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Comments by Luton_Haiku

The Bridge Tavern, Luton

Now a block of flats
The Bridge was good for
long haired (friendly) types

4 Jul 2011 12:39

The Brewery Tap, Luton

J W Green's
was the brewery in question
Whitbread pulled it down

4 Jul 2011 12:37

Bar Me, Luton

Shut down years ago
There's a chippie there now
and a manicurist

4 Jul 2011 12:10

The Balcony Restaurant and Bar, Luton

Cheap meals, some nice beer
but rather out on a limb
Vauxhall's parting shot

4 Jul 2011 12:07

The Bricklayers Arms, Luton

HighTown's finest pub
Good beer, friendly ambiance
and quirky to boot

4 Jul 2011 12:01

U Fleku, Prague

The fantastic beer
is what keeps us returning,
despite the oompah

14 Feb 2011 14:40

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