gave me a lift so that I could get some more money out so that we could stay and have a few more beers! Surfice to say I was a little groggy in the morning and setting up for a days filming the next day was a hard task. All I can say is a big thank you for making us welcome, hope it is going well for you both and if im every in the area again I will be sure to drop in. Best regards...

16 Jun 2009 18:13

The Rising Sun, Hampton Hill

Karaoke always went down well at the sun, they kept everyone on their feet and then put Scouse on last to clear the pub out at closing!! Have not been in since Steve left but can only hope that the new owners will have the good sence to keep the darts going and throw in a Karaoke every now and again . . Good luck with your new venture people . . .

16 Jun 2009 17:39

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

It was never gonna work! You cant pay out for all that entertainment and expect to break even. Too small. Will soon be a block of flats or a supermarket!!

10 Jun 2009 20:38

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

I went to a Karaoke at the Sussex and found it to be freindly, welcoming if maybe a little dated on the decor but I had a graeat time and the karaoke was fantastic with a quiz and games to add to the fun. The landlady was very nice so dont be put off by old comments or opinions. Go see for yourself.

10 Jun 2009 20:31

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