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Comments by MJEllis77

The Rose, Dartford

Eh! the place already has a fitted oche - first one I've ever seen in a pub. They also serve Courage Best so the place is a winner for me.

31 Dec 2014 12:33

The Two Brewers, Dartford

The Pub has sadly now closed - sometime during the middle of 2013.

31 Dec 2014 10:39

The Tiger, Dartford

I've been here about three or four times and always thoroughly enjoyed it. For me one of the better pubs in Dartford. I would go in regularly but have now moved to the opposite side of Dartford. I'm quite surpirsed about the last poster - myself and a pal have always found it very friendly. During our last visit we were offered a bowl of chips by a total stranger brought in from the nearby Kebab Shop, and ended up discussing rock music with him for about an hour! Darts seem quite popular and like many Dartford pubs they serve Courage Best which is a bonus.
Not sure if the place is now under new management as the barmaid who was always there wasn't during our last visit.

31 Dec 2014 10:28

Dukes Head, Crayford

Fair play to the pub that it was packed out when I went - around 6:30 on a Friday evening! Seems like very much a locals pub. I had a Courage Best which wasn't great. I also asked for half a Coke which seemed to very much annoy the Barmaid! so in short: very rude service. The weather was fairly warm on the day so we when out into the Beer Garden - it's a complete dump with broken chairs. I won't be going back.

27 Apr 2014 16:16

The Chequers, Farningham

Very nice pub in a lovely semi rural location. The decor was interesting: there are two large paintings painted directly onto the walls - one of them a great painting of the street outside the pub! Unless I'm mistaken the barmaid seemed Spanish speaking. Pint of Pride was well kept.

11 Oct 2013 14:57

The Welsh Tavern, Stone

Happy to report that the Pub is not closed...
Traditional pub with excellent large beer garden with marquee. Very happy to see that they have Courage Best on draft. Unfortunately it did not seem well kept. My wife was driving so she had a lemonade - the glass was filthy. Like other comments I agree that the pub is cliquey but at the same time people were very friendly and welcoming. I would definitely go back there - shame the drinks were not up to scratch this time around.

11 Oct 2013 14:51

The Bedford, Tunbridge Wells

I discovered this pub when waiting for the rain to clear and hoping to watch cricket down the road at The Nevill Ground. As a CAMRA Member I cannot fault this pub for its excellent selection of real ales. I was delighted to find that they served the very rare Belhaven Stout on draught as well as local Tonbridge Breweries Coppernob Ale. I did not have any food but my friend did and it looked very good. The barman was friendly and is clearly very interested in real ale. Definately worth a visit.

26 Jul 2013 16:55

The Enterprise, Chalk Farm

Smaller place than it looks from the outside. The bar staff were very rude (par for the course in Camden). I ordered a pint of Heineken which was total muck - like it was last of the barrel.

15 Apr 2011 14:01

The Old Rectifying House, Worcester Bridge

I went here after visiting Worcester for the first time. The place looks fantastic from the outside - right near the river and feels like an 'olde worldie' place with real ale. Inside it is in fact a very modern gastro pub which is fairly pricey. Pretty good if you like that kind of thing. Very clean and contemporary decor. However, upon leaving the pub I did not feel rectified.

10 Apr 2011 18:00

The Black Lion, Kilburn

I agree - the prices are extremely high: a shame as it's not really a wine bar style place. The decor is fantastic and the pub is bigger than you first think with a few interesting nooks and crannies. They now sell Aspall's Cider on draught which for me is a bonus. The place is also a hotel. I was booked in to stay there once but on entering the room was told by a carpenter that it had been trashed and the beds ruined. The staff were very helpful and put is up in an alternative place down the road in Cricklewood. Overall, a good effort and not the pubs fault that yobs had stayed on that occasion.

7 Apr 2011 13:48

The White Hart, Erith

The venue is now Potion. I've only been once and it just didn't feel welcoming. The seating is also quite uncomfortable. They have gone for a sports bar type feel - I think it might have been better served as a more traditional pub.

7 Apr 2011 13:42

Running Horses, Erith

I have visited this pub a number of times over the last 6 months and there has never been hot water or a working hand drier in the bogs. Even the quiz machine was bust and retained my money. On my last 2 visits (I live near by) the bar staff had to change the barrel for a draught pint - the pint wasn't the best. Music is played constantly and is fairly loud - I'm in my thirties and no fuddy duddy but I'd rather they give it a rest. I feel that the pub has plenty of potential and the building is lovely and in a nice location. I will be visiting in the future but I hope the place improves by then.

7 Apr 2011 13:36

The White Lion Hotel, Great Longstone

Highly recommended. Friendly staff and the food was of a very high standard.

7 Apr 2011 13:25

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