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Comments by Magellan

The Telegraph Inn, Wallasey

Actually, this pub was gutted a few years ago, with all the small rooms knocked into one, and an extension added which destroyed much of teh old character.

1 Feb 2010 20:12

The Lighthouse Inn, Wallasey

Yes the front is quite nice, but spoilt at times by boy racers. I'll re-visit, but I think the comments are fair; the place has obviously gone down hill in recent years.

1 Feb 2010 20:00

The Teddington Arms, Teddington

You might get the impression that the redecoration was done using odds and sods from the scrap heap.
A unfortunate disaster of interior design - has damaged the character of the place. There may also be a risk to your eyesight if you are too tall - the lighting being rather blinding.
All but one of the former bar staff have gone, which has change the character of the place. The new team is well meaning, but somewhat inexperienced - the select process seems to have been based on cleavage rather aptitude.
Perhaps it will recover, and it still seems popular, but I the pumps are not kept in as good a condition as prior to the revamp.

1 Feb 2010 19:55

Turnberrys, Wallasey

Apparently it has now been renamed the Boot (using a temporary display sign).

27 Oct 2008 07:27

The Albert Arms, Norbiton

AJR - I will disagree with you on your comment about the staff; with a few exceptions, whom have not been at this outlet for sometime, the staff are very friendly and affable. What's more, they are very approachable if you have any issues. Was it more likely a misunderstanding arising from cultural differences?

2 Sep 2008 14:24

The Swan, Bayswater

Looks are deceptive.

OK if you just want to sit out side, watch the world go by, and chat up the tourists. The beer price was about avaerage for Central London, or perhaps a few pence cheaper. Service was OK so long as you did not ask for anything outside of the staffs limited vocabulary. It advertises itself as a typical English pub, and unfortunately that is what it seems to be.

The food is best avoided - a strange eastern interpretation of shepherds pie, and the roast joint was hacked into mince meat rather than carved.

16 Aug 2008 12:55

The Fitzrovia, Goodge Street

Nice spot on Goodge Street to watch the world go by. Beers are decent. The only down side was the noise coming from one table or regulars who were treating the place as if they owned it. Seemed to be irritating almost all the customers. Will give it another try.

16 Aug 2008 12:44

Acorn 20, Kingston Upon Thames

There is a note in the window to teh affect that they resever teh right to perform body searches. Well, so long as she is fit. Personaly I'll give it a miss. No rating on this occasion.

16 Aug 2008 12:34

Tower Hotel, Liscard

One to avoid.

16 Aug 2008 12:31

Ship Inn, Wallasey

Up for sale the last time I passed by and looked like it was closed up.

16 Aug 2008 12:30

The Queens, Wallasey

Popped my head in and was over-whelmed by the stench of fatty food. Very popular with the more senior crowd (during the daylight hours at least) with not an empty seat in in the place so obviously doing something right, but you are out of place if you just there for a drink.

Will give it another try at a different time.

16 Aug 2008 12:28

Harvester (Derby Pool), Wallasey

A harvester restaurant and bar built on the site of the former swimming pool. In a good location with a view out over Liverpool Bay and Roads.

Have not visited it yet so no rating on this occasion.

16 Aug 2008 12:23

The Boot, Wallasey

This pub became Turnberrys long ago - see the existing entry for the latter though I prefer the old name.

16 Aug 2008 12:21

The Black Horse, Wallasey

Not sure why this pub has been added if there is then no comment posted?

Anyway, this is one to avoid unless you have an account with the local ambulance service.

16 Aug 2008 12:16

The Guinea, Mayfair

OK pub, located in a mews away from the traffic so space to stand and drink outside. very little space inside. Beer was OK, but not worth the price.

The staff are all foreign so there are the usual cultural differences such as not knowing what a packet of Salt n vinegar is.

The clientele spent most of their time boasting how they shafted this company or that. Nice crowd.

16 Aug 2008 12:12

The Audley, Mayfair

This place is popular with the 'Yokels' - some with a strange foreign accent. Attractive, well maintained premises with two large lounges, space for meals, and seating outside on the pavement. Nice enough place to visit with very good staff and crowd.

That said, the draught beers are poorly maintained - the bar staff could not pull a pint with a proper head - most looking like dish water slops.

This pub also claims to serve the best fish and chips in London - the usual tosh - the fillet looked second rate and was tough in places. The best bit was the mushy peas. However, the knee-length black socks more than made up for this.

OK if you are there for the company, but not if you are there for the beer. Time to clean the pipes out.

16 Aug 2008 12:03

Roebuck, Chiswick

A large pub on the main road. Would appear to have been redecorated in the resent past, with plent of space to move, and a long bar. Serves food, more towards the Gastro-end. Prices possibly a little on teh higher side. Several tables in teh beer garden at the rear.

28 Jan 2008 16:51

Wheatsheaf, Ness

A local news item reports that this pub has won the Daniel Thwaites UK "Catering Pub of the Year" award.

I have not visited this place, but it is now on my todo list.

26 Jan 2008 12:48

Redesdale Arms, Moreton-In-Marsh

From 21/06/2007

Sleepy bar. Attracts the occasional visitor, and perhaps has a regular crowd, but staff not really interested.

Hook Norton on tap, but not enjoyed due to character of the place.

There are other places in the town that appear to be worth a visit, so you may want to give it a miss.

8 Jan 2008 22:38

The Primrose, Wallasey

Another piece of wallasey history now looking rather run-down. Still has the original wood panelling, fireplace and photographs, but the wood panelling is in need of attention, and the divide between the bar and the lounges has been removed. Now has a large beer garden at the side.

Friendly reception, and a good pint of John Smiths.

3 Jan 2008 18:07

The Royal Oak, Wallasey

Much changed from my memories of the place, and unfortunately much of the character has been ripped out to be replaced by the larger drinkers equivalent of MacDonalds.

Only Banks bitter on draught, while the rest were lagers, but not a bad pint.

The big pluses of the place now are the nightly Live Music and the friendliness of the staff, so it is still worth a try.

3 Jan 2008 17:55

Ship Inn, Wallasey

This place has much improved over the years. The interior looked excellent, but I was there too early to sample the offerings.

3 Jan 2008 17:42

The Cheshire Cheese, Wallasey

Did not have time to visit on this occasion, but it now appears to have a beer garden up at teh back.

3 Jan 2008 17:38

Turnberrys, Wallasey

Was a family/lunchtime pub but has been gutted and turned into a wine bar/cheap cocktails bar.

8 Dec 2007 18:24

The Royal Oak, Wallasey

From: 14/04/2007:

Nice old pub, Burtonwood Ales, but has been closed for some months - I hope this is only temporary.

Long gone are the piano, and the Russian Countessa with the fur hat and cigarette holder.

8 Dec 2007 12:03

The Lighthouse Inn, Wallasey

A plastic pub, selling plastic food, set in the middle of a car park.

Now has a pool table in what was the lounge, and the rear area has been converted into a restaurant. The later seems to be popular with families with young children, and those that do not care for what they are eating.

A number of bench tables at the front are all that this pub has going for it.

8 Dec 2007 12:00

The Telegraph Inn, Wallasey

Great little pub, one of the few remaining pubs of character in the town.

Great staff, pleasant atmosphere. Slightly spoilt by the addition of the extension in recent years, but also has a bear garden at the side.

Bass, cask ales, and guest ales with Old Speckled Hen, and Jennings Old Cumberland available at time of last visit.

8 Dec 2007 11:56

The Magazine Hotel, Wallasey

From 20/06/2007:

The beer garden has been done up. Sheltered from the wind, and with a great view of the river, it is a good

place for a pint on a sunny afternoon, or warm summer evening.

8 Dec 2007 11:53

The Magazine Hotel, Wallasey

Old river-side pub, with great character; one of the few remaining in Wallasey.

Several cosy rooms off the main bar, the latter with brasses, fireplace, and mementos of former resident characters.

Convivial service, good choice of beers (Bass is the main brew), and food cooked on the premises.

8 Dec 2007 11:45

Greave Dunning, Greasby

Completely changed sometime ago; now aimed at wine drinkers, and is more like a club-house or hotel lounge than a bar.

The bottle of wine we bought was actually hot from sitting under one of the light units at the back of the bar. It was replaced by the staff when brought to their attention, but I had hoped they would have noticed.

Pleasant enough place for a comfortable chat with friends.

27 Nov 2007 11:45

Irby Mill, Greasby

Great country style pub. Very friendly staff, and still has a number 'characters' amongst its regulars.

Good choice of beers, cosy seating inside, and a number of wooden beer benches outside.

27 Nov 2007 11:38

The Shakespeare's Head, Holborn

Greeted by an utterly filthy mess - more akin to a pig sty than a hostelry; those tables that were vacant were cluttered with used glasses, and dirty dishes. It would also seem that the tables had not been cleaned for sometime - more like they had been briefly wiped with greasy cloth with streaky marks and dried food stuck
to the surface.

The staff are generally courteous, and the Duty Manager was apologetic about the state of the place, but there is obviously something wrong here, since there were more than enough staff around.

Would not recommend until Wetherspoons has sorted out its act.

11 Nov 2007 15:53

The Old Harkers Arms, Chester

Former canal-side warehouse converted into a bar/coffee shop/gastro pub by a regional chain.

Not short of a few paintings.

Great service, good choice of wines, excellent food, great atmosphere.

For those on foot; a bit out of the way but a rewarding trip, and just another 'stagger' away for those on a canal boat.


29 Oct 2007 20:35

The Lass O'Richmond Hill, Richmond

Clean. Quiet.

The interior looks like it has been refreshed recently. Appearance no different from any of 5,000 other pubs.

London Pride not available, Bombardier passable.

Seems mainly orientated towards meals. I just fancied a steak, but the prices for the main means are excessive, so I passed.

16 Oct 2007 18:29

The Harcourt Arms, Marylebone

Good staff, great beer garden. So good, I am keeping this place to myself.

21 Jun 2007 14:45

The White Swan, Richmond

An odd place to describe.

Appears nice enough; good decoration, and clean.

The food menu looks interesting, but it may be difficult for the casual visitor to get a table.

The oddness comes from the attitude of both the staff and the customers; outwardly friendly, but lacking in sincerity, perhaps due to some of the customers having too much money, but generally convivial.

I would give the place a second chance.

21 Jun 2007 14:31

The Thornbury Castle, Marylebone

Great little pub, made special by the couple who run the place; they are perhaps the friendliest owners you will meet in central London.

London Pride, and Stella on tap.

Food is good, but a little on the expensive side; can not compete on price with Wetherspoons, but price is not important given the atmosphere in this place.

Benches outside for the sunny afternoons.

As stated below, this place can get very crowded on a Friday afternoon - absolutely packed.

One down side has been the level of cigarette smoke that accumulates in the bar, but with the pending ban it is going to undergo a big change for the better.

21 Jun 2007 14:19

The Cricketers, Canterbury

Excellent welcome for a stranger by the bar maid.

Perhaps a student pub; a bit bare, but clean, tidy, and with regular live music advertised, though piped music at time of visit.

Shepherd Neame, Kent bestSpitfire (off at the time of visit). Draught Leffe, Asahi on tap, as is Oranjeboom Extra Gold, Hurlimann Export, Holsten Export.

Food at lunch time.

21 Jun 2007 13:45

The Canterbury Tales, Canterbury

Smallish bar, in street opposite the Thwarter. Quiet, low key bar, with none of the binge drinkers. Nothing spectacular.

Nice enough atmosphere at around 19:00 on a sunny evening. One guy behind the bar, and only the locals were in (small group, something to do with the Thwarter).

Several selections on tap, including Becks, Staropomen, and Applegates Cider.

21 Jun 2007 13:28

The Cheshire Cat, Chester

A large country pub, set in its own extensive grounds, adjacent to the Shropshire Union Canal.

Catering for the family groups, and Sunday afternoon outings in the car. No doubt it captures the canal boat trade as they 'stagger' from one canal-side pub to the next.

Seems to be focused on meals rather than casual drinkers. No beers come to mind, but a good selection of wines.

Friendly, efficient staff, in a busy pub that probably caters for the infrequent visitor.

A number of benches at the front, with views of the canal, and down towards Chester.

20 Jun 2007 15:47

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

Good food, good service, along with a good pint of IPA, and a solid British menu.

Let down by the deteriorating decoration, but this then boosts its quaintness factor.
TV and piped music a bit annoying.

On the tourist trail, but appears to predominantly draw native Londoners.
Despite being a tourist attraction, the staff do make the effort to provide a good, convivial, service, which probably attracts the local patronage.

Be prepared to have your picture taken every 15 seconds or so by the never ending trail of tourists passing by.

20 Jun 2007 15:05

Nelson, New Brighton

An attractive yellow sandstone fa�ade will set the first-time visitor's expectations, but they will be sadly disappointed once inside.
An old Wallasey pub, once the pickup joint for the local cultured, semi-hip in crowd, prior to their settling down.
Known for its crowd of youths packed at the bar (whom would manage to make one pint last an entire evening), slow service, and bland beer.
Its redeeming features being the pleasant company and its wood panelling.
Alas, both of the later have gone, swept away in 2006 by designers with more money than taste, while the slow service, and bland beer remain.
Not worth a visit until after its next makeover.

14 May 2007 18:59

The Farmers Arms, Wallasey

Pleasant local pub, good, friendly atmosphere, and great service. Preserve of the local business community, gentry, and sixth-formers.

One of Wallasey's few remaining pubs of character that has not been blighted by a soulless make-over.

Compact bar & snug parlour at the front with lounge (including brasses) at the rear.

Was once famous for having the best tiling in the gents in Wallasey.

Although it says Higsons outside, the brewer has long gone.

Now serves a good selection including Theakstons & Tetley. Food is available at lunchtime and in the early evening.

14 May 2007 18:51

The Albert Arms, Norbiton

A vast improvement. Gone is the stench of stale nicotine, and the service, along with the atmosphere, is now much better.

One side affect of the changes is that the pub has undergone a name change: it is now just 'The Albert'.

14 May 2007 18:36

Steins, Richmond

Bavarian beer garden for the family and fair-weather days (the latter on account of the benches all being out-doors).

Nice place on a quiet stretch of the river away from the open air booze terrace just north of the road bridge.

There is also the potential for getting your feet wet or of being stranded on the spring tide.

Service was mixed: the EE waitress did not want to know, but the German staff behind the counter were friendly.

You need to go to the counter to order the food (pre-requisite) and then the beer (Paulaner �3.20 pp, or Erdinger).

Bratkart now �7.20.

28 Apr 2007 02:23

The Wych Elm, Kingston Upon Thames

Wated journey - closed at 16:45 on a sunny Friday afternoon.

28 Apr 2007 01:54

Ye Olde King's Head, Santa Monica

It passes for an English pub, but might be any typical shop-unit bar in the States.

A selection of British beers, English food on the menu.

Tends to be quiet in the off-season evenings.

17 Apr 2007 15:27

The Fox and Duck, Petersham

Reminiscent of the kind of pubs used as waypoints for the old Charabancs.

Looking a little run down. Pool table in a fair-sized bar.

Benches out front, but very noisy with the proximity to the road.

Bar food with jackets and sandwiches along with main meals.

Friendly enough service in the daytime on this visit.

Bombardier nice enough but then noticed the plankton floating at the bottom of glass

17 Apr 2007 13:34

The Thames Court, Shepperton

Sailor ahoy; watching me, watching you, watching me. The place to stop off and watch the world go by.

Handy watering hole for mariners waiting for passage through the lock.

Chief selling points are the large outside areas; bench tables to the front for food, and seats to the side for catching the sun.

The interior was an amalgam of country pub and San Francisco coffee shop.

The food and drink are also-rans.

17 Apr 2007 13:24

The Kings Head, Shepperton

Great appearance from the outside, but reminded me of some of the youngster pubs you find in Newquay - i.e. for the undiscerning.

Tatty front bar with TV, and rear bar dominated by a pool table. Micro beer-garden at the back. Tables out front, but they do not catch the sun in the afternoon.

Lunchtime visit so nothing to comment on the clientele.

Service by a Student-type was OK, and the beer was passable.

Food was rubbish - the ploughman's was a block of rubber for cheese, and a couple of chunks of unsliced white bread.

OK for a pit stop on a pub crawl, but a better choice would be the Warren Lodge next door or the Anchor Hotel across the square from where you can better admire the exterior - the best bit about this pub.

17 Apr 2007 12:59

The Three Horseshoes, Shepperton

A local-pub. Find a space at the bar if you can; ring-side seats occupied by the regulars.

Decorated in a mustard colour theme above waste height to hide the nicotine stains.

Very friendly service � free bar-snacks if your face is known. Bombardier, London Pride, Fosters, Stella, and Strongbow on tap.

Second bar at the rear, and beer garden at the side. Could do with a touch of paint and some repair (seems to have been untouched since the 50s).

Great place to stop-off on a Motor Rally/Treasure Hunt for those vital beer-mats.

Mostly harmless.

17 Apr 2007 12:35

The Norbiton and Dragon, Norbiton

As commented below, this old pub has been redecorated to attract a new crowd. In most cases I think the changes are for the worse, but in this instance, it has been a vast improvement.
A former run-down rat hole, it is now a pleasant eatery and wine bar.
Great service from the bar staff.
Have eaten in the bar a few times and have not experienced any of the after effects mentioned below.

14 Apr 2007 16:20

Bar Casa, Kingston Upon Thames

This bar has now closed, but has been replaced another of the same ilke - a Pitcher and Piano I think - no great loss.

14 Apr 2007 15:59

Clairville, Wallasey

The former Safeways Supermarket, converted into a Wetherspoons.
Inline with the usual Wetherspoons offerings, but with its glass frontage, it has the feel of a car showroom.

14 Apr 2007 14:32

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