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Comments by LordLevy

The Pineapple, Kentish Town

Great pub

7 Aug 2009 11:30

Sandbar, Manchester

great to hear this place is still as alive and kicking and cool as it was back in my old manc days. i was there the day this placed opened in the mid nineties and was in the every week for about 4 years. it always was my favourite place whether chilling in the day or buzzing at night. not been for many years - but will cetainly make it my first stop next time i'm there.

7 Aug 2009 02:44

The Whitworth, Rusholme

pitty about that - i used to live on the same road and spent many an early morning in this dodgy old boozer at the dark end of some mental bender weekenders.

7 Aug 2009 02:33

The King Arthur, Reynoldston

fab location, fab ales, fab food, fab to stay. even been to a few fab wedddings down here. fab all round. if you in the gower - its a must

7 Aug 2009 02:25

The Antelope, Mumbles

shame - once a great boozer. nice in the week - crazy at the weekends.

7 Aug 2009 02:20

Rat and Carrot, Morriston

worst pub in the world - apart from the lamb and flag on the other side of the cross. having said that - woodfield street/morriston does have the 8 worst pubs in the entire world. horrible/evil places full of scumm. avoid like the plague i implore you.

7 Aug 2009 02:17

La Cantina, Swansea

never been out in swansea without paying this place a visit. bagfull of any shots you want for pennies! its fun, its rowdy, its packed and everyone is smashed. many a night out have prematurely and abruptly ENDED at this place. be warned - you WILL have more shots than you should. the rest is in the hands of the gods.

7 Aug 2009 02:09

The Ladbroke Arms, Notting Hill

Never been less welcome in a pub in my life! Bar staff have obviously worked on being unfriendly as a team, so you'll be lucky to get a smile from them, never mind anything other than a skulk. Its otherwise quite a nice cosy pub, but its a shame that the staff can't make the effort.
Was there last night with friends and it seemed like they couldn't wait to kick us out. Have to say the point of discussion with other customers was how rude the staff were, and many people left that place irritated by the service. Will try not to come again, unless the staff changes or if its a nice sunny day to sit out at the front.
One other thing to add is that the lager is terrible - flat and warm. The reaction to my bringing this to their attention was for the whole team to gather round, tutt and scowl, then audibly grumble 'fussy git'. After 5 minutes inspection of the festering liquid they begrudgingly poured another sloppy pint that was just as bad - but it wasn't worth the hassle facing the staff to ask for another one.
Ales are fine though, and there's a good selection of malts as well. Shame about the staff, because otherwise this is quite a nice pub!...

7 Aug 2009 01:16

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