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Comments by Macbeth

The Kings Arms Bar and Hotel, Brentford

A new music venue in Brentford with an emphasis on blues/rock. Well worth a visit on a Friday night, and the beer's not bad either. London Pride for �2.40 a pint is very reasonable for this area. Don't ignore this up and coming boozer.

14 Dec 2005 16:34

The Half Moon, Putney

Great music, average Youngs beers, above average prices. Otway, Hamsters, Genesis 'In The Cage' (tribute band) are all regulars well worth seeing.

7 Nov 2005 03:48

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Hello. Gordon the full-time barman here. I thought it's time I made a contribution.

I believe a pub is not bricks and mortar, or even the beer (even if it's as great as ours). A pub is the people who use it - So it's no wonder that we reached the number one spot last week.

Yes, we use low-energy bulbs. There's a good reason they're called low-energy. They cost less to run, and don't put such a strain on the environment or our venerable wiring circuits! OK, the toilets might not be to your liking. Spotted any improvement lately? Well, you won't have seen that the toilet roof has been replaced, or that the plumbing has been upgraded. You might have noticed the new hot-air hand dryers or the new tiling in the Ladies. As for being the worst in West London, I can assure you that they are not. No way.

But what we have got going for us is the best customers a pub could hope for. I wish I could tell you about every one of them, but there's too many to list here. I would, however, like to single out a few for a special mention in no particular order. There's Bob, who it turns out is as handy with a fire extinguisher as he is with a spanner, and has literally saved the pub. He's also responsible for the much-admired bike rack. Kim and Dick are invaluable, and without them I'd have sunk in a sea of empty glasses and overflowing ashtrays on many an occasion. Then there's Ralph, Vicky, Zoe, the Reverend Steve, Pandora, Jason, Graham, collectively the 'Ground Force Team' who are turning our back yard into a beer garden. Well done guys. Andreas has been hard at work on the plumbing, roofing and lots besides, and is available for hire at very reasonable rates! Kathy, Marcus, Pandora and Joanne are customers and friends who've bravely made the transition to part-time barstaff. Thanks to you all.

I wish I could list everybody who makes the Magpie and Crown such a great pub. Please don't take offence if your name's not here. For me to give you all a mention would, I'm sure, overload the website.

Please keep enjoying what Marcus calls 'The Magpie and Crown Experience'. I wish you all health, wealth and happiness in great measure.


Gordon (although my name appears here as 'Macbeth' for reasons I won't trouble you with!)

20 May 2005 01:39

The Coach and Horses, Isleworth

Enjoyed a meal at their restaurant (G2 it's called) the other night. Food's good. Ambience could do with turning up a notch or two. As for the beer - I asked for 'Ordinary' but the bill said 'Special' and since Youngs watered down the special they're so similar. Whatever it was, it cost �2.55 a pint which is on the high side of acceptable. But that said, the total bill was very reasonable.

31 Mar 2005 02:25

Tankerville, Hounslow

Demolished. It was a crap pub, but you can turn a crap pub into a good one with a little effort. It's a lot harder to turn a block of flats into a pub of any sort.

15 Feb 2005 15:06

The Ackhorne, York

I'm not a frequent visitor, as I live in London, but on the two occasions I've visited I've been given a warm welcome. The beer is top quality, and I shall certainly be returning to this splendid pub very soon.

20 Jan 2005 15:33

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